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The Free Thought Project is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest news in government corruption and accountability but we also know the importance of discussing potential solutions to the problems that plague society. The articles contained within this category all involve real life scenarios with proposed or working solutions. While some of them are simple stories of police brutality or government overreach, if they are in this category, inside the article is a possible solution to remedy that unique scenario. It is also important to note that the majority of the proposed solutions within this database involve solving problems without the state. Anyone can force a solution to a perceived problem on to the population using the threat of violence. However, it takes actual critical thought to propose ideas that society accepts voluntarily.


State Senate Passes Bombshell Law Promising to Disobey ALL Federal Gun...

In a massive leap forward protecting the rights of citizens to own guns, the Missouri state Senate passed a revolutionary law banning all federal gun control laws from ever being enforced.

Bill to Turn Entire State into ‘Gun Rights Sanctuary’ by Nullifying...

A revolutionary bill proposed by Texas lawmakers would nullify federal gun control laws—across the state—turning Texas into a gun rights sanctuary.

Bad Cops Furious After Judge Orders Records of Problem Police Officers...

Police unions have been fighting tooth and nail to keep records of their misconduct sealed from the public's view, but all that just changed.

As Media Freaks Over 159 Measles Cases, Thousands of Kids Sold...

As the mainstream media continues to refer to 159 cases of measles as an epidemic, they are ignoring and complicit in covering for a very real epidemic of child trafficking.

WATCH: 12yo Girl Owns Cop for Threatening to Arrest Her for...

A 12-year-old girl, who runs her very own news organization, was threatened with arrest by a police officer who claimed it was illegal to film him and put it online. So she owned him by proving him wrong.
body camera

Revolutionary Bill Will Force Politicians to Wear Body Cameras to Stop...

A revolutionary bill will force all elected officials to wear body cameras while conducting public business to directly combat corruption.

Prosecutors Reviewing 1,400 Cases Tied to Houston Cop Whose Lies Got...

The Houston cop responsible for the botched raid that left a couple dead has a deadly history of drug raids and road rage which is now all under scrutiny.

State Senate Passes Landmark Bill to Ban Cops From Stealing from...

Michigan may be joining 11 other states that require a criminal conviction before any asset forfeiture.

After Innocent Couple Murdered Over Cop’s Lies, Houston Police Vow No...

After a no-knock raid, based on lies, led to the murder of an innocent couple, Houston police chief Art Acevedo vows to no longer use them.

State House Passes Major Rights-Supporting Bill—Outlawing DUI Checkpoints

House Lawmakers have passed a pro-4th Amendment bill that will make it a crime for cops to hold DUI checkpoints.