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WATCH: Lord Rothschild Explains How His Family Embraced Zionism, Created Israel

In a rare interview to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Lord Jacob Rothschild reveals his family's role in the creation of Israel.

BREAKING: Russia Halts Cooperation with US in Syria, Citing US Support...

Both Russia and Syria have accused the United States of aiding ISIS, and those accusations rose to a new level after the U.S. shot down a Syrian warplane targeting the militants.

While Families Celebrated Father’s Day, The US Gov’t Just Committed an...

While the U.S.-led coalition claimed it shot down a Syrian warplane that was targeting its troops, the Syrian military claims it was targeting ISIS militants.

Iran News Reports US Aircraft Directly Transporting ISIS Fighters Out of...

As the death toll climbs in the city of Raqqa, the United States is now being accused of transporting ISIS fighters to safety.

America First? Gov’t Claims No Funds to Stop US Nuclear Waste...

The Hanford Superfund site continues leaking radioactive waste into the Columbia River, while the Trump Administration prepares billion-dollar arms deals with the terrorist-supporting Saudis and Qataris.

Opposite of 9/11: 2 Buildings in 48 Hours Engulfed in Flames,...

London's Grenfell Tower burned as a massive inferno for over 24 hours, yet it still did not collapse into its own footprint — a startling comparison to World Trade Center 7, which ostensibly collapsed from office fire.

WATCH: Putin Says US Presidents are Puppets, ‘Men in Dark Suits’...

In an interview that will never air in American mainstream news, Vladimir Putin called out the deep state and noted how all American presidents are puppets.

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It—Syrians Report US Use of...

The corporate media have become eerily silent in the face of reports that suggest a US-backed coalition showed Raqqa with chemical weapons.

Using Comey as a Distraction, Trump Bombed Syrian Govt As They...

While the media fixated on James Comey, Trump was exposed for helping terrorists by bombing the Syrian military as they fought ISIS.

Groundbreaking Study Confirms Cannabis Has ‘Significant’ Effect on Killing Cancer Cells

A groundbreaking new study finds cannabinoids used after chemotherapy kill more cancer cells — and might even eradicate cancer cells when used as a sole treatment.