Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever as Govt...

Despite lingering doubts about threats from North Korea, defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin's stocks have broken records at the mere suggestion of war.
north korea

Never Forget: The Nukes N. Korea is Threatening to Use on...

As the US beats the war drums to attack North Korea, most Americans have no idea the US is responsible for the dictatorship's nuclear arsenal.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Exposed as Globalist Puppet for Billionaire...

Stunning news out of Israel has revealed that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is working as an inside operative for globalist billionaire George Soros.
saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia Seen On Video Attacking Its Own Citizens—Corporate Media Silent,...

Saudi Arabia, a close U.S. ally, has gone from slaughtering innocent civilians in other nations to slaughtering innocent civilians in its own nation.
white helmets

BUSTED: Video Appears to Show White Helmets Aiding Al-Qaeda Fighters

Members of the U.S.-funded White Helmets were recently caught on film allegedly providing medical aid to Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria.

CNN’s ‘Exclusive’ Report on Russia Arming Taliban Debunked By Their Own...

A far-fetched story being shoved down the throats of the American public by CNN is being exposed by their very own expert as untrue.

Trump Watched a Video of ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Before...

Apparently, Donald Trump watched a video that was suppressed by western media of 'Moderate rebels' beheading a child, which led him to stop the CIA Syria program.

Anti-Russia Sanctions Will Destroy US Petrodollar & the Economy—Get Ready for...

Tuesday morning, Pence announced Trump is going to sign the Russian sanctions bill. This will be the end of the US petrodollar and economic suicide for the US.

It’s Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Freezing...

If EU officials have their way, failing banks would be able to cut customers' access to their accounts, placing a moratorium on withdrawals in the interest of preventing bank runs.

Mainstream Media Caught Exploiting Children in Psy-Op to Sell War to...

The vile manipulation of children to promote pro-war propaganda is easily exposed in the case of Bana al-Abed — and the fame of a 7-year-old in American mainstream media.