Teen Accuses X-Men Director of Luring Him with Movie Role, Making...

A man is accusing X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer of forcing him to be a sex slave while promising him a movie role, when he was a teenager. 
intelligence official

Deep State Coup Crumbling as Trump’s Top Intelligence Official Caught Spying...

Trump's top intelligence official authorized spying on Steve Bannon and Trump's children—then sent the data to an intel facility owned by globalist George Soros.

NY Times Admits Harvey Weinstein was Member of Elite Group Mainstream...

Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator who was among an elite group protected by both Hollywood and the mainstream media because of his connections.

Five Glaring Facts Showing that NBC Knew About and Allowed Matt...

While NBC claims it acted on the first report against Matt Lauer, evidence indicates that the network has been enabling his sexual misconduct for years.

Five Ominous Stories Media is Covering Up by Obsessing Over the...

Massive revelations—that actually affect your life—are being swept under the rug as the mainstream media focuses attention on the royal engagement.

89-Year-Old Grandma Loses Appeal, Sentenced to Prison for Questioning the Holocaust

An 89-year-old grandma has been sentenced to what could be the rest of her life in prison for simply stating that Auschwitz was a labor camp.
sex trafficking

Not Just Rape, Lawsuit Accuses Harvey Weinstein of ‘Sex Trafficking’—Just Like...

Harvey Weinstein has now been accused of violating sex trafficking laws—similar to what Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of when he spent just 1 year in prison.

Media Using Royal Engagement to Distract from REAL News of Queen...

The mainstream media is providing 24/7 coverage of the latest Royal engagement—yet it ignored reports that the Royal Family exploited mentally ill people.

#ChurchToo Blows Up On Social Media Exposing Rampant Child Sex Abuse...

The "ChurchToo" Hashtag has been used to call out sexual predators disguised as trustworthy religious leaders who have been protected by the church system.

YouTube Moderators Expose Company for Allowing Thousands of Child Predators to...

YouTube Moderators are calling out the platform for ignoring reports of abusive content, and allowing thousands of sexual predators to flourish.