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Conspiracy Theory Now Conspiracy Fact, as Congress Holds Hearings on Weather...

Weather modification just jumped from "chemtrail" conspiracy theory into mainstream reality, as Congress holds hearings on geoengineering.

Meet the 10 Companies that Control Almost Every Food & Beverage...

This eye-opening infographic by Oxfam International reveals that 10 companies control virtually the entire human food distribution system.

In Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks...

Thanks to a system of corrupt corporate-government collusion, Florida residents can lose their homes if they attempt to solely power them with solar.

Residents Forced to Buy Bottled Water As Coca-Cola Sucks Water Wells...

Thanks to their ties with corrupt government, Coca-Cola has been able to deplete an entire town's water source—and there are many more.

Over Harvey-Stricken Texas, Air Force Now Spraying Banned Insecticide that Killed...

The highly neurotoxic insecticide, Naled, which killed millions of bees last year in Florida, is being dumped over areas Texas hit by Harvey.

“We’re Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky”: Top Scientist Admits...

Respected physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, exposes the science of geo-engineering to the mainstream masses in a CBS interview.

Largest Evacuation in Fla. History Underway as Irma Threatens 2 Nuclear...

Government officials are urging massive evacuations in Florida as Hurricane Irma threatens to devastate 2 nuclear power plants.

As US Preps For “Catastrophe” from Strongest Atlantic Hurricane Recorded, FEMA...

As the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic plows toward the US, FEMA is broke and US policy on disaster relief will make things much worse.

Study Finds Disturbing Spike in Birth Defects in US Women Living...

Chemical agriculture companies have long been able to keep the toxicity of their products "secret" thanks to the EPA, but their devastating effects on human health are being exposed.

Explosions Rock Arkema Chemical Plant Near Houston, Multiple Injuries Reported

Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas has confirmed that two explosions have occurred at the site.