White Helmets

VIDEO: Al-Qaeda Leader Praises White Helmets As “Hidden Soldiers Of The...

The West's favorite 'humanitarian' group, the White Helmets, has just been praised by the head of an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group.

Anonymous Just Warned the World to ‘Prepare’ for World War 3

The hacking collective Anonymous has released a chilling video in which they urge people to 'prepare' for world war 3.

Bodies of 23 Dead Kids Allegedly Stolen for Use in Film...

A new report says a chemical weapons attack false flag in Syria is coming soon — as Al Jazeera allegedly filmed the White Helmets in a staged event.

High-Level Intel Official: ‘Greatest Threat to US Democracy is Sham 2-Party...

A whistleblower and former British MI5 official says the 'greatest threat' to American democracy isn't Russia, it's the two-party system ruling the U.S.

US Just Warned Traveling Citizens That a Terror Attack May Happen...

The US State Department has just issued an ominous warning to US citizens to be cautious while traveling as a terror attack may happen at any moment.
North Korea

BREAKING: North Korea Just Threatened to Sink US Nuclear Submarine

North Korea has now threatened to make a ghost ship of a US nuclear-powered submarine, amid tightening tensions and world war could be on the horizon.
north korea

Not Good — Trump Warns of “A Major, Major Conflict with...

Instead of realizing the series of brutally ignorant mistakes which have led to the situation in North Korea, the current administration is bringing it to a head.
north korea

BREAKING: N. Korea Promises ‘Dead Bodies’ in Response to Trump Sending...

Tensions ratcheted to ominous proportions in anticipation of a US carrier strike group reaching the waters off North Korea.
north korea

North Korea Is a Large Opium Producer Just Like Afghanistan —...

The US might claim to be concerned North Korea possesses nuclear weapons, but news of their increased opium production leaves doubts.

US Scrambles Fighter Jets To Intercept Two Russian Nuclear Bombers 100...

The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 stealth fighters on Monday night to intercept a pair of Russian nuclear-capable bombers