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No Charges for Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets at an Innocent Mom and Daughter

Los Angeles, CA – Exposing the double standard between police and civilians, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that no criminal charges will be filed against the eight LAPD officers responsible for nearly killing an innocent woman and her daughter. Although the cops ambushed the unarmed women without warning and fired over 100 bullets without provocation, the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.

At 5 a.m. on February 7, 2013, Margie Carranza and her mother, Emma Hernandez, were delivering newspapers throughout a residential neighborhood in Torrance when eight LAPD cops suddenly opened fire. As Carranza suffered cuts from the flying glass, Hernandez was shot twice in the back while trying to protect her daughter. One bullet exited just above Hernandez’s collarbone, while the other bullet struck her lower back, near her spine. A fragment of shattered glass also flew into her eye.

After firing 107 bullets at the innocent women, the LAPD cops ordered them out of the vehicle and immediately realized their mistake. Instead of a 33-year-old black man, two Hispanic women exited the pickup truck and demanded to know, “Why did you shoot at us?”

Instead of rendering first aid or even apologizing for the act of attempted murder, the officers called for paramedics while refusing to offer any explanation for the ambush. Awakened by the gunfire, residents emerged from their homes to find their vehicles, houses, and front doors riddled with bullets. With five bullet holes in the entryway to his house, one neighbor asked, “How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large black male?”

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Twenty-five minutes after the shooting, Torrance police officers stopped David Perdue a few blocks away as he was driving to the beach to go surfing before work. After the officers questioned him and ordered Perdue to turn around, he complied with their commands and began driving away when another Torrance police cruiser raced towards his vehicle and broadsided him. Suffering from a concussion and back pain, Perdue remained in his vehicle as an officer opened fire on him.

Although Torrance PD and LAPD were searching for a black man driving a gray Nissan Titan, Perdue is a white man who was driving a black Honda Ridgeline. Carranza and Hernandez were driving a blue Toyota Tacoma when the officers ambushed them without bothering to confirm their identities.

The officers responsible for nearly killing Carranza and her mother had been tasked with guarding the house of LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg. Because the police captain had been a member of the Board of Rights that voted to terminate former Officer Christopher Dorner, police suspected Dorner might attempt to kill Eisenberg or his family. The police captain was also named in Dorner’s manifesto, which he posted online after the initial murders.

In his manifesto, Dorner accused Sgt. Teresa Evans of kicking a restrained suspect named Christopher Gettler in the chest and face. After filing a complaint against Evans, Dorner was labeled a liar by the department and subsequently fired. Dorner also pointed out in his manifesto that many of the officers involved in the Rodney King beating and Rampart scandal during the 1990s have been promoted to supervisory or command positions within the LAPD and surrounding departments.

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On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced that LAPD officers Jess Faber, Marlon Franco, Sergio Gramajo, John Hart, Geoff Lear, Deshon Parker, Jonathan Roman, and Sgt. John Valdez would not face charges for the attempted murders of Carranza and her mother. Due to the fact that the entire police department was scared of one man and could not be held accountable for their incompetent actions, none of the officers who fired 107 bullets at two unarmed, innocent women will face prosecution. Although the women received a $4.2 million settlement and a new pickup truck, no cop will be held accountable for firing the first shot or failing to correctly identify the make/model of the vehicle along with the race and gender of its occupants.

Although LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced during the manhunt that officials would re-examine Dorner’s allegations of police misconduct, nearly three years have passed without any results. Instead, Sgt. Teresa Evans filed a lawsuit against the LAPD last year alleging racial discrimination against her. Evans is white.

Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

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  • there ARE good cops they are just far and few.

    • If you mean good cops staying silient thats not a good cop

    • Good cops don’t exist.

    • Good people would never put themselves in a position to harass others and extort money from them in the first place.

    • The issue isn’t whether some cops or all cops are good or bad. It’s that when the police DO act badly they are never, ever, EVER held responsible. In what other job on Earth could you horribly injure or kill someone and not even be fired?

    • All pigs are no good. They are all as a matter of procedure the same THEIR ARE NO GOOD POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One shot is an accident, 107 is attempted murder

  • Where’s the photos or video from Oregon like this?

  • Neil Skilling Chad Bailey

  • It’s so WRONG. They should get LIFE WITHOUT PAROL…

  • he’s a fucking terrorist in my eyes

  • Fuk ths shit…im shooting first…

  • How the hell is that

  • How bout aggravated assault and aggravated battery with a firearm?

  • 107!? What the hell is going on that the people are allowing this to happen! When the cops beat a guy up in LA in 1991 and the cops got off and there was a huge riot! Why wouldn’t people be as outraged over this and so many more? This is the people’s fault for simply complaining on social media rather than banding together and hitting the streets!

    • What are we supposed to do? When there is a riot, people shrug it off as a race thing, and everyone forgets why there was a riot to begin with. Just look at Baltimore. As far as most people are concerned, Freddie Gray started the riot.

    • I’m not saying riot but anything other than just venting on a social media site where no one that needs to feel the pressure even sees it. Peaceful is always better but the shit that’s going on with the cops all over the US is so terrible!

    • Activists Black Lives Matter shut Chicago down by just sitting down.

