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CBS Caught Twisting Reality in Fake News Broadcast to Stoke Racial Tensions

In the midst of the ongoing war on dissent disguised as a battle against Fake News, corporate media’s already notorious reputation for publishing false and misleading information has begun spiraling to a new nadir — and, although the Washington Post leads this wretched race to the bottom, CBS News just reported one of the most deceptive whoppers in recent memory.

In fact, it’s an open question whether the CBS News radio report sought to stoke the ever-deepening chasm splitting the nation.

“The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones,” the announcer states. “CBS’ Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenager.”

At that point, the broadcast replays audio from footage of the attack, before Reynolds reports,

“In the video, he is choked and repeatedly called the ‘n’ word,” Reynolds says of the victim. “His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump.”

Had listeners not already viewed the video or seen truthful reports of the horrific torture, it would easily be inferred the four attackers were white — and the victim, African American.

But that isn’t the case — indeed, the opposite is true.

Three 18-year-olds, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington, Jordan Hill, and 24-year-old Tanishia Covington, who are black, have now been charged with hate crimes by Cook County Circuit Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil for the malicious assault — during which the young people repeatedly yelled, “Fuck white people” and “Fuck Donald Trump.”


While the attackers did, indeed, scream ‘n****r’ while torturing, brutalizing, and abusing their victim, they are indeed African Americans.

Put simply, CBS mangled the truth — eschewing integrity in favor of Fake News — the same Fake News the organization and the rest of the corporate press falsely accuse independent media of of producing. How ironic.

As media critic Mark Dice notes, “So far CBS hasn’t issued a correction. They haven’t named the editor — haven’t fired the editor — just completely ignored this unbelievably deceptive story.”

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What would be CBS’ motive to atrociously relay the assault as the polar opposite of reality remains unclear.

Police weren’t immediately certain of the attackers’ motivations; however, the blatant ‘racial overtones’ CBS suggested — altogether inaccurately — led to the hate crime charges on Friday.

Amid a spate of Fake News published haplessly or intentionally by corporate presstitutes — and the offshoot war on dissent undertaken by the U.S. government over wholly unproven allegations Russia meddled in the election — denouncing errant reporting when it occurs is of the utmost imperative.

Indeed it would seem mainstream media has relinquished all journalistic integrity to manipulate the public mind to fit the narrative deemed acceptable by the U.S. government.

Although the majority of the corporate press’ Fake News has centered around theoretical Russian hackers — aligning with a recent CIA report devoid of any evidence backing the claim — CBS News’ embarrassingly disingenuous characterization of this race-motivated attack still fits a crucial, unstated governmental agenda.

If the American populace is divided along racial lines — and refuses to converse honestly about issues of race — we’re too distracted blaming one another to pay attention to rampant government corruption and rife collusion by the mainstream press.

It is this exact divisive tactic — deft manipulation of the blame game — which has brought us the war on Fake News, the Fake News Russia somehow hacked Democratic Party systems, and Fake News Russians hacked into the electrical grid.

If we’re all pointing fingers at truthful reports as being Fake News, rather than at actual Fake News reported as truth, a general atmosphere of suspicion takes hold, and — as is currently the case — those who deserve blame in this mess escape notice.

CBS’ foray into Fake News with this unethically deceitful report — and the outlet’s failure to retract and clarify — is thus nothing short of inexcusable.

  • Candice White

    Freethoughtproject has the nerve to call out the Post and CBS when most of what it prints are lies.

    • permalink

      That’s the exact same thing I was thinking.

    • Peace and Love

      “Most of what it prints are lies.”

      What exactly are you talking about? Most of what it prints are factually based.

      • permalink

        There might be a”fact” or two in an article, but TFTP authors heavily bias their stories.

        As in this story, TFTP is trying desperately to drum up “racial tensions”.

        • raz-0

          Do they bias their stories more than Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc?

          Most news these days is a pittance of facts drowning in a sauce of editorializing.

          I also don’t take this as trying to jack up racial tensions, but a bit of the backlash to the untrustworthy news claiming everything but them are fake news.

          It’s all doused in bullshit, but in the end places like this are covering a lot of stuff the MSM are ignoring, and getting facts (bathed in geneorus helpings of opinion) out there where large news outlets are not.

          • permalink

            I don’t care whether “they bias their stories more than Fox, CNN, MSNBC”. Other news services have nothing to do w/ the article.

            TFTP is simply trying to make “a mountain out of a mole hill” dredging up fake racial tension.

            What makes **news** here on the TFTP trustworthy?

          • gendotte

            I am getting this from I don’t really know where, someone must have signed me up. I have yet to see a story printed in here that was not heavily biased, using inflammatory words to get their supposed point across. In my case, I keep up to date from several sources, and I have lived long enough to see bullshit before I step in it.

