Victim’s Testimony Exposes Vast Child Trafficking Network Among the Politically Elite

A former child trafficking victim is speaking out and backed up by evidence exposing a massive multistate criminal operation tied to politicians, heads of state and the mafia.

Cops & Gov’t Workers Arrested in Massive Sting, People Buying Kids...

A massive sting targeting society's worst, who prey on children, ensared scores of people including a police officer, postal worker, and a teacher.

Top African-American Pastor Blasts Mainstream Media and US Govt for Ignoring...

Bishop T.D. Jakes decries Libyan slave trading and how the US Media and government are ignoring it. He is now calling on his followers to get involved.
sex trafficking

Not Just Rape, Lawsuit Accuses Harvey Weinstein of ‘Sex Trafficking’—Just Like...

Harvey Weinstein has now been accused of violating sex trafficking laws—similar to what Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of when he spent just 1 year in prison.

Disturbing Video of Humans Being Sold Proves US Foreign Policy Has...

Images emerging from Libya tell a sordid tale of modern-day slave trading, the international response, and a call for the slave traders to be tried in international criminal court.

Social Media Demands #FreeCyntoiaBrown, The Child Sex Slave Jailed for Killing...

#FreeCyntoiaBrown has surfaced on social media in a push to free a young woman who was sentenced to life as a child for killing a man who bought her for sex.

Multiple Clergymen Busted in FBI Sting for Sex-Trafficking Children

Three pastors have been indicted on charges of child sex-trafficking for recruiting, grooming and soliciting girls as young as 14 years old.

Top Soros Fund Manager Ran Human Trafficking ‘Sex Dungeon’ of Imprisoned...

An ex-fund manager for Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund for financier George Soros has been accused of horrifying crimes against women.

BREAKING: Kevin Spacey Apologizes After He’s Accused of Trying to Sexually...

Kevin Spacey was accused by another Hollywood actor, Anthony Rapp, of trying to have sex with him when he was just 14-years-old. Spacey apologized in a Facebook post.

Corey Feldman’s Crowdfund to Take Down Hollywood Pedophiles Raises $100K in...

The internet has spoken and they are tired of elite pedophiles in Hollywood taking advantage of children—over $100,000 raised to fight it in just 24 hours.