    • All innocent lives matter. I agree with you, anywhere a there is an unarmed person shot. It should matter to everyone when this happens not just one race, no matter the color of the victim’s (or target’s) skin is.

  • I bet their family will hire some mercenaries…just saying.

  • A firing squad is what is needed here!


  • Smells like a revolution to me.

  • They should be held accountable

  • There have been more police who have committed more mass shootings than regular people. I feel that citizens should be armed to protect themselves against these police.

    • Me too… but that will just give them reason to call in reinforcements….

    • We should take care of one another like these pigs do. Think “PEOPLE ASSISTED SUICIDE”!!!

    • “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
      Security of a free state. Security of one self is to keep security of a free state, yes? To keep one safe, one should be armed, trained, along the lines.

    • Yeah, police shouldn’t stop armed gangs taking over public property. Let’s just have a free for all. Those with the most guns just take whatever you want???

    • Matthew Gemmell, this incident involving these two women and their vehicle had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with gangs. Just crazy, trigger happy cops!

    • Isn’t that what you already have in the US? And how is that working out for you?

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  • is American police actually instructed to rough up members of the public when encountering them? Seems they are a demoniac force of maniac murdering mentalcases

  • Don Daniel

    • I mean…it’s just disgusting, heartbreaking and discouraging. If you don’t want to hold responsible the “scared” and untrained officers, hold responsible the sad sack pieces of shit who are responsible for hiring and training these idiots, then putting them on streets that they apparently are ill-equipped to patrol.

  • If they are that afraid and incompetent they are in the wrong profession! No excuse for this! Start holding them accountable for their actions!

  • Oops I fired 107 shots? Wtf? Only a cop could get away with this.

  • Home of the free?. The KGB wouldn’t have gotten away with this.

  • Things have lurched toward insanity. The people (especially Black and brown people) are now “enemies of the state” — public enemies???

  • I’m waiting for the day when a citizen kills a cop and the judge lets him off because he says he saw an armed police officer and was afraid for his life. it’s a good thing for us citizens that double standards are not endemic to the judicial system. If I was a citizen of Los Angeles and eight cops cost me 4.2million dollars because they were incompetent to do their job correctly I would demand to have their useless asses fired immediately.

  • Russian roulette… Will a cop kill you today for no reason other than incompetency?

  • NWO Storm Troopers. Already doing training exercises.

  • The cops, judges,politicians are all responsible

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  • Terry Ford

  • If you hold the cops accountable, then you hold the system accountable. The system can never be questioned.

    • Today the system is corrupt. There is no justice in America. Our legal system is designed to squeeze as much money out of the citizens,either in the form of fines or punishments. Look at our prison system,outsourced to for profit corporations.

  • More hate. Divide and conquer

  • same old story

  • Not surprised at all! What judge doesn’t support that “thin blue line”?

  • The only justice in this country is “vigilante”. People do the right thing no matter what costume criminals wear.

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  • I’m so sick of the taxpayers paying for the actions of the corrupt police….. We need a Dexter type, taking names and making visits……

  • The unconscious American peasant is a cowardly peasant. The unconscious American peasant will only talk and talk and talk, nothing more. The unconscious human cattle does not mind being targets for their masters (A tyrant government). These pigs (police) are all no good, and they will not go away on their own. Through their past actions and inaction’s they have made the choice to commit suicide, and the method of suicide these evil cowards will choose is PEOPLE ASSISTED SUICIDE!!!!!!!

  • Disgusting

  • ONE shot is an accident. ONE HUNDRED shots is an intent to kill.

  • The real problem was 107 rounds were fired. Nobody was hit…

  • This is FuuuuuKtup !!! this is off the scale of WTF??!! 107 shots fired at one truck is WTF ? But 107 accidental shots , FuuuuuuKtup!! It’s almost to the point that we tell them that if they can’t use them properly we will have to take them away ! RIP Lavoy !

  • That’s BS!

  • Afraid and incompetent? That’s no excuse to try and murder a woman and child! All should be in prison. No hiding behind the badge!

  • Murica! Land of the dumb and subjugated.

  • Trigger happy cowards….

  • WTF!!! I’m not sure I still want to travel to US…

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  • 107 shots and they didn’t kill them. Thank goodness of course but still…

  • Sam Jameson

  • 107 shots and nobody was killed? Can’t tell me God isn’t real! ☝they won’t go unpunished believe that!

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  • Actually, I’ll say a little more, as facebook algorithms may have caught up with the “Like, comment, share” trick by now…

  • My first question is what is 8 police officers who are that afraid doing out on the street in the first place. Second how could police officers who are supposed to practice every month fire 107 shots and only hit twice. That is reallly incompetent. So it brings me to my third question. Why are these idiots allowed to carry a gun and badge. That includes the idiots from Torrence who can’t tell difference between a white man and a black man let alone the color of the trucks. I normally look for the good in police but in this case (assuming the article is accurate) every officer involved should be fired and prosecuted.

    • Completely useless. Can’t make responsible decisions on one hand and cant get the job done on the other.

    • Christian Doyle they tried that in Viet Nam and all it resulted in was a large number of dead American Servicemen. Or maybe that is what you want. A lot of dead cops. Aren’t the ones being killed in ambushes enough for you.

