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Chicago Cops Frantically Fight to Destroy Misconduct Records Before Homan Square Investigation


Chicago, IL — Handcuffed to a wall inside a cell with no windows, Deanda Wilson was forced to urinate on himself after a police sergeant allegedly held a knife to his throat during an interrogation at Homan Square. Falsely charged with the manufacture and distribution of heroin, Wilson and his co-defendants were imprisoned for 15 months before a judge found them not guilty.

As the Cook County Commissioner and a state representative both call for a federal investigation into the CIA-style black site known as Homan Square, Chicago police union officials are fighting to incinerate decades of police misconduct records. Although the city, an investigative journalist, and a University of Chicago law school professor have battled in court to preserve the misconduct records, police unions argue that red-flagged officers should not be judged by their marred past.

While Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and the Board of Commissioners prepare to address a resolution on Wednesday calling on the DOJ to expand its investigation into Homan Square, leaders of the Chicago NAACP and state Rep. La Shawn Ford are working to prevent the Chicago Police Department from destroying any police misconduct files older than five years.

“My understanding is it’s simple: don’t destroy the records. Keep them forever. In today’s time, it’s clear that we can do that,” asserted Rep. Ford. “The only people or organization that destroying the records would benefit would be the police.”

Last month, Spencer Ackerman, a reporter for The Guardian who exposed the Homan Square scandal, testified before the Cook County Commission revealing that more than 7,000 people had disappeared within the black site between August 2004 and June 2015. Instead of formally arresting suspects at Homan Square, Chicago cops are accused of shackling suspects to the wall for hours without bathroom breaks while violating their constitutional rights by threatening and beating them without the presence of an attorney.

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In a lawsuit filed in October, Deanda Wilson alleged that Chicago Police Sgt. Frank Ramaglia held a knife to his throat during an interrogation. After Wilson repeatedly asked for his lawyer and bathroom privileges, he was later forced to urinate on himself while officers ignored his pleas for help. Transported to Cook County jail and incarcerated for 15 months awaiting trial, Wilson and his co-defendants were found not guilty after Judge William O’Brien determined the state failed to meet its burden of proof.

On October 20, 2012, CPD officers detained Angel Perez at Homan Square to convince him to turn into a police informant. According to a lawsuit filed by Perez, officers Jorge Lopez and Edmund Zablocki anally raped him with a gun to coerce his cooperation.

In September 2011, Jose Martinez was allegedly cuffed to a bench for nine hours at Homan Square without food, water, or the use of a restroom before being booked at an actual police station. In August 2006, Estephanie Martinez had to relieve herself in a Homan Square interrogation room when a guard repeatedly refused to take her to the bathroom. On February 6, Calvin Coffey defecated on the floor of an interrogation room after guards refused his requests to go to the bathroom for over two hours. According to his lawsuit, Coffey was ordered to clean it up with his skull cap.

Although John Hubbard entered Homan Square on February 2, 2013, he never walked out of the secret facility. Hubbard was later pronounced dead inside an interrogation room of an apparent heroin overdose. Officers at Homan Square have also been accused of injecting suspects with heroin to force confessions.

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On Monday, the leaders of the Chicago NAACP along with Rep. La Shawn Ford called for the Chicago Police Department to retain their misconduct records, as the police unions seek to destroy the documents. Attempting to gain access to police misconduct records dating back to 1969, Rep. Ford, journalist Jamie Kalven, and University of Chicago Law School Prof. Craig Futterman have been fighting to release the files to the public instead of burning them like a furtive stack of banished books.

Allowed to take a tour of Homan Square, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin was informed that the facility was mainly used for undercover organized crime and narcotics work. Although he noted several cameras in the interrogation rooms, Commissioner Boykin did not observe any security cameras in the lockup facility. On Wednesday, Boykin and the Board of Commissioners will address a resolution calling for the Justice Department to investigate Homan Square because the Chicago Police Department cannot be trusted with investigating the allegations against its tainted department.

Earlier this month, the city of Chicago paid out $5.5 million to victims tortured by former Police Commander Jon Burge. Between 1972 and 1991, Burge and his men forced confessions out of more than 200 people by torturing them with suffocation, beatings, and genital electrocution. After costing the city over $100 million in legal fees and settlements, Burge continues to receive a $4,000 monthly pension from the city.

