WATCH: Power-Tripping Cops Illegally Pull Woman Over to Harass Her for...

An innocent woman was threatened by two officers when they pulled her over to harass her over her "attitude." when she went to file a complaint, the chief threatened her too!

Man Vanishes After Last Seen on Video, Handcuffed, Getting Head-Stomped By...

A family is frantically searching for their loved one after he went missing. He was last seen on video in handcuffs, getting his head stomped on by police.

WATCH: Cops Shoot Teen in the Head as His Parents Watch...

Dramatic video captured the moment courtroom police shot an 18-year-old kid in the head as his parents watched in horror. The video has since prompted major backlash.

Body Cam Video Shows Cops Kill Grandma During Raid Over Marijuana...

Disturbing body camera footage was just released showing the moment police killed a grandmother in her home over a raid for marijuana.

WATCH: Innocent Man Dies 2 Hours After Cops Mock & Abuse...

Instead of helping a dying innocent mentally ill man, police mocked, assaulted, and then arrested him only to have him die in their custody two hours later.

Police Kidnap 7yo Boy From School, Cuff Him Force Him To...

A Miami 7-year-old was arrested, kidnapped, and transported to a mental health facility after his teacher claimed he hit her and knocked her down.

Cop Pleads Guilty Disfiguring Handcuffed Man With a Flashlight, Pepper Spraying...

A New Jersey police officer pleaded guilty to beating in a man's face with a flashlight and having his fellow officers help him cover up the video evidence of it.

Despite Video Showing Cop Smash Man’s Face In Jurors Believed Police...

A Fort Smith, Arkansas police officer (now retired) was exonerated from all liability in a federal civil rights lawsuit when the officer tripped a man, smashing his face to the ground, knocking out his teeth, and causing severe damage to his face,

WATCH: Entire SWAT Team Dispatched to Handle One Unarmed Drunk Old...

A drunk, shirtless, and depressed Utah man was tased by two tasers simultaneously during a SWAT raid on his house and is now permanently disabled.

FBI Responds to Kidnapping by Killing the Innocent Hostage—Criminals Just Fine

An innocent father was shot and killed by the same FBI agents who were supposed to be rescuing him after he and his son were tied up and taken hostage.