    • Yeah because the USA and a WAR in Vietnam are the same thing right?

    • Kieren Wood for Police Officers it is getting to be like Viet Nam. People are advocating killing them on nationwide tv for no other reason than the job they do. No matter what they do the only things people look at is when they make a decision in less than a second and someone who has a grudge against cops says it is wrong. I watch as the news reports them being ambushed and killed. I watch as news reports tell of their families being killed as they try to kill the cops. In this country where people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty the police are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. And even then they are tried a second time when someone yells race and the riots start. They can prove themselves innocent to a jury of their peers and be tried a second time even though it is illegal according to the Constitution. There are people online that show parts of videos that show police doing wrong. When I look up the video it shows a totally different story. I started calling them on this and now they put their posts where comments can’t be made. And now people want to have police wait until someone shoots at them first. That happens all to often.

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  • Isn’t it obvious that somehow those millions are just part of the normal operating budget anyway?

  • Wilson R

  • But the anarchists should be held accountable and pay the full courts’ penalties incurred.

  • “the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.”
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/charges-lapd-cops-fired-100-bullets-innocent-mom-daughter-dorner-manhunt/#2UR4KeiyPU4XHJ9j.99

  • Police are the mass shooting we should be worrying about.

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  • Fill ’em full of lead, then scream at them to get out. Totally sounds like something they would do. I’m surprised they didn’t shoot ’em again for not getting out fast enough.

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  • Did any of these cops even have a brain, between them?

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  • This is bullshit….while I have nothing but respect for all the great police officers out there on the job but I don’t think their job should allow them the right to commit crimes…thought out or accident…

    If anyone else lit up a vehicle n accidentally shot someone they would be charged…why is this any different because of the position they hold?!

  • Wow,you couldn’t make this up…

  • That is so wrong

  • It won’t end until WE and it.

  • Even if they had the right car and the right suspect, is it ok to just gun down someone? Aren’t police supposed to demand an accused surrenders? “Put your hands where we can see them”, that sort of thing? Not see a car and start shooting at it!

  • Thats fucked !

  • This, this is why. The divide and mistrust grows.

  • This is what happens when you recruit people with criminal records into your police force, this will happen here in the UK far more frequently now. Innocent people will die at the hands of gun crazed cops, who should not have been given a uniform!!! Andra x

  • Makes the UK plod look great

  • why so many shots?? in need of some training maybe?why so scared of a woman and child????


  • americas police are possibly the best murderers in the world

  • Oops…

  • NAmes and adresses of the murderers should always be posted .

  • horrible

  • To become a policeman/woman takes a 3,5 years basic training in all Nordic countries. How long is the mandatory training in USA?

  • everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions.

  • How in the hell do you go about making people believe you accidentally fired 107 rounds?

  • …my truck model, close to my neighborhood…I dodged a bullet! 107 bullets

  • They fired all those rounds while trying to stop a rouge cop who was exposing the truth about their criminal activities, isn’t it a felony to injure someone while trying to suppress evidence ?

  • Figures

  • Absolutely insane. System just keeps on keeping on.

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  • This only keeps happening because we fucking allow this shit to happen if we just stop paying all of our fucking property TAXES for once that will fucking show them what we really want…

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  • They should be arrested

  • What the hell is it with merica these days? Any kind of police business ends up with people getting shot, just waiting for a little old lady getting gunned down for a parking ticket or maybe a little girl selling cookies that happens to walk the wrong way down the street.

  • I would give this a like and a share, but I am afraid that they know who I am and will come for me or my family if I give them a reason. I don’t care ifThey can for me, but not my children. and my children are the first they will come for because it give them leverage.

  • Paid vacation.


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  • Accidentally shot 107 bullets. Sounds like overkill 2 me.

  • Gabe

    • Smh

    • Now all the people who were damaged by the event should be able to sue the Cities, Police Department(s) and possibly even the officers for ‘negligent hiring’ (not evaluating the mental capabilities of new hires, properly training new hires for related situations, or check new hires for color blindness since they couldn’t tell blue or black from grey) and not following (City, County, State and Department) Policy. SMH

  • What the fuck someone has to pay for this shit.

  • I was wondering what happened to these women just the other day. Did you know that during the week of the Christopher Dorner manhunt dominating all news that well known 9/11 author Phillip Marshall was found dead along with his two children? It received no coverage outside of a local paper. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reported that both children as well as the family dog were shot once in the head with a handgun. It was ruled a suicide but I have my doubts. http://topinfopost.com/…/911-conspiracy-author-phillip…

  • City governments are criminaly responsible because they will hire anyone willing to hold a gun to be a cop and this puts the public in danger. There could have been many people killed in this inexcusable incident.

  • You know your country’s fetish with Authority is fucked up right ? No part of your society has the authoritarian stick shoved so far and securely up its self righteous ass than your cops

  • Wonder how much tax money will be spent on lawsuits and settlements. Gross waste. Thank God they survived.

  • Stop paying taxes dummies

  • How are they not accountable???

  • Matt Potter

  • dufas_duck

    Everything is normal….cops beat, kill, and cover it up, that’s all they know how to do..

    • squezzer

      Well, they are pretty good at generating revenue too.

