Julian Assange Just Destroyed the FBI, CIA & Fake News in...

Julian Assange goes on an epic Twitter rant to defend his character and expose the nefarious deeds of those who want to kill him.

Bodies of 23 Dead Kids Allegedly Stolen for Use in Film...

A new report says a chemical weapons attack false flag in Syria is coming soon — as Al Jazeera allegedly filmed the White Helmets in a staged event.

High-Level Intel Official: ‘Greatest Threat to US Democracy is Sham 2-Party...

A whistleblower and former British MI5 official says the 'greatest threat' to American democracy isn't Russia, it's the two-party system ruling the U.S.

‘The Butcher Of Libya’: Assange Exposes Clinton War Crimes, Asks Sweden...

On World Press Freedom Day, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange called Hillary Clinton the 'butcher of Libya,' and requested Sweden set him free.

US Just Warned Traveling Citizens That a Terror Attack May Happen...

The US State Department has just issued an ominous warning to US citizens to be cautious while traveling as a terror attack may happen at any moment.
North Korea

BREAKING: North Korea Just Threatened to Sink US Nuclear Submarine

North Korea has now threatened to make a ghost ship of a US nuclear-powered submarine, amid tightening tensions and world war could be on the horizon.

US Repeating Same War Crime in Syria that Starved 500,000 Children...

The US knows the outcome of the sanctions it's imposing on Syria — because they've already starved hundreds of thousands to death in Iraq.

Ron Paul Interviews Assange: ‘If We Allow Trump to Declare War...

Julian Assange warns freedom of the press in the US is on the line as the establishment wages war on truth by going after those who speak it.
north korea

Not Good — Trump Warns of “A Major, Major Conflict with...

Instead of realizing the series of brutally ignorant mistakes which have led to the situation in North Korea, the current administration is bringing it to a head.

In One Year, Opiates Killed Ten Times as Many Americans as...

The US might be waging a War on Terror, but the real killer — opioid medications — actually thrives because of that war.