WATCH: Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Tortured Man Strapped...

A judge has refused to dismiss excessive force claims against police after multiple officers were seen on video surrounding a man in a restraint chair and hitting him with pepper spray in his face.

WATCH: Cop Flips Out in Apparent Roid Rage, Beats Handcuffed Teen...

An officer—who was hired in spite of his criminal record—was seen on body camera video punching a handcuffed teen who was not resisting at all.

WATCH: Innocent Man Politely Asks Cops for Directions—Who Then Smash His...

Body camera video has exonerated an innocent man who became the target of aggressive deputies after he asked them for directions at a football game.

Appalling Body Cam Released Showing Cops Beating Innocent People, Openly Bragging...

“I went through a whole can of mace,” and “I had a couple of little good kicks,” were just some of the outlandish statements made by police as they beat police brutality protesters.

Cop Seen on Video Beating, Choking, Knocking Handcuffed Man Unconscious—No Charges,...

Despite clear video evidence of a police officer assaulting a handcuffed man to the point that he was knocked out, the officer was not charged or fired.

WATCH: School Cop Tasers Peaceful Child Over Dress Code Violation—Twice

A disturbing video shows a high school teen in Ohio being tasered by the school officer over a disagreement about the color of his pants.

WATCH: Police Shoot Unarmed Teen Holding a Cellphone Trying to Call...

The 19-year old had committed no crime, had no criminal record and was trying to call his mom when police decided to shoot him.

Leaked Video Shows School Cop Body Slam & Pummel Child as...

An anonymous source leaked a video from inside a school office showing a massive cop repeatedly body slam and beat a small boy.

WATCH: Cops Choke Handcuffed Man as They Taser Him in the...

A man's call to 911 for help ended up with him in the hospital after police showed up, handcuffed him, and proceeded to taser him in the testicles while choking him.

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable As Video Shows Police Beat a...

After a disturbing video captured California deputies savagely attacking a woman for selling flowers without a permit surfaced, a lawsuit was announced.