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Smoking Gun — Video Exposes Evidence Tampering At Syrian Chemical Attack...

MIT Professor Emeritas Theodore Postol declared the video evidence of the gassing of Syrian citizens a fraud and accused the Trump regime of acting in a rogue and reckless manner.

Canada’s Pot Legalization Comes With a Hefty Dose of Police State...

Recreational cannabis legalization in Canada is expected to become reality in 2018, but not without distinct limitations and the continuing possibility of fines, jail time, or both.

China Issues Dire Warning — New Korean War Could Break Out...

China’s Foreign Minister warned that an armed conflict with North Korea may break out “at any moment,”

Newly Released FBI Interview Claims FBI Contacted Boston Bombers BEFORE Attack

New details from Boston Bomber interview with the FBI reveal he'd been contacted by agents. His mother has long contended the FBI were handling their son.

Sign of the Times: Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Hit...

The world is worried — at least those who use the internet — the term "World War 3" is now being searched at an all-time historic high.

BREAKING: Putin Declares Syria Gas Attack a ‘False Flag,’ Says More...

Russian President Vladimir Putin just warned of a false flag should a second, similar chemical 'attack' occur in Syria.

Russia & Iran Issue Warning to US — ‘We Will Respond...

Russia and Iran just laid down the gauntlet by warning the US that another attack on Syria will be met with a "forceful response."

Ex-CIA Agent: The Official Story of Syria Govt “Gassing Innocent Civilians...

Despite Trump's decision to attack Syria over claims the government killed innocents with chemical weapons was not supported by the US Intelligence Community, which termed the theory a "sham."

“In Violation of Int’l Law” — Russia Deploys Cruise Missile Frigate...

Russia chastised the Trump administration's rush to bomb Syria, “in violation of international law, and also under an invented pretext.”

It’s Time To Pay Attention — In The Last 24 Hours,...

Without an investigation, Donald Trump used the deadly chemical attack in Syria to begin international preparations to forcibly oust the president.