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The Free Thought Project is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest news in government corruption and accountability but we also know the importance of discussing potential solutions to the problems that plague society. The articles contained within this category all involve real life scenarios with proposed or working solutions. While some of them are simple stories of police brutality or government overreach, if they are in this category, inside the article is a possible solution to remedy that unique scenario. It is also important to note that the majority of the proposed solutions within this database involve solving problems without the state. Anyone can force a solution to a perceived problem on to the population using the threat of violence. However, it takes actual critical thought to propose ideas that society accepts voluntarily.


VIDEO: Belligerent Cops Accuse Innocent Man of Breaking Into His Own...

This is what sitting on your own porch, waiting for your mother, looks like in a police state.

State Proposes Bold Law to Treat Pot Like Tobacco And Expunge...

Conservative lawmaker's new bill would legalize weed, making it available in convenience stores, and expunge convictions for certain marijuana crimes.

U.N. Report — Police Killings in U.S. are “Reminiscent of Lynching”

A UN report compares the problem of police killings in modern-day America to that of lynching in the past -- but they fall short on their solutions.

9 Glaring Inconsistencies About the NYC Bombing that Will Make You...

Some things just don’t add up. Trust me, you won’t even need to don your tinfoil because none of this is outrageous.

FBI Finally Releases Tesla Documents on Death Ray, Ball Lightning and...

The FBI's seized cache of Nikola Tesla's documents has finally been made public.

Pharma-Hackers Show How To Make EpiPen And Other Life Saving Drugs...

Hackers are now challenging the medical paradigm by showing people how to make their own version of the EpiPen and other live-saving medicine.

10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the...

Even if you cannot physically be at the pipeline protest, here are 10 ways you can help to make it successful.

Costa Rica Turned Off Fossil Fuels — Running Only Renewable Energy...

Costa Rica just went over 121 days sourcing 100 percent of its power from renewable energy showing the world that burning fossil fuel is unnecessary.

Stop Kidding Yourselves — Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate this Labor...

As the US government pats itself on the back for the labor market it thinks it created, nearly 100 million Americans are proof there's nothing to celebrate.

Kaepernick Protest Follows in Revolutionary Footsteps of Legends Muhammad Ali &...

Kaepernick is following in the footsteps of others willing to endanger their marketability, and livelihood, for a cause greater than themselves.