Paradigm Shift: RFK Jr Goes Off on Vaccine Safety Live on...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the importance of vaccine safety on FOX News and he was actually taken seriously.

Thousands Sue Merck for Shingles Vaccine “Causing What It’s Supposed to...

Zostamax, the only shingles vaccine currently available on the market, is the subject of a major lawsuit involving thousands of victims.

New Vaccination Bill Will Strip Parents of Their Philosophical Exemption

Reacting to a recent mumps outbreak, lawmakers are moving to force medicate citizens — even if one objects philosophically.

HuffPo Exposed for Removing Articles that Favorably Review “Vaxxed” Movie

While "Vaxxed" is no stranger to fierce controversy, The Huffington Post's recent removal of two articles about the film hint at the mainstream media's resistance to discussion of the film's content.

De Niro & RFK, Jr. Hold Press Conference To Expose Massive...

Accompanied by a PhD neuropsychologist, Robert De Niro and RFK, Jr. held a landmark press conference on the safety of vaccines.

Not Just Autism, Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied to Multiple...

Scientist found a strong correlation between vaccines and developing a brain disorder such as OCD, anorexia, ADHD, and major depressive disorders.

State Bill to Mandate Children to Receive Every Vaccine — Citizens...

The producer of Vaxxed and local health officials are fighting Senate Bill 83, which forces all parents to comply with mandated vaccines for children.

BREAKING: Outspoken Vaccine Skeptic, RFK Jr. to Head Federal ‘Vaccine Commission’

Robert Kennedy, Jr. — a vaccine skeptic — will chair a presidential commission tasked with fully investigating the safety of vaccines.

Shock Report: Testing Reveals Glyphosate Present in Childhood Vaccines

Glyphosate, labeled a "probable carcinogen," is not only being eaten in foods but also being injected directly into the bloodstream via a popular vaccine.

US Taxpayers Forced to Pay $3 Billion for Damages in Vaccine...

Taxpayers have been extorted to the tune of $3 billion and counting to pay for those injured by vaccines.