      • junktex

        LMAO.You mean like the wmd’s in Iraq or the “moderate rebels” in Syria?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      What does that say about YOU, sitting here in the comments? I don’t waste my time with liars… but I probably have better sense than you.

    • Amaris

      why are you even supporting the lying MSM? they are all a bunch of liars.

      • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

        “They are all a bunch of liars”

        What a wonderfully simplistic worldview you have. I understand it though, it makes things so much easier and you don’t have to differentiate and use your own brain every time.

        • Amaris

          and who are you then, a brain surgeon? The MSM is owned by 6 corporation , by people like Murdoch so have vested interest in what they put out, as so called ‘news’, which often is truth mixed with fiction, i.e. propaganda e.g. the story on Russia hacking, no actual evidence provided. This propaganda is now 10 times worse than the propaganda under the USSR rule.

          You believe the MSM sobs if you want, but I will not . MSM is now FAKE news. As for my brain you know absolutely nothing about me, so don’t insult me.

          • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

            “and who are you then, a brain surgeon? The MSM is owned by 6 corporation , by people like Murdoch so have vested interest in what they put out, as so called ‘news’, which often is truth mixed with fiction, i.e. propaganda e.g. the story on Russia hacking, no actual evidence provided. ”

            The mainstream media is owned by more than 6 corporations. Years ago, some people showed how 6 corporations owned about 90%, which didn’t include every mainstream outlet. For example, The New York Times was one of those that wasn’t part of those 6 corporations.
            Anyhow, there’s no direct correlation between this info and the claim that they are all liars. Every story needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
            To simply dismiss something because you’ve deemed someone a liar is a very simplistic worldview and that’s a fact.

            “You believe the MSM sobs if you want, but I will not . MSM is now FAKE news. As for my brain you know absolutely nothing about me, so don’t insult me.”

            Like I said, this is simplistic worldview. Regardless of mainstream media or alternative media, you still need to use your own brain, fact check, analyze and come to your own conclusion, especially since alternative media like TFTP or countless others have also been caught misrepresenting information.

          • Amaris

            you are right about 1 thing,,,,,, fact check, analyze and come to your own conclusion, especially since alternative media and countless others have also been caught misrepresenting information……

            But you must admit CNN, Washington Post and Buzzfeed have been caught lying, and not in a small way. In fact they should be sued for defamation, and Trump is the man to do it.

          • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

            I think we both can agree on that spreading outright false, misleading, or otherwise manipulative information is wrong, especially if its main objective is to further certain agendas instead of reporting the truth or the “full picture”, no matter if it’s msm or alternative media.

            And yes, msm has been caught lying as well, but that doesn’t mean I dismiss everything they say just like I also don’t blindly believe everything the alternative media reports, or vice versa.

            My point was basically just to say that it’s never as easy as a clear-cut, black/white, liars/truth-teller difference, and therefore we’re forced (theoretically) to always stay on our toes, which unfortunately cost quite some time to sift through all these information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.

          • Rob g

            You are incorrect, follow the hierachy of media outlets they ALL end up under the same wank families control.
            This is NWO, Martial Law, and ongoing Genocide in disguise nothing less.

          • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

            You got any credible sources for that claim that they all end up under the same wank families control?

          • Jane Smith

            I agree with that!

    • Jam

      So Dean Reynolds never said any of that? Why would you think it was funny to use the n-word? The post yea the hacking of the electrical grid was FAKE what dont you understand? Are able to comprehend? If the Post said the sky was gonna fall on Jan 35 you would probably believe them wouldnt you? Now that would be satire. Ask yourslef this. If this story is false or made up why hasnt CBS threatened to sue for doctoring a report of theirs? You probably didnt even listen to the report like the commie MostofYoubrainwashed HaHa above. But hey have a nice day and enjoy that Washington Post and CommunistNewsNetwork.

  • anarchyst

    Make them into “Mississippi wind chimes” along with the presstitutes…

    • michele.williams

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  • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

    This article has GOT TO BE some form of satire or intentionally manipulative. I absolutely refuse to believe someone could be that much out of the loop.
    Seriously how old is the author of this article and where has he/she been living the past few decades?

  • What is truly sad is that the MSM won by releasing this story to the public.

    Why is that you might ask?

    Because the MSM is owned by just a few families in America, your Oligarchy (or Plutocracy, or Aristocracy) and it is their duty to divide you and rule.

    divide et impera

    “Divide et impera, the reprobated axiom of tyranny, is under certain qualifications, the only policy, by which a republic can be administered on just principles.” – James Madison

    You are all:

    Owned & Operated

  • Hugh Culliton

    Well…while this is a possible scenario, I think that perhaps the author’s reading a lot of meaning into this that might not be there. Given that we live in the age of BS, we’ll just have to wait for a lot more info to emerge and then we’ll all have to go through it ourselves and come to our own conclusions.