      • dufas_duck

        Mostly by stealing it……….

        • squezzer

          Without a doubt, Here in Oklahoma the cops are using a lttle mobile machine that they slide debit cards thru that will seize any and all moneys in that account. Its another war on drugs justification scheme. And the people seem peachy keen about it all.

          • dufas_duck

            Yep.. I was wondering how long it would be before the cops start swiping people’s credit cards through their machine, charging them to the max and leaving the card holder’s with the bill???

          • Gordon Klock

            Now all it takes is a cop to ‘stop & search’ someone to irreparably ruin their life, rendering them homeless, in less than a few minutes. The willfully ignorant people who cannot see this horror for what it is, obviously are, (& always have been) a part of the problem as well…..

          • squezzer

            Yep they even run commercials on tv and radio espousing those merits of you loosing everything and how much you will enjoy doing so. Again the people applaud their efforts.
            It a mess here, KKK, corrupt cops, people beaten into submission or just out right murdered. Feds are looking into all of this but yet again the locals think everything is hunky dory.

          • Larry Baker

            To the locals its just another day!

  • LawrenceNeal

    “the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.” This is just as criminal as the SA trying to murder three completely innocent people. Any citizen would have been charged and tried Making excuses for the SA and enabling their thuggish behavior is being complicit in their crimes. The entire corrupt system sucks. Wilkommen auf der Polizeistaat.

    • estivito

      Let me see if I got this… so if I am afraid of cops ( and maybe incompetent), I’ll walk if I fire 107 rounds at a group of cops, say at the local Dunkin Donuts. Maybe it only works if you’re a cop.

      • John Bryant

        No maybe, for sure, it only applies to cops

      • Joe D

        You got it only works, for the police. Look what happened in Dallas, they blow him up, made sure he can’t tell his side.

  • merrakesh

    this will ALWAYS continue…. as long as white people believe the lie that the police are there to protect them….. from niggers!

    • Morgan Morris

      Unfortunately… yea.

    • mistamista

      I don’t know of any white people who think that the police are here to protect us from blacks, but I’m sure that there are some that try to protect us from ignorance.

      • merrakesh

        that doesnt even make any goddamned sense…. how do bullshit traffic stops protect you all from ignorance ?… more like raise capital for the country state and municipalities…

        • mistamista

          I am not sure that you understand my subtext.

        • Don Cowan

          You are a vile, despicable, sad person.

    • Don Cowan

      I really would appreciate it if you didn’t use that word.

      • merrakesh

        I used the word for effect…. learn fucking the meaning of subtext!

        • mistamista

          Yeah….don’t use the word for effect. Your use of the word is why “subtext” is overlooked.

          • ahughes798

            Yes. God forbid anyone be intelligent enough to understand “subtext.”

          • mistamista

            One idiot’s “subtext” is a more intellectually capable person’s idiocy. THANKS!

        • Don Cowan

          I also would really appreciate it if you would not use THAT word either.

    • Kirsten Kolankiewicz


  • Kitten Skysong

    How do you shoot 107 bullets by accident?

    • Kirsten Kolankiewicz

      You don’t.

    • Phil Petty

      By each cop shooting 13 bullets at them . The department immediately assigned the 8 cops to the firing range for retraining.

      • Hyena Cub

        So that next time they shoot at an innocent person, they can kill her, right? Or him? :sigh: What the hell, cops?

      • MorinMoss

        Probably better to assign them to be live targets so they’ll know what it’s like to fired at needlessly.

    • DW

      He tripped and his finger got stuck on the trigger. And it just so happened to be in a fashion that his magazines kept bouncing off the asphalt and right into the firearm at the perfect angle, force and timing. Besides, he was scared.

      You know what would happen to you or me if we were out cruisin’ and “accidentally” unloaded 107 bullets into a car with two cops?

      And damn. Do you know how inept you have to be to fire 107 bullets at two targets that close and not kill either of them? Thank God for their..what did the article call it? Oh, yes, fear and incompetence. The latter a result of the former. OK. That tells me you have absolutely NO business being a cop. If you’re that big of a wuss, you need to go put on a costume in front of some business waving a sign, trying to get people in. You do NOT need to have a firearm, taser, nightstick or any type weapon. Actually, he should probably be in a rubber room.

      • Brian Holz

        Well said!!! My sentiments, exactly!!

    • Sunshine1011

      How do you shoot 107 times and only one bullet actually hits someone?

      • Jenny Breen


    • David Taylor

      As a former Navy LEO; I am quite positive, you don’t. This is injustice. This is what happens when we allow appointed prosecutors to decide what is brought to a grand jury. We must change this in every jurisdiction, requiring the grand jury to hear complaints directly from any citizen complainant, empowering them to appoint a special prosecutor of their own choosing, even the complainant and/or the complainant’s attorney. This privileged protection of government workers must end.

      • Brian Holz


    • Rahsaan Woods

      When you think the driver is black its easy to do! It would have been better if they said sorry we thought u were a black man!

    • Joe D

      It called a semiautomatic pistol, with a 16 round clip, 8 police officer, fire 13 rounds each. 8 * 13 = 104, one officer got off a couple extra rounds, before stopping, and you have 107.

