Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs that Can Cause Violent Behavior

As many have predicted, it has just been revealed that Stephen Paddock was on psychotropic meds known to cause violent behavior.

Meet the 10 Companies that Control Almost Every Food & Beverage...

This eye-opening infographic by Oxfam International reveals that 10 companies control virtually the entire human food distribution system.

Wiz Khalifa Just Hijacked an MLB Game to Provide a Real...

While NFL players are taking a knee against racist policing, Wiz Khalifa promoted a viable solution during a Major League Baseball game.

Court Sets Ominous Precedent, Tells Mother, ‘Vaccinate Your Son or Go...

In a state with legal vaccine exemptions, a well-meaning mother has been given an ultimatum by a court—vaccinate your child or go to jail. 

Landmark Study Establishes Link Between the Aluminum in Most Vaccines &...

A peer-reviewed study conducted by scientists at the University of British Columbia, has established a link between a popular aluminum vaccine and autism.

NIH Supported Journal Publishes Landmark Study Linking Fluoride to Low IQ

A landmark new study published in a prestigious government-supported journal has found a significant link between fluoride and lower IQ in children.

‘Wow!’: Dr. Oz Makes FOX News Anchors’ Heads Explode as He...

Fox News' Fox and Friends had to cut to commericial after Dr. Oz injected the truth about cannabis in the middle of the show.

Bill Gates Funding MIT Development of Micro Implants to Automatically Give...

Funded by the Gates Foundation, MIT is developing a microparticle implant that will automatically administer vaccines over time in babies.

Bombshell Study – Federal Cannabis Prohibition Major Cause of Premature Death...

"Cannabis use prevents thousands of premature deaths each year, and Cannabis prohibition is revealed as a major cause of premature death in the U.S."

Govt’s Own Study Shows Legal Weed Reducing Teen Pot Use, Convictions,...

Results from the latest Washington State analysis of cannabis reveal legal weed has led to lower teen use, fewer addicts, and few crimes.