Mainstream Media’s Cannabis Fear Campaign Debunked as Anti-Pot Propaganda

One headline even claimed cannabis is "worse than cigarettes for cardiovascular health" while others cited insignificant "leaps" in child ER visits.

Assange Just Hammered America’s Hypocrisy of Selective Outrage Over US-Support of...

In a series of tweets, Julian Assange exposed the blatant hypocrisy of America's selective outrage when their government supports terrorists and neo-Nazis.

Never Forget: Obama Put Neo-Nazis in Power in the Ukraine, Who’s...

The U.S. has a long history of using neo-nazis to further its national and international interests. Now, the Ukraine coup is coming back to haunt them.

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War,...

Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.

Multiple High-Level U.S. Officials Publicly Warn of Govt Plot to Assassinate...

Within the past few weeks, multiple statements have been made by prominent individuals exposing potential plans to assassinate Trump.

Damning Investigation Shows Big Pharma Bribed 68,000 Doctors to Push Deadly...

One in 12 doctors received payments — totaling a whopping $46 million — from pharmaceutical companies to push opioid painkillers, in just over two years.

Suicided? Despite No Gun, Police Say Lawyer Connected to DNC Fraud...

U.S. Attorney found dead on a Florida beach and was involved with the DNC fraud lawsuit and his death has been ruled a suicide despite no gun being found.

Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever as Govt...

Despite lingering doubts about threats from North Korea, defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin's stocks have broken records at the mere suggestion of war.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Exposed as Globalist Puppet for Billionaire...

Stunning news out of Israel has revealed that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is working as an inside operative for globalist billionaire George Soros.

Global Crackdown on Parents who Refuse to Vaccinate Kids Has Begun—Punishment...

For better or worse, the debate over childhood vaccines rages on — but a crackdown on skeptics in Western nations now includes mandatory inoculation.