Last month, Chicago police officers were caught tampering with the Burger King surveillance videos that recorded the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Although Officer Jason Van Dyke accused McDonald of lunging at him with a knife, police dashcam video revealed the teenager had been walking away before Van Dyke repeatedly shot him. Van Dyke was charged with murder after a court ordered the release of the suppressed dashcam video.

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Former Chicago homicide detective and Guantanamo Bay interrogator, Richard Zuley, faced multiple lawsuits alleging he coerced confessions, threatened suspects’ family members, planted evidence, and committed torture. After retiring from the department, Zuley was placed in charge of the interrogation of Guantanamo detainee, Mohammedou Ould Slahi. According to Slahi’s testimony, Zuley tortured him, subjected him to mock executions, and threatened to bring Slahi’s mother to Guantanamo to rape her.

Notorious for defending crooked cops, police unions cannot be trusted with the decision to incinerate the misconduct files of officers still wearing a badge and gun. To prevent further unjustified killings, cops must be held accountable for their actions. Especially when officers are allowed to operate in a black site where unofficial detainees have their civil rights incessantly violated.

We need to support this new call for an investigation into Homan Square before police destroy all of their records. Please tweet this article our with the hashtag #Gitmo2Chicago‬ so we can notify the country to these vile acts.

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    • And then the oppressed become the oppressors.

    • Dion Kerfont So where have black americans been found of oppressing people in the US?

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  • I didn’t see any proof in the article that they are doing what the headline claims

    • there buring the proof you fool thats the point

    • Where is the proof they have burned anything?

    • ” On Monday, the leaders of the Chicago NAACP along with Rep. La Shawn Ford called for the Chicago Police Department to retain their misconduct records, as the police unions seek to destroy the documents. Attempting to gain access to police misconduct records dating back to 1969, Rep. Ford, journalist Jamie Kalven, and University of Chicago Law School Prof. Craig Futterman have been fighting to release the files to the public instead of burning them like a furtive stack of banished books.”

      So ftp “says” the NAACP leaders, reps “says” this, and that polices unions are fighting to destroy records, with no sources or proof of either claim. Unless I missed the source and proof, if that’s the case, provide the proof and or source. That’s what journalism with integrity is all about

    • Vanessa, the story about destroying records has been in the news here a lot, (I live in the Chicagoland area). They haven’t destroyed any records as of yet. They have records going back to the late 60’s.

    • Thank you for the intelligent response, Jason. I’ll look into it

    • But the city paid 5.5 million on torture victims. This has been a long standing problem. Can you imagine what they’ve gotten away with, if this is all they’ve been caught doing so far?

    • I have no doubt in regards to the torture, my only question was about the headline and claim that they were fighting to destroy records. If they were going to destroy them I would think they would do it in secret and not have a public fight about and I didn’t find any sources of the claim in the article that police unions etc were fighting for it, just here say.

    • From what I can recall, the union contract with the city had a provision stating that misconduct records were to be kept for 5 years from the date of the incident only. I don’t remember if it said the records were to be destroyed after that timeframe or not.

    • The Fraternal Order of Police is demanding that the city of Chicago destroy all police misconduct records more than 5 years old, arguing that keeping them is a breach of its bargaining agreement with the city. The agreement, which is effective from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2017, says in part: “All disciplinary investigation files, disciplinary history card entries, IPRA (Independent Police Review Authority) and IAD (Internal Affairs Division) disciplinary records, and any other disciplinary record or summary of such records other than records related to Police Board cases, will be destroyed five (5) years after the date of the incident.” If the complaint involves alleged excessive force, it is to be destroyed after seven years, according to the contract.

      Copied from here –

    • Thank you sir, much appreciated

  • someone should help them out. light it up with them inside!

  • i dont believe a word of this…..someone just pouring more gas on the fire….

    • Jason Keating show me….this site is like our president….divisive….no solutions

    • The place exist and the torture exists but there is no proof they are fighting to destroy records

    • I’m sure they’re twiddling their thumbs or knitting tea cozies and not covering up what’s been going on.

    • Dale that was a truly stupid statement. Stop listening to talking tits and ass on Fox News.

    • Why don’t you believe it? Nothing about it on Fox News?

