Cop Actually Charged for Shooting Small Dog Who Made Him ‘Fear...

A cop who shot a family's little dog with his service weapon for no reason is now facing charges — but there's more to this story.

Cops Go to Innocent Woman’s Home, Shoot Her Dog for No...

A Kentucky Highway Patrolman reportedly shot a couple's dog after the dog for doing nothing more than barking at the officer.
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Residents Outraged After Video Shows Cops Taser a Family’s Dog

Residents in one Michigan town are outraged after seeing a video of police using a taser on a family's pet that was posted online.

Mom Assaulted & Arrested for Stopping Cop From Killing Her Dog...

After being charged with a crime and assaulted for protecting her dog from a cop who tried to kill him, a West Virginia woman is fighting back.

Police Horse Dies After Cop Leaves Him Tied in Stall with...

A Denver PD officer left his horse tied up for 16 hours overnight with no food and water. The officer wasn't charged and only docked a single vacation day.

Cops Shoot Woman’s Dog Then Warrantlessly Ransack Her Home to Justify...

New York cops shot a woman's dog then raided her house to look for contraband to justify shooting her dog.

Court Rules Police Can Legally Execute Your Dog if It Does...

Battle Creek Michigan police officers were justified in killing family dogs when they bark, get in the way, or scare officers.

Disturbing Video Shows Cop Kill a Kangaroo Just as a Small...

The horrific moment a kangaroo was shot by a police officer seconds before a child passed by was captured in graphic footage by a shocked onlooker.

WATCH: Father Goes Off on Cops After they Respond to Wrong...

Body camera footage showed police responded to the wrong home and kill a family's dog as it came walking around the house.

Cop Illegally Enters Innocent Family’s Backyard & Kills Their Dog, Leaving...

A cop walked into a woman's yard after she told him not to and shot her beloved dog twice, leaving her puppies motherless.