  • og

    Why was they trying to kill the black ppl,um just saying,wtf

  • bladican

    All retarded cowards

    • Morgan Morris

      Hey now there’s no reason to insult people with mental retardation. They are much MUCH smarter than these police officers.

      • estivito

        And nicer!

      • Shevelle Lewis


  • Malena

    I think a big mistake was made since L.A.P.D doesn’t have jurisdiction in Torrance only the Torrence P.D has. My friend was an officer their, racist troglodytes! Not my friend but pretty much 99% of them.

  • Morgan Morris

    Why were eight men armed to the teeth so deathly afraid of one black man they got away with shooting three different people? I mean yeah this is mostly about the two women they shot but they do mention a third person, Mr. Perdue, who they shot as he was trying to go to work. They couldn’t be bothered to radio in and make sure that vehicle was the correct make and model. They couldn’t radio in and make sure the license plate was the same. They couldn’t do anything to make sure of anything. All of these men need to be fired and charged with attempted murder. Because that’s what they are. They attempted to murder a black man by shooting at three other people. Being stupid should never be an excuse.

    • Dennisdread_2000

      Stoopidity isn’t the excuse, cowardliness is.

      • melanie1945

        I’d say both!

    • frodo67

      Simple answer, Dallas.

      • Christi

        No, this was three years ago. The article clearly states that the officers were guarding the home of the police captain because Christopher Dorner was on on a rampage with a singular mission to kill LAPD cops and there was good reason to believe he might go after the captain and his family. God help you if you come into contact with a twitchy cop who’s on edge and amped up on too much coffee.

        • DW

          And donuts.

        • Aaron Freeman

          And possibly, methamphetamine…

        • Three Phased

          Still no excuse, for the cop.

        • Larry Kirkendall

          as opposed to cool professionalism?

      • ranwolf76

        Holy shit… I can’t believe the stupidity in your post… I’m equally flabbergasted someone was dumb enough to upvote your post

        • Joe D

          Ranwolf76, I am surprised you can stand up right, with your lack of intelligence. A woman, and her daughter, were out trying to make a living. And, 8 trained police officers shoot her and her daughter, without bothering to identify her or her child. Her and her child were both unarmed.

          • ranwolf76

            O_O did you not read the thread? Frodo67 used the shootings in Dallas(that happened onlt a few weeks ago) as an excuse for the cops shooting 2 women 3 YEARS ago? reading comprehension, dumb-ass, look into it

          • Joe D

            Ranwolf76, Frodo67 post does not change what I posted. I was posting in responds to what you posted, based on this article. My post was about your failure to understand that something went very wrong here. When trained police officer can make mistakes and are not held accountable.

          • ranwolf76

            wait let me get this straight… the post I was responding to doesn’t matter even though that’s what my post was about in the first place? and I thought Frodo’s post was stupid… ffs…

        • Joe D

          It this kind of stupidity that is the problem, the police officers could not tell the different between a male and a female, they did not identify them self’s, before shooting. Their were 8 officers on site, and no any intelligence. Their were 8 officer onsite they should have been able to take into custody one man, if not why are they police officers.

        • frodo67

          I can see how you could not understand it, intelligent things seem stupid to those without it.

          • ranwolf76

            The Dallas shootings of those cops happened more than 3 years AFTER this, dumbass

    • M Gibson

      You need to understand that most cops are the bullies who barely graduated high school. They really are that stupid.

      • Brian Holz

        I think a lot of them WERE the bullies in school! Many were football players, (athletes) later soldiers, power hungry and popular in ways that only exist in high schools. I was bullied by many of these types. NEVER by the “bullied”. I know of several of them that are now cops. I’d be interested in seeing some statistics on this, actually.
        As a bullied kid, I am now a Massage Therapist, fight for human rights and feel empathy for the abused. I don’t hate, though. I understand how psychologically and sociologically based “abuse” made even the abuser a victim. I know it sounds like liberal tree-hugger stuff, but I am also a Combat Veteran that killed people in Iraq. I’ve seen too many different sides to humanity to overlook what I’ve seen to be argumentably true.

    • Joe D

      Being stupid is not an excuse, if you break the law, if you are a private citizen, but not when you are a police officer. There are laws, that go back to the civil war, that protect law enforcement from charges. As long as they are preforming they jobs, are in fear of there lives, their partners, or the a third party. They have the strongest union in the country. When teacher ask, for a raise there is a problem with finding the money. But not for police officers.

  • And Californians are stuck with the $4 Million bill.

    • William Dinwiddie

      well keep electing liberals in CA you really smart p.

      • mistamista

        Actually, California’s entire legal system is run by self-avowed conservatives…but THAT’S that you get when you put a conservative in charge of anything. THE BILL and a LIE!

      • estivito

        Jesus, Willie. Back under your rock.

      • Stop voting your Rights into a Liberal/Conservative Circle Jerk and read the Declaration of Independence. Your elections have no bearing on us. We do not vote. 🙂

      • I don’t vote, Einstein. Voting if for people who cannot govern, nor police their Self.

  • Don Cowan

    Cops suk!

  • Don Cowan

    I guess we need more doughnut shops to keep the bastids busy!

  • mnyama

    Typical….We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.