    • It TFTP wants to prove they have more journalistic integrity than fox news they should provide more than heresay (like sources or proof) that they are burning or wanting to destroy records

    • You cannot convince the trolls, they live on the juices they can boil up by denying ANY information! No Matter what you say or show, they will automatically disqualify and deny it! Just like a teabagger… when they try to say Obama is coming for their guns and you try to prove it is not true, they will keep going no matter what!

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  • go in now and seize all their records under a court order.

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  • I WOULD like to know more about this Homan Square situation.

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    • It’s not a US problem. Why don’t they just deal with domestic issues for a change.

    • North Korea possessing a nuke is a global problem

    • You just said hydrogen bomb though…

    • How is North Korea having a bomb more dangerous to me than American police violating wholesale the individual liberties listed in the Bill of Rights?

    • They are both important, this meme is just absolutely ridiculous. A nuclear weapon will blow you and all your family to smithereens, and the potential for full scale war and our national security is not really comparable to state and municipal police abuses. This meme has the sophistication of a 5th grader. You should be concerned with both.

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    • Wrong Sina. Lots of countries have nukes. Only this country is violating my rights.

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    • When I was in Miami I was harassed constantly by police. In North Korea I was offered photos. Maybe Michael should travel more so he can make informed opinions.

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  • #Gitmo2Chicago

  • Why don’t people protest in front of that thing? I don’t get it.

  • I expect that there are other places just like this in other cities that we know nothing about and probably never will.

  • Proof??

  • the guardian has run a few articles on this place

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  • The better question is what is the puppet Obama doing about it? I doubt he’s unaware of this going on in his own native state.

  • Why is it still standing if people know about it and know where it is liking and sharing a pic on Facebook isn’t going to change a f****** thing only direct action will burn the goddamn building down with the f****** pigs in it and maybe they’ll see then that hey we shouldn’t be doing this

  • Guantanamo on US soil. Weird how people don’t hear about things… suspicious to say the least..

  • Chicago police department is the largest and most dangerous gang in Chicago.

  • This is what happens when a government becomes a subsidiary of Wall Street “Job Creators”.

    They advance their power and citizens suffer with loss of accountability and their freedoms.

    Patriot Act, Secret Police, NSA, unlimited spying on American Citizens, “Homeland Security” – all programs advanced by the Corporate Interests & “Job Creators”.

    D or R, it matters not. The same policies and same assaults on our Freedoms occur. It is time to take away their power and hold them accountable at all levels.


  • The united States is so fucking tragically evil

  • I call it the House of ObamaNation .

  • Horses and buggy in the border towns , they are still in the translating smoke signals era

  • When will mofos remember that police are hired public servants… They work 4 you..they have no right to privacy when its the people that employs them are asking .. Im really fuking tired of these judges police politicians all these servants to the people talkin bout what they should or shouldn’t b able to do you do wtf we tell u 2 to do ..we are the people you work 4 us

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  • getting a little lame. several different post on the same subject in one day?

  • Kristian Løkkegaard Mikkel Løkkegaard

  • My mom, and her family grew up in Chicago in the 50-60s. She said cops came into people’s homes in full uniform and robbed them on a regular basis ( just like the mob). Everybody knew it happened, but there was nothing they could do about it!

  • Chicago Obamas hometown I just can’t believe it?

  • Shut it down ? I’m still waiting to find out if it even exists. Being called a “black ” site implies that the only ” victims are Black. The whole meme stinks of bull shit

  • Skeptical

  • If its secreat how do u know its there

  • Yes. I have known for months. The Guardian has reported extensively on it. Any more questions?

  • Won’t be going to Chicago anytime soon…

  • Is this the same place built by that psychopathic serial killer, some folks think, may have been Jack the Ripper, back during the Worlds Fair?

  • Oh, I’m so sure this is legit…

  • Wow! That is absolutely shocking! It needs to be shut down… When will the corruption and insanity end?????

  • I heard of it, but not sure of the # of people disappeared. Though, it’s entirely possible.

  • Mando Florez

  • Most jails are torture sites☆☆☆☆

  • That’s how ‘Homeland Security’ works. Cut off Federal DHS/DEA $$$$$$ to state and local police. No money, no abuse.

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  • Brian Davis, can you believe this?

