down syndrome

Cops Say Suing Them for Killing Man with Down Syndrome Over...

A young man with Down syndrome was killed by three cops for wanting to watch a movie—cops claim that suing them sets a bad precedent.

Cops Go Onto Innocent Man’s Property, Beat Him to a Pulp,...

Police officers were caught on video commending their own use of force in an arrest that turned an innocent man into a felon after he was beaten by police.

NYPD Releases First Ever Body Cam as They ‘Execute’ Man Standing...

The NYPD has released the first-ever body camera footage of its officers killing a man while he stood silently in his own bedroom.

‘Motherf**ker! I’m Gonna Kill You!’ Cops Claim Standard Procedure Used as...

Cops caught on video tasering a teen in his genitals until he died and saying they were going to kill him, now claim this is standard procedure.

Gruesome Body Cam Catches Sadistic Cop Punch Handcuffed Man in His...

An Evansville, Indiana police officer is recorded punching a suspect in his genitals after he's already peacefully surrendered and handcuffed.

WATCH: Cops Assault Pregnant Woman During False Arrest—Causing Miscarriage—Lawsuit

A woman who suffered a miscarriage is now suing police for violently arrested her the day before, and ignoring warnings that she was pregnant.

Cop Pleads Guilty After Gruesome Video Catches Him Sic K9 on...

A cop has pleaded guilty to assault after gruesome video shows he sicced his K9 on a surrendered subdued man.

Cops Caught on Video Openly Bragging About Using Excessive Force

Despite a warning from their fellow officer that his Body Cam was on, police officers continued to brag about getting away with using excessive force.

Trigger-happy Cops Open Fire On Unarmed Suspects Over Pot, Shoot Innocent...

After embarking on a dangerous chase following a traffic stop, police in Texas opened fire on the fleeing car, injuring an innocent woman in her home.

Cop Suspended After Disturbing Video Showed Him Kill Unarmed Man As...

A Philly cop has finally been suspended following the release of a video showing him shoot and kill an unarmed man in the back as he ran away.