  • tequila azul

    Is the requirements to become a cop is to be a dipshit pussy

    • Hyena Cub

      Apparently that seems to be the case in these modern times. :/

  • Poyzinsting

    omg this is getting ridiculous. I’m sick of people making excuses for the police who are clearly out of control. How do you accidentally fire 107 bullets at someone and how do you mistake a white nissan for a black honda or a blue toyota? Just the other day they shot a therapist who was lying on his back with his hands in the air. When the therapist asked the cop why he shot him the cop said “I don’t know”
    Now they are saying fear is justification enough…unbelievable. No officers are coming forth and speaking out against this culture of terrorism by the police yet we are supposed to respect the police regardless of what they do. Trump spoke of the cops who were killed in the line of duty during the convention but had no words for innocent victims who were “mistakenly” killed by police, instead he is talking about a full on police state immediately if he is elected, he is talking about bringing “law and order” to the “inner cities” that’s code for black. Trump is preparing to wage war on blacks with the police forces of America. I’m starting to think these cops are being told to shoot first and ask questions later because it’s happening too much. I’m sorry but there are no good cops. None are speaking out not 1 that makes them bad cops. Whites are just as complicit because most of you keep making excuses for this bs instead of standing with your fellow citizens and demanding the bs stop. It’s not just happening to black people, don’t wait until one of your own gets taken to decide to want to do something about it. Stand up now!

    • Dennisdread_2000

      It’s “shoot first, make excuses( or flat out lie) later”.

    • ted

      The problem is that the “law” is on their side. If they break down your door during a “no-knock” search and you cap a couple of them, YOU go to jail for capital murder (if you’re not killed on the spot) even if they hit the wrong house!

  • Kirsten Kolankiewicz

    THESE are the officers that deserve to be sniped dead. Fuck these lowlife MURDERERS. Scum and pathetic. What the fuck is wrong with people. There should be protesting. They should have blocked the exit and demanded a new judge right away that they couldn’t bribe. Fuck that.

    • squezzer

      Well I wouldn’t go that far, though I understand the sentiment there are other and better ways of dealing with scum like that. Convict and place into general prison population and let prison law take its course. Not instant satisfaction but in the long run achieves the same result and no innocents were injured or killed.

      • Master Flash

        Read the article. That was tried and did not work.

  • john9999030326594598

    Likely be some if theses Mexicans don’t pay for the wall Trump has promised us.

    • Shevelle Lewis


  • RFalardeau

    The Barr Association is no different than the FOP, they protect their own and each other. This would clearly look like a case where the lawyer ‘representing the people’ decided to represent the FOP instead. It would seem that good lawyers would hold bad lawyers accountable for this kind of malpractice. Maybe there aren’t any good lawyers?

    • jmark59

      Roseanne Barr Association??

  • Dave Ross

    Insanity! The gestapo has no limits in this country.

  • Marc Hill

    what.the. fuck. this is bullshit

  • Ann Johnson

    So…apparently…….these cops meant to MURDER SOMEONE ELSE! Despicable no matter how the story goes!

  • Rachelle Nicole Malloy

    Fn power hungry cops, scared and unintelligent

  • Joana Dougherty McGee

    …whoops… or is it “business as usual?”

  • Evelyn Tucker

    Now who’s going to continue to say it’s always the others fault and not the police. Incompetent? Why the fuck were they patrolling the streets if they’re incompetent?

  • Monroe

    Fucking disgusting! The fact that they won’t be charged is ridiculous. How do you accidentally fire 107 shots? 107? You got to be kidding me.

  • Mark Theivagt

    And California wants to take firearms away from citizens. Looks like the police are more dangerous with firearms than civilians.

  • delusion buster

    americans have become a bunch of pussies.

    if the founding fathers would have seen british soldiers ambushing wagons and groups of civilians, would they have grabbed their guns and blew their heads off, or grab a cell-phone a record it for you-tube.

    the cops have this power over the civilians only because the civilians give it to them.
    we outnumber them.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. T. Jefferson

    • ahughes798

      More killing is always the answer for people like you, isn’t it?

      • delusion buster

        sure, start at the puppets and work up to the politicians.
        or you can be complacent and watch all your rights vanish

        • ahughes798

          Not a big fan of killing people. Too many people are.

  • Patrik919

    You have to admit that that thin blue line is looking about a mile wide in in the City of Angels! If you’re that frightened. turn in your badge and weapon and go work at a daycare. That is the very definition of a cowardly act. Hell, they can’t even shoot straight and shot up the whole freaking neighborhood!

    • ted

      You’d trust them around toddlers? Three year olds can be skeery so the bacon bits would have no choice but to shoot the entire bunch!

    • Hyena Cub

      nonono, don’t let these guys around children. They can go work in a pretty flower garden, though. But no roses. They might accidentally get stuck with a thorn and burn the city down in response. :sigh:

  • Dennisdread_2000

    Because being a cop means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Antodav

    I’m not sure what’s worse…that these idiots confused a couple of older Hispanic women for a large black male, or that they thought this kind of excessive force would be justified against a large black male to begin with. Unless you’re in a gun battle with ISIS, there’s no reason for any of this.

  • Darcy Jackson

    No need to worry about ISIS when your local police department is the biggest threat.