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  • North Korea is the last place not owned by the central banks/Rothschilds… Think about it…

  • Makes you wonder why open warfare has not broken out in Chicago. I’d be shooting every cop I could find if treated like this by them. None would be safe.

  • The address of this site????

  • North Korea is the last place not controlled by central banks/ Rothschilds… I guess they’ll be free soon…

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  • One for each major city?

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  • Yes but most folk didn’t believe me when I told them

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  • And I’ll bet you there are more around the country.

  • I just glad the cops ain’t harassing me today ,

  • Matthew Nech Nathaniel Ringdahl

  • If it’s free thought why can’t people talk about both? Why one or the other?

  • You always make it seem like people can’t talk about more than one thing at a time. I mean for real yes this is very important but it’s not everything that is happening in the world and people are multi taskers.

  • Lots of sheep.

  • One leads to hope in an individual’s life while the other is irrelevant to most lives. Get it yet? Stop asking stupid questions already. Is a Kardashian running this page now?

    • Hope? The concept of money itself is slavery. Money cant buy common sense, freedom, or morals. Thats the real issue

    • Can buy a house, food, cars, and all the wants int the world. Talk about lacking common sense. Try living in the real world buddy where it takes money and means to survive, not a high horse. Humans evolve through tool use, not excuses.

    • And if you piss of your corrupt government they will be enjoying your big house,fancy cars and all your food while you sit in a secret prison for questioning your masters…get it yet?

    • Jason Peart The world doesn’t need money to survive, we’ve just developed this little bubble world where the 1% demand that we live under its rule. You cannot buy a planet, you can just convince people that you did.

    • Money is an illusion

    • When has it not been this way? When we lived in trees?

  • Because it’s 1.3 billion dollars. If I win I’ll straighten that s*** out in Chicago okay?

  • It’s like this page has been hijacked by liberal tears.

    • I only follow to have multiple news sources, there are a few times where they would actually hit something that was covered by another news outlet. Even then this type of site is highly biased anyways in their writing ability.

  • Calm the fuck down…. im sure he’s referring to the media

  • I thought this was Free Thought Project, not pay attention to only what the page admin says project. Why can’t both be a point of discussion for people?

    I’m a Libertarian, and I hate the way cops and government is treating its own people, but people don’t want to talk about government corruption all the time.

    • mabe not ,but if they want change they have to wake up cource they have sleep to long now

    • yeah i see the point ,but in this case it not help much to just let go

  • Or maybe we can chew gum and walk at the same time.

  • Try burning it down instead of taking pictures

  • the so called news sites are not the news anymore. they are entertainment sites. their only concern is ratings = money

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  • Let’s see, the lottery could make some people’s lives much better. The Chicago PD’s scandals are just like all the other atrocities perpetrated by government, nothing will happen, no one will pay for their crimes, and discussing it won’t mean anything. Sad reality, but it’s true, winning the lottery, paying most of it in taxes, and staying off the radar is about the only thing we can hope for.

    • That’s just how the government wants you to think. You win.

    • There is no winning I’m afraid.

    • dude if you all stand against them for once in your facking life then things might finaly change to a better route in this facking planet we are all living in…

    • Good luck with that Alex, the only way it will change is a new revolution, and no one has the stomach for that. I’m afraid is going to take several generations before people finally figure out what has been lost. You’ll be lucky to see a few standing up, and they will be despised by the public. Just look at what is happening in Oregon right now. Are they being hailed as heroes standing up for freedom? Nope, just crazy redneck morons with guns.

    • You be our leader St.

    • I’d love to, but I doubt the two of us will have much impact. Obeying the law will get nothing accomplished, and showing up armed, telling the Chicago PD to hand over the files will get us both shot.

    • It’s a good thing not everyone on the planet thinks as negatively as you andy you miserable prick

    • Lol, sucks being a realist. You’re just mad because you know I’m right.

  • Maybe whoever wins can do something about it ?

  • no, i would rather talk about powerball than a building allegedly used by the chicago pd to make bad guys disappear.

    • I would rather talk about the NFL playoffs too

    • I’m sure

    • Bad guys?really?do you actually trust some of the most psychopathic,cruel and just plain evil human beings on the planet to tell you who the “bad guys” are?

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  • Because if I win, I can fund and build a militia to overthrow the government.

