Cop Arrested for Showing Children His Penis in Applebee’s – Still...

Police have now charged one of their own for exposing himself to two children in a popular restaurant's bathroom — but he remains on active duty.

Deputy Has Mental Breakdown While Celebrating His Birthday, Cops Show Up...

Chattanooga police fatally shot a sheriff's deputy early Wednesday morning, as his 26th birthday celebration took an abruptly dark turn.

Cop Actually Charged for Shooting Small Dog Who Made Him ‘Fear...

A cop who shot a family's little dog with his service weapon for no reason is now facing charges — but there's more to this story.

It Begins: ICE Raids Innocent LEGAL Family and Shoots Their Dad

It's still unclear why ICE violently raided a Chicago family's home and shot a 56-year-old man — all of the family members are Americans.

83-year-old Grandpa Forgot to Use His Blinker, So Cops Put Him...

An 83-year-old grandpa was put in the hospital by two cops he simply wanted to talk to, after he failed to use his turn signal.

283 People Have Already Been Killed by Police this Year, Setting...

Only because of vigilant citizen reporting do we know police officer killings of citizens is on track to exceed 1,000 deaths in 2017.

Cops Go to Innocent Woman’s Home, Shoot Her Dog for No...

A Kentucky Highway Patrolman reportedly shot a couple's dog after the dog for doing nothing more than barking at the officer.

Despite DNA Evidence, Cop Not Charged for Forcing Woman to Perform...

A Florida woman finally finds enough courage to report a cop who forced oral sex on her only to be shot down by blue privilege.

SWAT Raids Man’s Home over $100 in Pot, Shoot at Him...

A Myrtle Beach man was nearly killed, left paralyzed after police shot him 57 times in a raid, after an informant bought $100 worth of pot from him.

Multiple K9s Unleashed, Half Dozen Cops Dispatched — to Catch 3...

Knightdale Police in North Carolina unleashed their attack dogs in a massive manhunt to track down juvenile potheads.