WATCH: Paramedic Disarms Cop As He Loses His Mind, Shoots At,...

Horrifying body cam video shows a cop have a panic attack. He then claims an innocent couple assaulted him, so he tried to kill them.
Iraq war

Iraq War Vet Gave Exact Location of Vegas Shooter—Says Police Took...

An Iraq War Veteran claims he told police where the gunfire was coming from within minutes, but it took them over an hour to enter the shooter's room.

Cop Forced to Pay $6.3M of Own Money to Family of...

Only after 2 hit-and-runs and the deaths of two civilians a cop finally held responsible for his actions for handcuffing an innocent man and watching him die.

Infuriating Video Shows Cop Mistake Autism for Drug Use, Assault, Hurt...

A heartbreaking video shows how the drug war doesn't discriminate between guilty and innocent and even autistic children aren't safe.

Cop Suspended After Disturbing Video Showed Him Kill Unarmed Man As...

A Philly cop has finally been suspended following the release of a video showing him shoot and kill an unarmed man in the back as he ran away.

Protesters Swarm City Hall After Dashcam Shows Cops Pulverize Man Over...

Residents of Euclid, Ohio express outrage at the beating of a motorist and the recent killing of a man in an officer-involved shooting.

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War,...

Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.

Federal Court Rules Citizens Have No Right to Film Politicians &...

In a stunning departure from lengthy precedent, a federal appeals court has ruled citizens have no right to film politicians and police in public.
Free speech

VIDEO: Cop Blows a Fuse, Gets YouTube Famous for Attacking Free...

Allentown, PA officers get owned by two cop watchers who attacked them for practicing their constitutionally protected free speech to film in public.

Cops Recorded Brazenly Covering Up Camera to Hide Their Corruption

Newly-disclosed documents show St. Louis County police sleeping on the job, lounging in a security office, and even covering a security camera to hide it.