It Has Begun: DHS Now Scanning Americans’ Faces at Airports

In spite of the entirely unethical practice of gathering biometric data of innocent Americans, face scanners are now a reality. Welcome to 1984.

State Moves To Criminalize Screen Time for Kids, Parents to Face...

Parents could be fined $20,000 for giving kids smartphones, should a legislative initiative pass — but the proposal evinces everything wrong with the Nanny State.

FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800 Movies, TV Shows to Make...

Newly-obtained documents show the Pentagon and CIA have enormous influence over Hollywood — its pro-war propaganda must be accepted or the government packs its assistance and goes home.

Senate Bill to Force Citizens to Register Cash Not in a...

A new bill requires US citizens to declare ALL assets in excess of $10,000 — or have the entirety of their accounts and assets seized, and spend ten years in prison.

NSA Whistleblower, Bigger than Snowden, Suing Feds for “Systematic Illegal” Spying

After the federal government ignored his evidence of systematic illegal spying on Americans, the whistleblower is now suing them.

Snowden Smashes the Police State in Most Epic Rant Ever, ‘Terrorists...

Edward Snowden, in his most impassioned appearance to date, eviscerated the Surveillance State, saying it isn't terrorists who steal our rights — it's government.
memorial day

Here’s How to Honor the Fallen this Memorial Day by Exposing...

This Memorial Day, honor the fallen by refusing to allow any more soldiers to die for the US empire's false narratives.

Leaked Docs Prove Counter-Terror Ops Used To Silence ‘Jihadist’ Water Protectors...

Newly obtained documents show TigerSwan coordinated with myriad government agencies to spy on NoDAPL water protectors, whom they called 'terrorists,' likening activists to 'jihadist fighters.'

Gaddafi Predicted and Tried to Stop this Terror Wave in UK,...

Dr. Ron Paul excoriated the West for not listening, again, to predictions from Muammar Gaddafi, who warned blowback from US support of radical Islam would terrorize Europe.

John Lennon ‘Murdered by CIA-trained Killer to Stop ex-Beatle Radicalising Youth’...

An earth-shattering book claims the CIA trained Mark David Chapman to kill iconic John Lennon in order to stifle the radicalization of the left and quash the anti-war movement.