Govt Engineer Found Guilty of Building an Army to Kill Muslims...

A former government engineer and Congressional candidate has been convicted for plotting to attack a Muslim community and burn down their mosque.

Shock Report: FBI Arresting Far More Americans Targeting Muslims, Than Muslims...

FBI statistics show that arrests for terrorism in the US prove we have a problem, but it's not Muslim immigrants plotting it. It's Americans.

US-Born NASA Scientist Detained at Border, Forced to Unlock Phone for...

A U.S.-born NASA scientist was detained by border patrol until he agreed to provide a PIN number for an officer to search his phone — even though he'd only traveled to Chile.

Cop Harassed, Punished and Beaten by Fellow Cops for Being Muslim...

An NYPD Cop has filed a lawsuit after enduring punishing discrimination and was even beaten — because she's Muslim and wears a hijab.

America’s Delusional — Lightning Far More Likely to Kill You Than...

Americans have an irrational and outright delusional fear of foreign terrorists, choking on food is more likely to kill you, US cops too!

FOX News Caught Stoking Hate With Fake News that Mass Shooter...

Fox News allowed a tweet to remain long after the Moroccan was confirmed as a witness, not a suspect -- allowing Islamophobes to run wild with fake news.

WWII Survivor Tells Her Story, Warns Trump Emulates Hitler Perfectly

A survivor of World War II has come forward to warn Americans there are startling similarities between Donald Trump and fascist leader Adolf Hitler.

‘Like Being Arrested in Iran’ — BBC Journalist Detained, Interrogated at...

A British citizen and BBC journalist who hadn't been allowed in Iran since 2009 was detained at a Chicago airport and interrogated for over two hours — because he was Iranian.

Trump’s Ban on Refugees is Creating a New Refugee Crisis and...

Trump's ban on refugees entering the US in the name of fighting terrorism only creates more refugees — and more terrorists.

Video Allegedly Shows Youtuber Kicked Off Delta Plane for ‘Speaking Arabic’

For speaking to his mother on the phone in Arabic, the YouTuber says he was thrown off the plane after passengers expressed their fear of the language.