Video Released Showing Police Kill Unarmed 17yo Boy in His Driveway—No...

An unarmed Overland Park, Kansas teenager and beloved high school sports star was killed by police when after his girlfriend called 911 to tell them he may have been suicidal.

WATCH: Taxpayers Held Liable After Cops Beat Elderly Deaf Man Because...

An innocent elderly deaf man has been vindicated after he was beaten for seven minutes and arrested for no reason following a traffic stop. Now the taxpayers are going to be held liable.

Local Rapper Called Out Convicted Criminal Cop in a Song Years...

A young rapper who preached against police brutality named the criminal cop in a rap song 4 years ago, described his crimes, and filed a complaint against him—but no one believed him.

Baltimore Police So Corrupt, Lawmaker Pushing to Disband The Entire Department

Baltimore cops have proven to be so corrupt and criminal that even lawmakers are kicking around the idea that firing every single cop is a plausible solution.

Shocking Video of Cop Choking, Kneeing Middle School Girls Highlights a...

Parents are outraged and have filed a complaint after a school cop in Texas was seen choking and kneeing two middle school girls less than half his size.

Cops ‘Help’ Suicidal Man With Gun to His Own Head by...

Police received a call about a suicidal man, and when they pulled over his car on the side of a busy road, they waited less than one minute before firing 12 rounds in his direction.

Taxpayers Shell Out $175K for Brave Cop Fired by Dept. for...

After a heroic cop did the right thing and chose not to kill a suicidal father, he was fired for preserving life. Now the taxpayers are being held responsible for the murderous wishes of the department.

Disturbing Video Shows Cops Take Turns Beating a Disabled Elderly Man—In...

The taxpayers are being held liable after four Kentucky cops took turns kicking and punching a disabled elderly man in handcuffs as witnesses watched in horror.

Paradigm Shift: City Now Forcing Bad Cops to Pay Victims Out...

In cases where cops are proven to have acted with malice, the taxpayers will no longer be held liable. Instead, the criminal cops will have their wages garnished until they pay it all back.

Cops Hold Mentally Ill Man Down on 170 Degree Pavement Until...

A man is seeking $26 million after the force used by police resulted in life-threatening injuries and third-degree burns when he was forced onto the scorching 170-degree pavement.