Venezuela Just Stopped Accepting US Dollars for Oil As Countries Join...

Venezuela just announced they will no longer accept US dollars for oil, as Russia and China create a system to bypass US petrodollar hegemony.
syrian war

As Syrian War Comes to an End, Mainstream Media Silent to...

Both the U.S. and the mainstream media have remained silent as the same "tyrannical dictator" who was supposed to be overthrown is now regaining power.

Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Hitler Survived WW2, With Picture to Prove...

Declassified CIA documents suggest there were credible reports of Hitler living in Argentina that were left uninvestigated.

Source: As Syrian Army Defeats ISIS, US Aircraft Rescues Remaining ISIS...

Sources are claiming U.S. forces airlifted 20 ISIS commanders from a region right before Syrian forces liberated the city from terrorist control.

Hours After Syria Claims Monumental Victory Against ISIS, Israel Bombs Them

Israel bombed the Syrian Army -- the ones who've been defeating ISIS -- and killed their soldiers. Whose side are they on?

Bilderberg on Steroids – Meet The Secret CIA-Funded Group Behind The...

A foreign policy think tank more secretive than Bilderberg has included both instrumental architects of the "War of Terror" and accusations of CIA funding.
neo nazi

US-Backed Neo-Nazis Kidnap Journalist in Broad Daylight for Reporting on Gov’t...

The kidnapping and deportation of a journalist in Ukraine exposes the extreme lack of democratic values in the US-backed neo-Nazi regime.

Ron Paul Just Eviscerated Trump’s Hypocritical Afghan War Narrative In An...

"Sad that these wars the politicians argue for are unconstitutional yet we are told we are over there defending the Constitution," Ron Paul wrote.

BREAKING: Congressman Says Assange Could be Pardoned for Proof Russia Did...

A nail in the coffin to the Russian hacking narrative will be coming from none other than the ones who leaked the DNC info, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Imagine That! CIA Stops Arming Terrorists in Syria, 600,000 Refugees Return...

According to the International Organization for Migration, refugees are returning to Syria en masse, coincidentally, as the US stops arming ISIS.