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BREAKING: Video from INSIDE Lavoy Finicum’s Truck Clearly Shows What Happened in Oregon

Bend, OR — On Tuesday, a torrent of new information on the Lavoy Finicum shooting, including a photo of where he was shot and video from the inside of his vehicle during the road block, were released to the public.

Since the shooting, which was captured on video from the FBI’s birdseye view, there have been many theories surrounding the death of Finicum.

According to the official story, Lavoy Finicum was killed by officers because they had no other choice as he was reaching for a gun in his left pocket. Officials claim they later found a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

It is evident from the video that Finicum never presented the handgun. However, we can clearly see him reaching for his left side.

In a photo of the autopsy report, taken by RT’s Simone Del Rosario at the press conference on Tuesday, and the newly released video, there is a now an alternative reason, outside of going for a gun, as to why Finicum was reaching toward his left side — he was shot there.

The newly released video shows that officers and agents opened fire on the vehicle prior to Finicum exiting it.

The people in the SUV were pinned down and being painted by laser sights, so they couldn’t leave the vehicle — yet the agents kept pumping tear gas rounds into it.

Did they want to flush them out, and gun them down? Would anything else make sense?

Seemingly, Finicum’s intentions were to draw fire away from the truck — and that is exactly what he did. This cost him his life.

The last scene in the video shows a terrified little girl, Victoria Sharp, the 18-year-old gospel singer emerging from the SUV, her hands upraised, and her body painted by laser sights.

One targeted her head, the other the center of her chest.

On Tuesday, the state troopers involved in the killing of Lavoy Finicum were found justified in their actions.

“All six shots fired by the Oregon State Police, the three into the truck and the three that struck Mr. Finicum, are justified,” said Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris in a prepared statement. He said the shots were “in fact, necessary.”

“Mr. Finicum repeatedly and knowingly made choices that put him in this situation,” Harney County District Attorney Tim Colahan said in a prepared statement. “It was not the outcome that any of us wanted but one he, alone, is responsible for.”

Although Norris announced that the shots were justified, a shroud of conspiracy and misconduct remains. After announcing that the state troopers committed no wrongdoing, it was announced that multiple FBI agents are under investigation who were on the scene that day.

Authorities revealed that at least one FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicium, and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering it up afterward.

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Immediately after admitting that the agents were under investigation, officials quickly noted that none of the shots fired by the unnamed agent, who is part of an elite national strike unit, hit Finicum. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is now in charge of that separate investigation.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • john smith

    brought to tears listening to this…those are not the words of criminals…what they did to them is a travisty

  • john smith

    ambushed and murdered on the way to talk to a sheriff…great move you nazi pricks murdering people protecting their lands and holmes with words and they murdered them

    • Jeff Ex

      Oh boo hoo! They committed so many crimes during that incident and in the weeks prior,mother will be lucky to get away with 20-30 years each. Tarp man WANTED to be a martyyr and now he is one, to the poorly educated white trash and Mormon nut jobs like him!

  • That guy.

    Evading arrest and trying to run a roadblock at 70 miles per hour? No wonder he’s dead, it is a miracle that he didn’t get them all killed through his reckless actions.

    • sgtkillgood

      You’re about one dumb ass , Didn’t you see the video .

    • Debbie Truitt Earley

      They were shot at, ding dong. I wouldn’t sit there either….. Are you that brainwashed and comatose as not to see the government overreach? God help us…..

  • Bill Goodwin

    Add everything together and this moron was begging to die.. Taunting the agents, running the roadblock, driving crazy, threatening the police, reaching for his waist… Shot dead in the streets like a rabid dog, just what he asked for!!

    • Who cares

      You coward, from where we sit in Europe that looked like the death of a true free cowboy. What happened to America?

      • Shenandoah Flowers

        Too many people like him traded their freedoms for a little safety.

        • Gary Matheney

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      • Bill Goodwin

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          • Bill Goodwin

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      • Curtrena Webster

        true free cowboy? Yeah, who makes his living getting paid for foster children, not ranching. Now the facts orSTFU He didn’t mind that monthly gov’t check!

        • Debra

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        • Wendy J. Colby

          Obviously you have never had foster children.The stipend you receive DOES NOT COVER clothes,food,school supplies,shoes and other expenses.Anyone who fosters for money is a lousy financial planner.The man ran over 10,000 head of cattle.Sounds like a rancher to me Webster…who paid your bills this month The FBI or The White House Disinformation Department?

        • Adam Ruff


          You know exactly jack squat about LaVoy Finicum. He was an honorable man gunned down by this fascist government because he was exposing their criminal land theft all over the west. People like you are traitors to your country who sicken me to the core.

          • Bill Goodwin

            Fuck that POS coward.. He got exactly what he deserved!! His actions directly led to his death and endangered everyone around him. Dishonorable, Selfish, low Integrity, poor Judgement.. Good riddance!!

          • Adam Ruff

            Bill I extend my comment to Curtrena to you and will add that LaVoy Finicum will ALWAYS be remembered as a giant of a man compared to you. You will be forgotten in 10 seconds.

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    • Wendy J. Colby

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      • Bill Goodwin

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  • Andy Cripps

    How terrifying for the occupants of the vehicle.

  • Who cares

    I wept.

    • john smith

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  • Bob Mitchell

    Murder squad.

  • sgtkillgood

    Every one of those F.B.I. pricks should face murder charges . That was a set up by the sheriff they were on the way to see . The F.B.I. already knew he was going to die . Premeditated murder from the agents all the way to the top man who came up with this idea .

