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The Free Thought Project is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest news in government corruption and accountability but we also know the importance of discussing potential solutions to the problems that plague society. The articles contained within this category all involve real life scenarios with proposed or working solutions. While some of them are simple stories of police brutality or government overreach, if they are in this category, inside the article is a possible solution to remedy that unique scenario. It is also important to note that the majority of the proposed solutions within this database involve solving problems without the state. Anyone can force a solution to a perceived problem on to the population using the threat of violence. However, it takes actual critical thought to propose ideas that society accepts voluntarily.


As Americans Riot Over a Football Game, Tens of Thousands March...

Sunday night in Philadelphia, businesses were destroyed, streets burned, property damaged and citizens clashed with cops—not in the name of freedom—but over football.

Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System...

A landmark study shows how most people are born brilliant and lose their abilities to think like a genius over time in the educational system.

Drug War is Racist, Gov’t Can Track Everything You Do: Rand...

Rand Paul went on the Stephen Colbert show this week and proceeded to call out the war on drugs, the police state, and the ominous abilities of the government to spy on you.

VICTORY! Court Finds Red Light Camera Fines ‘Unconstitutional’—Forces City to Refund...

Every driver who was issued a red light camera ticket in New Miami, Ohio will be refunded after an appeals court ruled the fines to be unconstitutional.

After Legalization, San Francisco to Pardon and Wipe Out Thousands of...

As half the country continues to kidnap, cage, and kill people over marijuana, California is setting a revolutionary precedent by wiping the records of thousands of otherwise innocent with pot convictions.

Tyrannical Law Will Throw Waiters in Jail Who Offer Customers Unsolicited...

Instead of thinking outside the tyranny of the state to solve the problem of plastic in the ocean, lawmakers will use the barrel of a gun to enforce a tyrannical straws law.
new york

New York Sues Big Pharma ‘To Make Them Pay’ for Deliberately...

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he supports the lawsuit because it is "time for Big Pharma to pay for what they’ve done. It’s time that they are held accountable.”

‘Show Us the Tapes!’: Activists March on Mandalay Bay to Demand...

Dozens of activists gathered in front of the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to demand police "show us the tapes" of Stephen Paddock inside the casino.

Gov’t Failed to Help, So Dad Builds 5 Mile Road BY...

Government told him if he wanted access to town, he'd have to move. So, this incredible man and father built his own road.

Anonymous Bitcoin Millionaire Funding MDMA Therapy for PTSD—Making Ecstasy Mainstream

Thanks to the wealth created by cryptocurrency, breakthrough studies involving MDMA in the treatment of PTSD will soon be taking place.