‘At war with Russia’: EU Approves Resolution to Counter Russian Media,...

MEPs in Strasbourg have voted on a non-legislative resolution which calls for the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia.”

Heartbreaking Video of 4yo Girl Who Survived US Airstrikes Proves It’s...

4-year-old Hawraa, is slowly recovering from severe wounds she suffered in a coalition airstrike on her home that killed her mother and most of the family.

2016: How Truth was Destroyed So You’d Buy the Government’s Propaganda

Absurdity went full tilt in 2016, and thanks to the utterly fake issues of fake news and Russian hackers, we're now in danger of losing freedom of speech and the press.

Horrifying New Low: Major US Ally Bombs School Killing Multiple Children

The United States' strongest ally in the Middle East has reportedly and purposefully struck a school in a series of airstrikes in the northwest Yemen.

WWII Survivor Tells Her Story, Warns Trump Emulates Hitler Perfectly

A survivor of World War II has come forward to warn Americans there are startling similarities between Donald Trump and fascist leader Adolf Hitler.

Why We Have a 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Arms Loyalists to Eradicate...

After disarming all the civilians to make them defenseless, the government of Venezuela is now arming only its loyal citizens to quash dissent.

Ron Paul Interviews Assange: ‘If We Allow Trump to Declare War...

Julian Assange warns freedom of the press in the US is on the line as the establishment wages war on truth by going after those who speak it.

Assange: Clinton Represents Goldman Sachs & Saudi Arabia, She Will Win...

In an interview with John Pilger, Julian Assange notes highlights from Wikileaks revelations, saying Hillary Clinton has been 'eaten alive' by grandiose ambitions.

Major Bank Official: Banks Are “Preparing for an Economic Nuclear Winter” 

Major banks across the planet are preparing for a collapse, noting that "the worst-case scenario could happen by the end of this year."

It’s Official, Pentagon Will Now Keep Troop Count in Iraq &...

Following recent criticism of U.S. airstrikes, the Pentagon has announced that the public will no longer be notified of troop numbers in these countries.