It’s Official: State Deals Massive Blow to Fed: Gold & Silver...

A major victory against the Federal Reserve comes out of Arizona this week officially allowing Arizona residents to use precious metals as currency.

State Supreme Court Justice Just Called for the Release of All...

This Supreme Court Justice actually applies logic to the law, and he finds no morality or rational basis in cannabis prohibition.

Chelsea Manning Out of Prison But Not Totally Free, Army Holding...

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now free from prison — but the active duty soldier's freedom won't be as liberating as it should.

US Govt Finally Admits Medical Cannabis Destroys the Opioid Epidemic

An update on the government website on drug abuse indicates a massive change to cannabis prohibition — in order to combat the opioid epidemic — may be on the horizon.

Federal Suit Hits Soros for $10 Billion For ‘Political Meddling…Motivated Solely...

Billionaire globalist and altogether controversial figure, George Soros, is now the subject of a $10 billion lawsuit accusing him of being a “racketeer billionaire”...

Hero Congressman Openly Defying Drug War to Bring Cannabis to Sick...

Rep. Allen Peake doesn’t let the immoral war on drugs get in the way of saving children from debilitating illnesses — this is public service!

WATCH: Body Cam Shows Cop Save Lost 4-Year-Old Boy from Drowning

Dramatic body camera footage captured a police officer save a 4-year-old boy from drowning because he had the foresight to see the danger.

Brewery Develops Edible 6-Pack Rings to Save Marine Life, Reduce Plastic...

Saltwater Brewery uses barley and wheat leftovers to create compostable, edible 6-pack rings that can feed marine species instead of killing them.

Colorado Bill Bans Cops From Helping Federal Govt Arrest People for...

Colorado lawmakers are flexing 10th Amendment rights to protect the freedom of citizens from the feds and the economic boon of legal cannabis.

Paradigm Shift: Study Finds 51% of Millennials Giving Up All Alcohol...

As cannabis legalization spreads, people can finally turn to a much safer recreational substance without fear of being thrown in a cage.