  • JS

    This was 3 years ago, but nobody cared bc they weren’t black.

  • Wayne Mickel

    Better stat to carry a gun at all times a short assault rifle or pistol so you can shoot them first they have a really short AK and AR pistol at least you can load and AR with Armour piercing rounds.

  • William Taylor

    Guess it was justified. Because they are Latino and should not be in the U.S.A. anyhow. Just thinking out loud like the demons whom justify this crap.

    • Shevelle Lewis


  • David Lewis

    the blue shield doesn’t help anyone here….

  • Beverly Segers


  • Ben Berry

    fucking cowardly doughnut eating pigs and assholes , trigger happy, take their guns away1

  • Gordon Klock

    Sometimes when I read about ‘incompetent’ cops pulling scary nonsense like this, I find myself wondering paranoid, crazy, thoughts like “was this really non-deliberate?” These violent scenes almost always have a weird intentional feel to them, like their purpose is purely, & diabolically, homicidal, whilst feigning profound ignorance & stupidity…….

  • Jim

    Appalling double standards..if one shot was fired at the cops accidentally..the person responsible would be locked up..The police are above the law and can shoot at, wound, and murder with impunity…they are a protected species no matter how callous and thoughtless they act,,it’s no wonder that attacks on them are on the increase…

  • George Shiflett

    And Cops wonder and cry about being targets , gee i wonder why they are targets

  • curtflirt

    Dammit, you have got to be kidding me!!! Goes to show you how extreme things have been getting within the last 5 years or so.

  • Paula Luedke Pennington

    What a load of crap!!!!!! You certainly can’t ACCIDENTLY fire 107 bullets!! Was he carrying a machine gun and his finger had a spasm and couldn’t get off the trigger??????????? The pigs need to be fired!!!!!

    • Hyena Cub

      Well you see, each cop had a seizure while their fingers were on the trigger. And if they ran out of bullets, they stopped just in time to reload, then had another seizure….

      Sounds about as believable as anything they claimed.

  • Satan

    What the phuck is the point of saying a Sgt filed discrimination charges and adding that she is white? Phucking asshole. Now I won’t bother sharing this. As if ppl can’t be racist and discriminatory towards whites you phucking dimwit bigoted Skanky turd. I live it daily and know that discrimination, racist, and violence towards white is thousands of times worse than discrimination towards all the princess protected races!

    • ahughes798

      You must be very, very oppressed, you poor thing.

  • Rod

    It would seem that if you live in Torrance, CA, or North MIami, FL, your only chance to survive when cops are pissing in their pants is if those same cops cannot shoot straight.

  • poontofview

    and they’re letting these Cops back out patrolling the streets? There’s something terribly wrong with the LAPD! I would hope this story hits national headlines so innocent law abiding citizen’s can read and hear about these “Hero Cops” that openly admit to being scared, afraid, and incompetent. People may wonder why some people have targeted Cops and this story along with what seems to be countless stories about Cops shooting innocent law abiding citizen’s and then face NO Punishment after doing so and worse yet, letting these Cops right back out on the streets. It’s law abiding citizen’s that should now be afraid of the Cops and especially if your skin color is not white. The “checks & balances” of the law has now broken down and as we see more and more Cops shooting innocent law abiding citizen’s only increasing to a point of weekly.

    • merrakesh

      WELL SAID!

  • ted

    Freaking skeered little imbeciles should be home cowering under their beds instead of trying to face a scary 71 year old Hispanic woman and her terrifying daughter delivering newspapers. Moreover, if these pigs can’t hit a stationary target with over 100 bullets, they need to have their damned weapons taken away from them before they hurt themselves!

    • Hyena Cub

      Or someone else. Remember all the residents came out to see their cars and shit shot up, too. It wasn’t just the women’s car that got hit. Now that’s some scary “shooting”. It’s like trying to piss in the toilet and hosing down the entire neighborhood instead!

  • Jamnjimmy

    The only way to change the horrendous police behavior in this country is to change their hearts. Not their actual blood pumping hearts but rather their figurative hearts. Teach them compasion, empathy, cognitive thinking and common sense. Since this will never happen then a different approach is needed to actually make it work.
    Just like when a dog poops in the house, if nothing is done to teach the dog not to do that in the house little fido will keep on doing it’s business on your favorite oriental rug forever. Now saying bad puppy or you naughty dog might be a noble attempt at changing this K9s behavior it’s not going to work. However if you swat your four legged friend with a loosely wadded up news paper or rubb his nose in it then shoo him outside, then you can expect poop in your roses.
    These cops are nothing but animals and therfore should be trained like animals. If a pit bull is violent and can’t be trained it’s put down. Same with cops. Put them down before they crap all over what little constitutional rights we still have. Put them down if they don’t stop shooting and killing us!!! Dallas, Baton Rouge… any town USA

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    How, HOW, can this even be possible?!

    • dufas_duck

      They are the police… They get better protection than the cops in the old USSR or the SS had in Nazi, Germany

  • Fajr Ramadhan

    america is a sadistic inhabitants country. no humanity over there just bunch of wild freedom satanic beings

    • Hyena Cub

      Satanists tend to be a lot nicer, more accepting, and less violent than a lot of other people, my friend.

