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Never Forget: Obama Put Neo-Nazis in Power in the Ukraine, Who’s...

The U.S. has a long history of using neo-nazis to further its national and international interests. Now, the Ukraine coup is coming back to haunt them.

YouTube is Now Purging Evidence of War Crimes—Labeling it as ‘Extremist’...

YouTube is now labelling videos that show the United States conducting airstrikes and committing war crimes in the Middle East as "extremist" content.

Multiple High-Level U.S. Officials Publicly Warn of Govt Plot to Assassinate...

Within the past few weeks, multiple statements have been made by prominent individuals exposing potential plans to assassinate Trump.
north korea

Why They Need ‘Freedom’: North Korea Sits on Trillions in Minerals...

Did you know that the nation of North Korea sits on one of the largest stockpiles of mineral reserves in the world, valued at TRILLIONS of dollars?

Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever as Govt...

Despite lingering doubts about threats from North Korea, defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin's stocks have broken records at the mere suggestion of war.
white helmets

BUSTED: Video Appears to Show White Helmets Aiding Al-Qaeda Fighters

Members of the U.S.-funded White Helmets were recently caught on film allegedly providing medical aid to Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria.

CNN’s ‘Exclusive’ Report on Russia Arming Taliban Debunked By Their Own...

A far-fetched story being shoved down the throats of the American public by CNN is being exposed by their very own expert as untrue.

Trump Watched a Video of ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Before...

Apparently, Donald Trump watched a video that was suppressed by western media of 'Moderate rebels' beheading a child, which led him to stop the CIA Syria program.

Anti-Russia Sanctions Will Destroy US Petrodollar & the Economy—Get Ready for...

Tuesday morning, Pence announced Trump is going to sign the Russian sanctions bill. This will be the end of the US petrodollar and economic suicide for the US.

Bezos Becomes World’s Richest Man As Whistleblower Exposes NSA & CIA...

A person claiming to be a former data center tech at Amazon implicates the company in working directly with the NSA and CIA to domestically spy on Americans.