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Oklahoma Claims it Owns the Wind, Caves to Oil Lobby to...

Oklahoma lawmakers and Big Oil are working to tax wind energy out of existence in Oklahoma, despite or because of its success.

Monsanto Crops Decimated by Pests – Meanwhile, Nearby Non-GMO Crops Thriving

Maybe Monsanto should try using non-chemical, eco-friendly ways to keep preserve their crops, as they have proven very successful to local farmers.

Sioux Tribe Leader Responds to Army Corps Eviction Letter With Ominous...

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe chairman issued a warning the Dec. 5 eviction of camps is a 'grave and dangerous mistake' and a 'direct and irresponsible threat' to water protectors.

Hawaii Sees 10 Fold Increase in Birth Defects After Becoming GM...

A number of doctors and researchers are working together to prevent further life-threatening birth defects which have sharply risen since the testing of GM corn has exploded.

7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns weren't the bombshell many imagined, but they are being used to distract Americans from far more serious issues.

5 Ways You are Exposed to GMOs Without Eating Them

March 31, 2014 You don’t have to ingest GMOs as food in order to be exposed to them. There are plenty of other ways that...

White House Caught Blackmailing EU to Force Them to Import GMO...

The Obama administration wants to leave the world with a lasting legacy of multinational corporate hegemony by blackmailing the EU into subservience

FOIA Docs Reveal US Military Developing Genetic Extinction Weapon to Eradicate...

A FOIA request has revealed that DARPA is funding a 'gene extinction' project that could wipe out entire races, just as the military admits to harvesting Russian biosamples.

Town Mortified As Govt Cuts Down, Destroys Community Fruit Forest Over...

Residents who took part in a 7-year-long program to grow a massive community fruit forest watched in horror as government goons destroyed it.

Alarming New Study Suggests Govt is Spraying Toxic Coal Ash to...

Scientists suggest that what some refer to as 'chemtrails,' are actually a toxic radioactive byproduct of coal burning being sprayed to combat global warming.