“We Never Imagined”: Cop Charged With Raping Mentally Challenged Woman

A veteran Michigan City Indiana cop was arrested, charged and locked in jail for allegedly raping a mentally challenged woman.

Cop Charged for Punching Elderly Bathroom Attendant Because “The Water Was...

A Rhode Island police officer hits a 73-year-old bathroom attendant and wants leniency from the courts — and it looks like he's going to get it.

Mainstream Media Finally Exposes CIA Drug Trafficking Conspiracy in Explosive History...

The new documentary series, "America's War on Drugs" covers everything from the role of the CIA in the crack epidemic to the Afghan drug trade.

SWAT Mistakes Prayer Group for Gun Thieves, Raid Wrong Home, Detain...

A Maryland police department SWAT team destroyed property and detained and assaulted family and friends, only to learn they're at the wrong house.

WATCH: “I will kill you” — Cops Hold Pistol to Unarmed...

Police said their officers followed department policy when they held a gun to an unarmed man's head and beat him to a pulp.

Officers Deprive Man Water in Solitary for 7 Days — Dehydrate...

A Milwaukee man is dead, two hours into his eighth day deprived of water while being locked up in the county jail's solitary confinement.

Dashcam of Cops Beating 83yo Man Mysteriously Deleted Due to “Technical...

Cops claimed they 'feared for their lives' and were forced to put an unarmed 83-year-old man in the hospital — but they lost the dashcam video.

‘Motherf**ker! I’m Going to Kill You!’ Video Shows Cops Torture Teen...

Police kept secret the video of the in-custody taser death of an 18-year-old on LSD. Once the parents of the boy saw it, however, they found out why.

WATCH: Flint Residents Ask for Clean Water So Cops Assault and...

Six were arrested at a heavily policed Flint, Michigan, public town hall meeting that was convened at a church to address clean water.

Cop Faces 7 Years After Video Shows Him Smash a Man’s...

A Rhode Island cop is on trial after video showed him bludgeon a man's head in with his taser and allegedly lying about it on the report.