WATCH: Cops Drag Wheelchair Bound Man Out of Car, Force Him...

A video shows police dragging a disabled man, who requires a wheelchair, out of his car and forcing him face down on the ground, in an attempt to arrest him.
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Man Sues After Dash Cam Shows Cops Handcuff Him, Allow K9...

Gruesome dash cam video shows cops sic a K9 on a man for not exiting his car fast enough. After he was handcuffed, the dog continued the attack.

Cops Turn Off Body Cams, Knock Man Unconscious, But Street Cams...

An innocent man is suing police for turning off their body cams just before they violently slammed him to the ground knocking him unconscious.

Graphic Dashcam: Cop Shoots Fleeing, Unarmed Man in Back, Fires Again...

A Knoxville police officer, who shot a man six times in the back as he was fleeing, will not be allowed to claim qualified immunity.

WATCH: Cop Kills Unarmed Man for Walking Toward Him – Gets...

Officer Justin Schlabach shot and killed an unarmed man for walking toward him and he was granted full immunity and given his job back.

Cop Who Killed Innocent Man in Walmart on Video for Holding...

A Beavercreek Ohio police officer gets his job back after his actions led to the deaths of two innocent citizens in a Walmart.

Police Claim Damond ‘Ambushed’ Cops-Unarmed in Pajamas-Family Blasts it as ‘Disinformation’

Officers Harrity and Noor reportedly believed they were being ambushed by pajama wearing single-mom and life coach when Noor killed her.

WATCH: Woman Brutally Assaulted for Allegedly Selling Flowers With No Permit

A disturbing video shows a Perris police officer assaulting a woman for allegedly selling flowers without paying the state first.

EXCLUSIVE: Good Cop Saves Dog, Gave it Back to Family –...

A family dog went from being photographed in the front seat of a police car, to becoming the victim of a police shooting in Hammond, Indiana.

SWAT Holds 10yo Boy at Gunpoint as They Beat His Grandpa,...

San Antonio PD are accused murdering a family dog, torturing a naked man, and threatening a 10-year-old at gunpoint, during a drug raid.