PARADIGM SHIFT – New Poll Says 86% of Americans Support Legalization...

A new survey found that 86 percent of Americans support cannabis legalization, and the majority said that legalizing cannabis would help improve society.

For the First Time, NFL Acknowledges Benefits of Cannabis, Offers to...

The NFL may finally be taking the first step out of the Reefer Madness era, as players and doctors urge the organization to accept modern science.

Govt Now Giving Sex Change Drugs to Children as Young as...

Children — as young as 10-years-old — are being given powerful hormone injections to aid them in their transition between sexes.

Support the Troops? GOP Blocks VA from Prescribing Medical Cannabis for...

The House Rules Committee just denied a bipartisan amendment that would have allowed VA doctors to discuss the potential benefits of cannabis with veterans.

Not Just for Humans — Watch CBD Oil Stop This Dog’s...

An awe-inspiring video recently posted to Facebook shows man’s best friend can have seizures, too, and they can also be stopped with cbd extracts.

New Harvard Study Confirms Big Pharma & Federal Govt Root Cause...

A painstaking analysis describes how Big Pharma's opioid campaign of deception and government's rigged patenting system got America hooked.

First of Its Kind ‘Food Sovereignty’ Law Just Legalized Local Food...

Raw milk? Free Range Eggs? Organic Vegetables? No Problem. State's 'Food Sovereignty' Law just legalized their food trade once again.

Entire US Town ‘Trapped,’ Homes Unsellable Because Military Poisoned Their Water...

An entire town in Washington state is feeling the wrath of the world's largest polluter — the US military — now their water is dangerously toxic.

Landmark Study Shows Legal Marijuana Sales Reduce Crime

A landmark study shows that legal weed does the exact opposite of what the tyrants in Washington say it will do -- it lowers crime.

Jeff Sessions to Revive D.A.R.E. to Hook More Kids on Drugs...

Atty General Jeff Sessions wants to revive the D.A.R.E. program, despite multiple government studies proving it ineffective — it does help one industry though.