WATCH: Cops Hold 5 Innocent Children at Gunpoint for No Reason,...

Grand Rapids police are being sharply criticized for holding a group of children at gunpoint in a case of mistaken identity gone horribly awry.

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Kill Unarmed Man for Driving in Reverse

Body camera footage show Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen taking the life of an unarmed fleeing suspect.

WATCH: Corrupt Cop Lets Crooked Asst Police Chief Go for Dangerous...

An Austin, TX Assistant Police Chief was given a verbal warning after being pulled over by one of his own sheriff's deputies for dangerous speeding.

“Somebody Gettin Shot…Oh Well” Cop Records Himself Ignoring Cries For Help...

Video shows a cop ignoring repeated cries for help — going so far as to tell the victim to "go f__k herself" — all the while flirting with his girlfriend instead.

Deputy Has Mental Breakdown While Celebrating His Birthday, Cops Show Up...

Chattanooga police fatally shot a sheriff's deputy early Wednesday morning, as his 26th birthday celebration took an abruptly dark turn.
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Cop Goes Off on the War on Pot: “I’ve Never Seen...

Police officers of America, please take notice on what this officer says about why we should legalize weed — This is what good cops do.

VIDEO: ‘Show Your Hands,’ BOOM! Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Before He...

Police release body cam footage of police officer opening fire on a man cowering behind a mattress, hitting the man who was unarmed.

Legal Weed is Doing What Trump’s Wall and a Trillion Dollar...

Trump's plan to be 'ruthless' in the war on drugs is perhaps the most misguided policy the new president has championed, yet.

NYPD Arrest Man for Filming — Delete His Video, But This...

A member of a police accountability activist group was arrested for filming cops in Times Square and the cop deleted the footage.

Cop’s Fmr Police Dog Let Loose, Mauls Woman & Kills a...

A cop's retired K-9s were allowed to run loose, attacked an elderly woman and killed a senior citizen who came to her rescue — officer gets paid vacation.