  • Wayne Simmons

    So academy trained cops are running around armed, scared, color blind and incompetent, all while misidentifying people and vehicles? Sounds like the Barney Fife “one bullet in the pocket” solution is desperately needed not only in LA County but nationwide!

  • rextrek1

    WTF -= who was there Barney Fife and the cadets of POlice Academy? WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dutch Van Alstin

    Hey, cops just want to get home at night. Next time you need help, call a crack head. They have a dangerous job so we need to understand these things. ……………..
    …………..Have I forgotten any other empty-headed, but often cited, cliche crap?

  • amazoncubes

    ‘officers involved were afraid and incompetent. ‘ Would not have happened if there was adequate training for police. (4 years like any other degree)

  • If I “accidentally” fired 107 bullets at cops in their car, I don’t think I would escape criminal charges. These cops must be super awesome to be above the law like that.

  • Bruce Bersch

    This is a disaster! WTF is going on here? These cops need to be in jail.

  • Xolodnyj

    So they decided to shoot randomly at a vehicle. Wrong year, wrong make, wrong model, wrong gender (times 2), wrong age, wrong race (times 3). They pretty much called for an all out war on the civilian population.
    And even IF they had the right person, you aren’t allow to execute someone. What The F!

  • Sheep O’Doom

    And this folks is why cops die.

  • Krys

    They wanted Dorner dead and they were wiling to kill just about anyone to accomplish that. They weren’t afraid he’d kill them. They were afraid he’d survive long enough to provide the evidence for the corruption he claimed in his manifesto.

  • The dude that likes

    Our little piggies in blue are just afraid of everything lol maybe we should stop making movies where they get easily killed as background characters so they wont piss them selves eveytime they get a bolo

  • Atanas Ctonlob

    Tell me again how police dont get away with murder?

  • Atanas Ctonlob

    But #criminalswithbadgeslivesmatter yo.

  • Aaron Freeman

    As far as I’m concerned, Dorner was right… even in his actions against LAPD!

  • KilamDaMan

    A summary of the events is that these scared and incompetent officers where so set on MURDERING a black man that they almost killed 3 innocent individuals who did not look like the person they were HUNTING or driving the same make, model or color pickup truck. GTFOH

    • dufas_duck

      This is common with police. A short time ago, there was a 911 call describing a white Toyota with 4 or 5 people driving down the freeway waving guns out the windows. Our brave police with guns drawn stopped a dark maroon Lexis and ordered everyone out of the car and on to the ground. Not only was it the wrong car [cops must be color blind and can only see black], but it was driven by a woman with three preteens in the car. The only thing that saved their lives was the kids all screaming that the cops were going to kill them.

      The cop’s excuse for the ‘mistake’ was that they resembled the description given to them by the dispatcher. [????]

      While the cops were stopping the wrong car, the original 911 caller was on the phone at the same time trying to get the dispatcher to tell the cops that they were stopping the wrong car. But, as the police have always shown, they don’t listen to anyone.except to each other…

  • Joe Berger

    District attorney justified the case of
    mistaken identity due to the fact that “the officers involved were afraid
    and incompetent.” AND THERFORE, even if no CRIMINAL charges get brought, FIRING is CERTAINLY what should happen to these ‘PROVEN’ incompetent officers!

  • Smhsad


  • Tim

    Just standard United States Injustice right here. Nothing new. Still sad.

  • James Bryant

    I’m sorry but there is 0 excuse. Those eight cops need to be fired, charged and imprisoned for this for a long time. Dont care the excuse. We get imprisined for much less. They say criminals are dangers, I think “incompetent and scared”cops are a worse danger.

  • Ken

    Question: Why did eight officers fire 107 rounds?
    Answer: To ensure no witnesses/victims

  • Larry Kirkendall

    This is why the thugs shoot back at the thugs with the badges, absolutely disgraceful and the lot of them should be in prison, along with all that aided and abetted these cowards and failed to bring them to justice.

  • Charles

    This is the mentality of some cops, shot first ask questions later, and what is infuriating is that 99.9% of the cops are never charged for their actions.

  • Dracaveli

    Strangest story I’ve read all week, but not surprised

  • Daniel Schultz

    A bunch of psychopathic killers in uniform.

  • Josh Kaplan

    i have a friend who works with cops and used the excuse that cops shoot people because “they just want to make it home at night”, i always wondered what gives someone who knowingly took a high risk job more right to get home at night then an innocent unsuspecting and unarmed civilian

  • DW

    Are none of you paying attention? Dang. Everybody trying to figure out if it’s due to bullying, stupidity, or whatever. The first paragraph reveals the answer. I’m not sure what you guys are reading. The judge said, “the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.”

    Fear and incompetence. Therefore they are innocent. They cannot help the fact they’re scared and incompetent. Sometimes it’s just like that. We need to have tolerance for these special needs people. They deserve the right to work and fire 13 or 14 rounds of ammo into random vehicles of Hispanic women just like the rest of us. You can’t hold them to a higher standard. They’re human. Just like us.

    I’m ashamed to even be on the same Internet as y’all. Ashamed, I say.

  • NYCguy

    Lol how is finding the cops “incompetent” an excuse for this?