  • bdtwilson

    Has to be more video state police have body cams.. 2nd What would a person that keeps his gun on his right hip have it on his left pocket?

  • Curtrena Webster

    same dumbasses crying for these criminals cheer when an unarmed teenage black kid is killed. Only one I feel sorry or is the girl, who obviously had no clue how seriously a game was being played. They were told to exit the vehicle and LaVoy chose to speed off. Sad that a life was lost for some fantasy world of wild wild west, but 2 yrs of playing nice by the Feds was enough.

    • john smith

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    • Corum

      You dumb cow you don’t know your ass from a hot rock. Yes there were wrongs on both sides if he had simply gotten out of the pickup he may still be alive but the simple fact is for many many years the federal government has and continues to over step it’s bounds they steal money land and freedom from us all at an alarming rate and every time someone stands up for them selves and there freedoms guess what here comes the jack booted thugs and shortly after there is another ” justified shooting” of a citizen who is just trying to defend there way of life . and as for your comment about the UN armed black kid go piss up a rope If you look at the majority of those cases the person shot did one of two thing they attacked the officer or charged the officer. But if you want to live in your coma of liberal guilt and perpetual blindness be my guest

  • Charge61

    The man was murdered in a pre-set trap. If he wanted to ram them he WOULD have, so saying he was driving a vehicle as a deadly weapon was a lie. They fired 3 shots before he swerved to avoid the trap. He exited with hands up and they executed him. Those on here defending the feds are coward scum who deserve the totalitarian regime you will be getting. Too cowardly to protect your freedoms, you make me sick by your ignorance. You WILL be next fedsuckers. And I will rejoice. COWARDS.

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  • Debbie Truitt Earley

    LaVoy carried revolvers. The 9mm was a planted stolen gun from two years ago planted by the officers. Serial #54119868

    • Adam Ruff

      True – he carried a 45 revolver from what I understand. I would love to know Debbie if you have any information about the 9mm which I also believe was planted. Is the serial number you posted legit and where did you get the information? Please let me know so I can pass the information on to the right people.

  • Marine1954

    shooting a unarmed person is just being a pussy . all fbi that shot should be up on charges

  • Thom*

    The Oregonian Is as much responsible for his murder as the thugs that pulled the triggers and shot the unarmed rancher and then turned their automatic rapid fire rifles on the 3 unarmed persons who were in the pickup . 2 of whom were women. They sure did release a video which they claimed was unedited (Lie #1) poor quality and behind the cover of pine trees undeliberate (lie #2 and 3) No sound making it impossible too tell who fired first and only. They say different (lie #4) Then they say there was no dash cams (lie#5) No (lapel cams???) The pickup truck LaVoy was driving with his three passengers was later after dark towed to an enclosed lot with locks on the gates and covered with a tarp. (Why cover it)??? They said LaVoy was shot 3 times, the coroner said he was shot 9 times once in the face (lie #5, 6,or 7) I lost count. The FBI said they found a gun on LaVoy the returned data on the gun said it was a gun that had been stolen 2 years ago???? LaVoy didn’t even so much as have a traffic ticket. That gun was planted I would bet my life on it. The Oregonian sold this story to its readers like it was a “hole in the wall gang ready to blaze away at the cops and forcefully taking over a gov’t compound” . The Oregonian lied just to sell their lousy newspapers. The Oregonian could have prevented this murder but they were more interested in selling newspapers. This was just the last of many confrontations between the BLM and the ranchers with more to come and I expect them to get more violent per incident. Now the ranchers know that the FBI and BLM have no problem shooting unarmed civilians. Lot more to this story and you really need to do your homework. It started years ago.

  • Wendy J. Colby

    It wasn’t what the FBI wanted only because those in the truck survived thanks to LaVoy Finicum an absolute hero and patriot.

  • Jim Richardson

    Who was Jim Dunakin?

  • Chuck Fluharty

    Maybe they should have used a little bit of that kind of Justice on the rioters in Ferguson that where looting stealing and burning down a town for a month but no some ranchers take over a abondon wildlife refuge building and you kill them maybe next time there’s a riot a bunch of good old boys should saddle up and show them how to end a riot oh but wait the blacks and the wannabees can get away with what they want because they where slaves theres a difference between peaceful protest and tearing down a whole city unbelieviable

  • Adam Ruff

    LaVoy Finicum was assassinated by the US government because he was exposing their illegal land grabs all over the west and his message was catching fire with ranchers all over the country. They killed him to keep him quiet. He and the others were on their way to give a talk to hundreds in the next county about the illegal land grabs. Those who participated in the murder of LaVoy Finicum are traitors to their country and to the oath to the Constitution they took. Those who participated in this murder are the terrorists, they are the criminals, they are the killers. To any of you who think this was in any way justified, you can go straight to hell, you are traitors to your country too.

  • Mike Bonnett

    And today the US military admits they have been using combat drones inside the US in violation of the Constitution….. That is where that aerial footage is from…

  • Robert Capa

    A guy runs over a blockade, is known to be armed and reaches for gis gun (no, he was not wonded at that time). Shoot me! He said. Gets shot by the police.
    I guess all those who post here that the police were murders, are active members of Black Lives Matter. Because those guys on the city are not given tha chance to surrender.

  • ANON

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  • angry bird

    After watching the synchronized videos, it is apparent that The killing of Mr. Finicum was a planned and staged execution. I can only hope those involved receive what they have dished out.

  • Heartfelt prayers shine on the Finicum family so sorry for your loss and May Lavoy be blessed in heaven and honored righteously here on earth Amen