Ex-CIA Agent: The Official Story of Syria Govt “Gassing Innocent Civilians...

Despite Trump's decision to attack Syria over claims the government killed innocents with chemical weapons was not supported by the US Intelligence Community, which termed the theory a "sham."

It’s Becoming an Epidemic — DHS Arrests Cop for Sex with...

During the search of his home, they found an inhalant version of a popular date rape drug and a massive cache of child porn.

As Trump Relishes in Establishment Praise, NYT Admits Assad Didn’t Do...

Corporate media blamed the 2013 chemical attack on Assad, but it more likely came from "moderate rebels." Why is the MSM doing it again?
paul chemical

Ron Paul Warns of Syrian ‘False Flag’ Being Promoted by Media...

Dr. Ron Paul explains why the chemical weapons attack in Syria bears all the hallmarks of a false flag and how it will be used to promote more war.

Failure of US Solidarity With Russia Over Attack Shows the Real...

In failing to stand in solidarity with Russian victims of Monday's terror attack on a St. Petersburg metro, the U.S. proved terrorism isn't the real enemy.

JFK Researchers: Trump at Greater Risk of Assassination than Any Other...

The power structure that took out JFK still exists according to researchers and the climate now is eerily similar to 1963.

As the Media Focuses on Russia, Govt’s Own Data Shows US...

While the US spin machine hurls accusations about Russian election meddling, it's worth nothing the US is a seasoned pro at interfering in elections.

7 Stories Far More Important than Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns weren't the bombshell many imagined, but they are being used to distract Americans from far more serious issues.

Fmr Secret Service Agent Turns On Obama to Blow Wiretapping Conspiracy...

Ex-Secret Service Agent, who served President Obama, calls out the mainstream media and the former president for wiretapping scandal.

HuffPo Exposed for Removing Articles that Favorably Review “Vaxxed” Movie

While "Vaxxed" is no stranger to fierce controversy, The Huffington Post's recent removal of two articles about the film hint at the mainstream media's resistance to discussion of the film's content.