Wisconsin Moves to Be First State Ever to Nullify Federal Cannabis...

Wisconsin could become the first state to nullify federal marijuana prohibition through legislation rather than ballot initiative.

Groundbreaking Study Shows Fasting Can Slow Aging, Rebuild Immune System

Groundbreaking research reveals the dramatic healing benefits of a fasting mimicking diet, including rebooting the immune system and slowing aging.

Welcome to Weedville: Pot Grower Buys Entire US Town to Create...

A revolutionary new vision has just been set in motion to create a cannabis friendly town that will be energy independent. Welcome to Weedville.

For the First Time, NFL Acknowledges Benefits of Cannabis, Offers to...

The NFL may finally be taking the first step out of the Reefer Madness era, as players and doctors urge the organization to accept modern science.

Judge Slams ‘Incompetent’ Cops After SWAT Raids Innocent Family for Growing...

The armed raid on an innocent family's tomato garden was an "unjustified government intrusion based on nothing more than junk science."

Police Chief Stops Arresting Opioid Addicts, Offers Help Instead – Crime...

Crime is down 40 percent in a North Carolina town where police began offering help and recovery options to drug addicts, instead of throwing them in jail.

First of Its Kind ‘Food Sovereignty’ Law Just Legalized Local Food...

Raw milk? Free Range Eggs? Organic Vegetables? No Problem. State's 'Food Sovereignty' Law just legalized their food trade once again.

Define Irony: Millions in Legal Weed Sales are Fixing Colorado’s Crumbling...

Once again, Colorado is showing the good things that happen when people gain freedom and a legal industry replaces the black market.

WATCH: Veteran Nearly Killed by Cops for Legal Open Carry, Gets...

An Iraq War veteran finally recovered his weapons from Texas police after an open-carry confrontation, fours years and $175,000 in court costs.

American Media Silent After UN Just Called for Decriminalizing Drug Use...

In 2016 the UN reaffirmed its support for prohibition at a "special session on drugs," but one year later the UN is calling to end prohibition. The drug war is crumbling.