Cops Brag About Arresting Woman for Pot on Facebook as they...

A Florida cannabis advocate is arrested with six edibles, all the while nearly 14,000 rape kits remain unprocessed.

State Denies the People’s Will, Butchers Cannabis Law That Won Popular...

In the Sunshine State, Big Pharma and anti-cannabis propaganda groups have far more sway over lawmakers than the voting populace.

Mainstream Media Finally Admits Cannabis Can Curb Opioid Epidemic

Mainstream media breaks from its Big Pharma financial backers and opioid pushers to publish a report showing the benefits of cannabis legalization.

For the First Time Ever, UFC Fighters Allowed to Smoke Pot...

Despite issuing a $165K fine and five-year suspension to UFC fighter Nick Diaz for testing positive for pot, fighters will now be permitted to use cannabis.

DEA Approves Synthetic Weed for Pharma Co. That Paid $500K to...

Insys Therapeutics' synthetic pot was just listed by the DEA as less dangerous than cannabis, itself — after the company paid $500,000 to keep pot illegal.

For the First Time Ever, the Federal Govt is Referring to...

Recent changes to a website at a federal agency mark the first explicit acknowledgment of cannabis as medicine by the federal government.

Child Raping Cop Gets Only 3 Years in Jail, While Dr....

A medical doctor, cannabis activist, and Naval officer was sentenced to 18 years in prison for possession of a plant, while a rapist cop gets slap on wrist.

7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns weren't the bombshell many imagined, but they are being used to distract Americans from far more serious issues.
legal, cannabis

New Study Shows Legal Weed Far Better at Stopping Opioid Overdose...

Another important study shows legal cannabis is associated with reducing opioid-related hospitalizations — something the drug war increases.
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Cop Goes Off on the War on Pot: “I’ve Never Seen...

Police officers of America, please take notice on what this officer says about why we should legalize weed — This is what good cops do.