north korea

North Korea Is a Large Opium Producer Just Like Afghanistan —...

The US might claim to be concerned North Korea possesses nuclear weapons, but news of their increased opium production leaves doubts.

Secret Docs Reveal Allies Knew About Holocaust, Allowed it to Happen...

Newly re-publicized documents prove Allied forces were aware of Hitler's Holocaust more than two years before publicly commenting.

Leaked Docs Show Google Contractors Suppressed Alternative Media, Google Confirms

Newly obtained documents show Google is continuing efforts to censor the independent media. Google has also confirmed them as real.

Govt & Media Doing Exact Same Thing It Did To Start...

Cooked intel, unquestioning media. Syria is becoming a replay of the Iraq invasion, but independent media could prevent war this time.

Trump Flip-Flops on 5 Key Campaign Promises in a Day —...

These five Trump flip-flops seem to ignorantly backtrack his campaign positions; but in actuality, prove the U.S. is preparing for a major war.

Newly Released FBI Interview Claims FBI Contacted Boston Bombers BEFORE Attack

New details from Boston Bomber interview with the FBI reveal he'd been contacted by agents. His mother has long contended the FBI were handling their son.

Sign of the Times: Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Hit...

The world is worried — at least those who use the internet — the term "World War 3" is now being searched at an all-time historic high.

Declassified CIA Doc Reveals Plan to Destroy Syria for Oil Pipeline,...

A CIA document from the early 1980s details the US plan to destroy Syria — in much the same way the United States is doing now.

BREAKING: Putin Declares Syria Gas Attack a ‘False Flag,’ Says More...

Russian President Vladimir Putin just warned of a false flag should a second, similar chemical 'attack' occur in Syria.

Russia & Iran Issue Warning to US — ‘We Will Respond...

Russia and Iran just laid down the gauntlet by warning the US that another attack on Syria will be met with a "forceful response."