WATCH: Cop Chokes Then Bashes In Man’s Face — For Jaywalking

For the alleged crime of jaywalking, a young man quickly found a cop's hands around his neck and repeated fists to his face.

WATCH: United Calls Authorities To Brutally Drag Doctor Off Plane, To...

Appalling video shows authorities act as thugs and forcibly remove a doctor from a flight he'd paid for — because a United employee needed his seat.

WATCH: ‘Brave’ Cop Protects Society By Smashing Tiny Woman’s Face in...

Bully cop slams fragile woman in high heels to the ground for asking why she's being arrested.

Watch: Police Clash With Anti-War Protesters, Viciously Assault Peaceful Vet

Cops provoke then take down a deaf veteran all for peacefully protesting against the coming war on Syria.

Sheriff Arrested for Assaulting Innocent 77yo Woman, Using Stingray to Spy...

A Missouri sheriff has been arrested on a slew of felonies including assaulting an elderly woman, putting her in the hospital.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Force K9 to Maul 70-Year-Old Man’s Head Over...

After police accused an innocent man of not having the correct sticker on the side of his trailer, he was mauled by a K9, arrested, and hospitalized.

“Sickening & Horrific”: Cop Repeatedly Raped Woman In Front of Her...

A former officer who pled no contest to charges of sexual assault is now being sued for civil rights violations by one of his several victims.

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Kill Unarmed Man for Driving in Reverse

Body camera footage show Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen taking the life of an unarmed fleeing suspect.

Video Shows Teen Brutally Assaulted by Cops After Trying to Pay...

A father filmed his son get assaulted by police after he allegedly attempted to pay a fine with quarters.

WATCH: Cops Beat A Man To A Pulp, Threaten To “Shoot...

Portland Officer Matt Bigoni threatened to kill a man and his dog but settled for beating him mercilessly. Portland PD has now opened an investigation.