China to ‘Compel’ Saudi Arabia to Trade Oil in Yuan –...

China, the largest global oil importer, is putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to shun the U.S. dollar and denominate oil sales in Chinese yuan.

Trump Has Killed More Civilians with Illegal Drone Strikes in 9...

Trump has followed through on his promise to "bomb the hell out of ISIS," and has killed more innocent civilians in 9 months than Obama did in several years

Putin Unveils ‘CryptoRuble’ as Assange Thanks US Gov’t Corruption for 50,000%...

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange used the recent surge in Bitcoin price to make a powerful statement on government, as Russia makes massive currency move.

Israeli TV Shows Footage Of ISIS Training Camp On Israel’s Border

It appears a sizable ISIS training camp has been set up just across the Golan Heights border with Israel, despite Israel claiming they wouldn't allow it.

Longest War in US History Turns 16 Today – Thousands Dead,...

After the US began 'spreading democracy' there 16 years ago, Afghanistan has become more dangerous, more corrupt, and deadlier than ever.

BREAKING: N. Korea Preps to Test ICBM Capable of Reaching US...

Trump makes ominous "calm before the storm" threat at US military meeting as North Korea prepares a test for an ICBM that can hit the US.
camp algiers

Camp Algiers: The US Internment Camp America Erased from History That...

Camp Algiers was an internment camp in the U.S. that used illegal methods to detain both suspected nazi sympathizers and Jewish refugees during World War II

BREAKING: Russia Releases Photos Claiming to Show US Spec Ops Equipment...

Aerial images were recently released that appear to show U.S. Special Operations Forces and their equipment embedded in ISIS positions in Syria.

“Not a US Ally!” Bernie Goes Off On Saudis As Congresswoman...

Breaking away from establishment talking points, Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard just decried Saudi Arabia a terrorist nation.

WATCH: Morgan Freeman Just Endorsed Neocon Plan for WW3, and the...

Morgan Freeman just made a propaganda video for a warmongering neocon group, with board members like Dick Cheney, and the Left is loving it.