Video Shows “Bully” Cop Tackle Innocent Mom, Smash Her Head Into...

Disturbing video shows a Georgia cop attack, assault, and arrest a woman for doing nothing other than practicing her free speech.

WATCH: Cop Smashes Drunk Man’s Head into the Ground for No...

A disturbing video shows a police officer slam a drunk man down on his head so hard, it made a gruesome sound and the man was knocked out.

Cops Assault 91-Year-Old Man For Walking With a Stick—Witnesses

A 91-year-old man with a clean record was cited with disorderly conduct for the crime of allegedly pointing his walking stick at police.

“YouTube Alert!”: Cops Turn Off Dash Cam While Beating Surrendered Man,...

Police officers on the scene of a violent arrest admitted to turning off their Dash Cams and yelling "YouTube alert!" to cover their fellow officers.
cell phone

Cops Attack Man, Confiscate Surveillance Video, But Cell Phone Survived, Showing...

Police officers attacked a man for no reason and confiscated the surveillance footage to cover their tracks, but the cell phone video survived.

After Police Sex Trafficked Her as a Child, Woman Now Bringing...

After suing Oakland police for using her as a teenage sex slave, a California woman is now going after other departments in the state.

Cop Who Beat Man in Viral Video, Caught on Video AGAIN—Attacking...

The Ohio cop who was seen beating a man over a suspended license is seen in a new video, this time, attacking a handcuffed teen girl.

WATCH: Cop Attacks 61yo Man for Singing a Beach Boys Song—Taxpayers...

For singing on a sidewalk, as onlookers cheered him on, a 61-year-old man is now suing after being violently attacked by a police officer.

First Vegas Cop Charged Since 1990 as Video Shows Him Choke,...

For tasering an innocent man 7 times and proceeding to choke him to death, a Las Vegas cop has become the first cop to be charged since 1990.

Witnesses Watch in Horror As Cops Mace & Taser Deaf Mute...

What started with a parking ticket ended up with a deaf man being pepper sprayed, tasered, slammed to the ground and arrested.