‘Game Changer’: Study Finds 100-year-old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms in Kids

With just a single dose of this 100-year-old drug, autistic children experienced remarkable positive cognitive and emotional improvements. Some of the children spoke their first sentences in more than a decade. This is truly a 'game changer.'

Sign of the Times: Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Hit...

The world is worried — at least those who use the internet — the term "World War 3" is now being searched at an all-time historic high.

Shameful: Green Card-Holding Iraq War Vet Now Fighting Deportation

An Army veteran with PTSD, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, faces deportation thanks to a renewed interest in targeting immigrants.

Revolutionary 3D-Printed House Takes Less than a Day to Build and...

A groundbreaking potential solution to homelessness and poverty is now a reality thanks to a company called Apis Cor and their 3d printing tech.

After Coroner “Embarrassed” Police Dept With Facts — They Had Him...

Former Round Lake Park Coroner Richard Rudd was arrested on what some have said are trumped up charges stemming from his whistleblowing activities involving an innocent woman in prison, wrongfully convicted of murder.

Child Sex Trafficking Victim Sent to Jail Because they Had Nowhere...

Texas authorities rescue sex trafficking victims, then jail them because they don't know what to do with them.

Country Singer Goes on SNL, Exposes Afghan Heroin Trade and No...

Country music singer Sturgill Simpson went on SNL last Saturday and exposed the military industrial complex — and nobody noticed.

Brain Study Reveals Why Society is So Easily Controlled by Politics...

The brain becomes active in areas that govern personal identity and emotional responses to threats, making it easy for the Establishment to maintain political division.

‘Veterans for Standing Rock’ Announce Flint Water Crisis as their Next...

After seemingly tipping the scales of justice in favor of the Sioux, the “Veterans for Standing Rock” are now taking their community activism to Flint.

Standing Rock Vets Do what US Govt Never Had the Courage...

In a historic and heartwarming act, US veterans apologized, for the first time, to Native Americans for the crimes perpetrated on them for centuries.