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6 Years Ago Today, the US Helped Murder Gaddafi to Stop...

Six years ago today, the US helped successfully overthrow Gaddafi because his gold Dinar-backed pan-African currency threatened Western central banks.

BREAKING: N. Korea Preps to Test ICBM Capable of Reaching US...

Trump makes ominous "calm before the storm" threat at US military meeting as North Korea prepares a test for an ICBM that can hit the US.

Russia Blames ‘Two-Faced’ US for Killing General in Syria—Moscow Will View...

The recent killing of a Russian general in Syria is almost certain to be seen by Moscow as an act of war by the United States.

NFL Teams Stayed in Locker Rooms For Anthem Until 2009—Then DoD...

For decades, NFL teams sat in the locker room during the anthem. Only in 2009 and after did teams start showing up and get paid for their patriotism.

“Not a US Ally!” Bernie Goes Off On Saudis As Congresswoman...

Breaking away from establishment talking points, Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard just decried Saudi Arabia a terrorist nation.

Pentagon Busted Working with Organized Crime to Funnel Billions in Weapons...

An investigative report reveals the DoD falsified documents that exposed the use of organized crime groups to traffic $2.2 billion in arms to terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Venezuela Just Stopped Accepting US Dollars for Oil As Countries Join...

Venezuela just announced they will no longer accept US dollars for oil, as Russia and China create a system to bypass US petrodollar hegemony.
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‘Fire Did Not Bring It Down’: 2-Year Study Refutes Official WTC...

For the first time, an ongoing peer reviewed academic study of the collapse of WTC 7, officially refutes the conclusion brought forward by NIST.

Source: As Syrian Army Defeats ISIS, US Aircraft Rescues Remaining ISIS...

Sources are claiming U.S. forces airlifted 20 ISIS commanders from a region right before Syrian forces liberated the city from terrorist control.

Hours After Syria Claims Monumental Victory Against ISIS, Israel Bombs Them

Israel bombed the Syrian Army -- the ones who've been defeating ISIS -- and killed their soldiers. Whose side are they on?