Horrifying Video Shows School Cop Beat Up Boy for No Reason,...

A Pittsburgh school resource officer is caught on film walking up to a child and attack him for no reason — choking him and knocking out his teeth.

BREAKING: No Charges for Cop Who Killed Alton Sterling on Video

The Department of Justice will not be charging the Baton Rouge police officers responsible for killing Alton Sterling last July as he sold CDs outside a store.

Jury Finds Cause to Charge 7 Cops for Killing a Man...

An inquest jury finds probable cause to charge seven cops in Sheriff David Clark's jail in the dehydration death Terrill Thomas.

BREAKING: Cop to Plead Guilty in Murder of Walter Scott Caught...

The guilty plea will most likely end with a slap on the wrist for the officer, Michael Slager, who was seen on video murdering a man for running away.
jordan edwards

Body Cam Refutes Official Story, Shows Cop Murder Innocent Boy for...

We have now learned that the 'official' statement used to justify police killing Jordan Edwards was shown to be a lie after the chief viewed body cam footage.

Records Show Girl Begged for Her Life as Officers Dehydrated Her...

She had committed no crime in which there was a victim, but was brought to jail as a result of her addiction to opioids — where she'd die.

‘He Was Not a Thug’: Cop Shoots into Car of Innocent...

15-year-old Jordan Edwards had committed no crime and was simply a passenger in a vehicle, when he was murdered by police.

Cop Who Broke Elderly Vet’s Ribs, Caught on Video AGAIN, Attacking...

A Buda police officer is being sued — AGAIN — for excessive force and infringing upon an elderly citizen's Fourth Amendment rights. Twice in six months.

Man Beaten by Cop in Viral Jaywalking Video, Beaten AGAIN, Stripped...

The brutal video of an innocent man getting beaten down by police, was just the beginning of a nightmare in jail, according to a recent lawsuit.

WATCH: Cops Do Nothing as Fellow Cop Snaps, Pulls Gun, Threatens...

A Lousiana female cop threatened to kill her sister in law over her mistreatment of her brother.