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Judge Orders Removal of Gas Pipeline from Native American Property

In a decisive victory for Native American rights, a federal judge just ordered an energy company to completely remove a natural gas pipeline.

Conspiracy Theory No More, Harvard Reveals Big Oil-Approved ‘Stratospheric Injection’ Geoengineering

Harvard scientists have now received the go-ahead to experiment with geoengineering outside the lab but there are potentially devastating consequences.

Factory Shut Down, Police Investigating As ‘Human Waste’ Found in Coke...

An international investigation is underway after Coca-Cola cans were found to contain what appeared to be human waste.

It’s Official — First Bee Has Just Been Added to Endangered...

For the first time in the history of the continental United States, a bee has been added to the endangered species list — but not everyone is celebrating.

Pipeline Spewing 310K Cubic Feet of Gas a Day into Ocean...

All they would have to do is turn off the gas to the pipeline, but the federal government is allowing it all to continue until at least May.

7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns weren't the bombshell many imagined, but they are being used to distract Americans from far more serious issues.

Fracking Found Responsible for Blast that Severely Burned Entire Family –...

Several new studies following an explosion on private property found fracking was indeed the culprit and not a single person has been charged.

WATCH: Radioactive Wild Boars Roaming Fukushima Threatening Residents’ Return

Fukushima Prefecture — As if mentally preparing to move back to areas deserted six years ago weren’t daunting enough, residents returning to four towns...

Native Americans Take a Stand, Sue Oil Companies for Causing Destructive...

The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit accusing multiple oil companies of triggering earthquakes that caused widespread damage.

Wake Up Call: 2 Studies Show 347 Native Bee Species ‘Spiraling...

Two new studies show bees and other pollinators in sharp decline, with nearly one-quarter of bee species native to North America and Hawaii at risk for extinction.