WATCH: Cop Dumps Woman Out of Wheelchair, Then Walks Away

A cop in Columbus, Ohio was seen allegedly dumping a disabled woman from her wheelchair, only to turn and walk away.

Cop Caught on Own Body Cam Stealing Dying Elderly Man’s Christmas...

Police have confirmed that a Texas cop was seen on his own body cam reaching into a dying man's pocket and stealing his Christmas money.

Man Beaten on Video ‘Like Rodney King’ for Crossing the Street...

Getting accused of jaywalking, as a slew of recent videos shows, can be a dangerous or even deadly experience for people, especially if they have dark skin.

Cop Responding to ‘Illegal Fireworks’ Runs Over Innocent Mother, Killing Her

A beloved mother of two had her life ended abruptly after a police officer responding to 'illegal fireworks' ran her over, killing her.

Disturbing Video Shows Cops Smash In Unarmed Mentally Ill Man’s Head...

A graphic video was submitted to the Free Thought Project showing the horrifying moment NYPD cops bludgeoned a man's head with their batons.

VIDEO: Cops Force K9 to Maul Innocent Man After Asking Them...

Disturbing video shows Florida cops unleash a K9 on an innocent man after he allegedly asked them to stay on the other side of his fence.

Cops & CPS Caught Torturing Toddler with Forced Catheterization to Look...

The ACLU has filed two lawsuits after multiple victims were found to have been forced catheterized by cops and social service in a sadistic search of urine.

EXCLUSIVE: Entire Family Kidnapped, Caged for Using Tiny Amount of Cannabis...

A family in Indiana is facing the consequences of using marijuana to treat medical conditions because cops still attack people who try to heal themselves with a plant.

VIDEO: Cops Think Man Has Drugs, So They Hold Him Down...

An Atlanta police officer is on administrative leave while an investigation takes place over alleged excessive use of force which one law enforcement expert says was completely legal.

WATCH: A Dozen Cops Yank Man from Truck, Attack Him Like...

A high-speed chase came to a violent end in an Indiana cornfield as more than a dozen cops swarmed a man and began to dole out punishment, potentially tainting the case.