  • 1.3 billion could pay for alot of independent investigating…just sayin’1

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  • Dismal state of affairs; perhaps Obummer might retire here. One can only hope on both counts.

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  • Seen this same damn image posted about a million times. “Why are people talking about ____. When they should be talking about what I think they should be talking about” This image has been used at LEAST 2 times before trying to “inform” people about the same damn building.

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  • Committing one felony to cover another. Get the corn holes ready cause you going to jail

    • Unfortunately, they probably won’t go to jail because they cover each other’s azzes On a more disturbing note, if you are convicting of a felony and sentences to probation, if you are found to be in violation of said probation there is a possibility that you can have another felony issued against you. This has happened to people despite their most diligent efforts to keep up with their terms of probation. We suffer from a tragically flawed system in this country for those who have not already figured it out. .

  • Did you know that If we split the current lottery amount up amongst every American we would each have roughly 5 million dollars?!

    • Do your maths again mate…. 1.3Billion divided by a population of 300 million = $4.33 each… education much?

    • Smdh…. You’re that special kind of stupid huh??

    • You’re literally quoting the answer back from the meme that was going viral. .Except I never said the exact amount I just said “around 5 million.”
      Get an original idea. Matey.

    • No….

      1) The U.S. entered 2016 with an estimated population of 322,762,018 according to an end-of-year estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau, meaning that we added more than 2.4 million people to the population over the course of the year.


      2) $1,500,000,000 jackpot

      1500000000/ 322,762,018 = 4.64738697972 or ~$4.65 per person

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      When using proper English one would simply just say “do your MATH again mate.”
      Just saying…. basic education much??

    • Perry Graves. Same for you.
      If YOU’RE going to call someone an idiot then you should at least understand the concept of composing a properly spelled sentence using basic grammar…

    • Exactly what I’m trying to tell em Gardito Edgardo Torres III lol
      They don’t hear us though man.

    • Some people never get it man…..

    • Ar En Di Maths is the Australian equivalent abbreviation for Mathematics… Not sure why you are giving me a lecture on using “proper” English and then you use words like “em” or “smdh” . And what is “proper” English to you? The “American” version? Typical American arrogance. FYI http://www.dailywritingtips.com/math-or-maths/

    • It’s just because america is better than australia man…. don’t be so hard on yourself.

    • P.S…. maths is wrong.

    • Lol…

    • Measures used: life expectancy (we live longer), education (we are smarter) and income/standard of living (get more bang for our buck).

    • U.S.A!

    • Trust me buddy. I’m living just fine outside of the bush. Thanks for your concern though.

    • The Bush?

    • Artur Semerda Gotta luv the English language , But whose ? ,The Aussies , The Canucks , The Muricans ? Or the English ? I try to keep to the proper spellings for clarity and brevity, for aussies only :Brevity (keeping your message as brief as you possibly can ) ! As long as I kin unerstan yu we be good ! Peace

    • B-u-s-h.
      It’s spelled out already for you in my previous comments.

    • Ar En Di do you actually think Australia is the bush lol you know there are cities and countries outside the USA right? there’s a whole world of countries and Australia is actually more developed the Merica.

    • Is it this that america such a great nation?

      I’m sad to have to inform you that you’re retarded.

    • I loved in Cabo San Lucas ,Mexico for a while my some of my “freinds” from Texas wondered if I had running water .i was dumbfounded wtf really ! Crazy! Some people think that everybody out of the u.s are living in adobe hutts ,ru nning around the “bush” . Nutzzzz

    • *lived

    • I dig ur initial post ar an di…I got it

    • Javier. Cabo has running water. As does Mexico City. But had you traveled outside of those areas you’ll notice that most of Mexico doesn’t have running water.
      When I was in India, most places didn’t have running water. We all had to drink bottles of water. What did people do back before bottled water existed???

  • Government’s fucked up way of “population control”?

  • If this is really happening, America’s really on a slippery slope!

  • ………as the continued militarization of law enforcement goes unabated. This is not America. Disgusting.

  • ?

  • Amen Andy St Anger

  • Yes, I know from a ‘brighter social network’. Thank you for bringing this to Facebook, perhaps YOU can get through to the general public!

  • I know; I saw it on The Good Wife

  • Give me proof…. if not this is bullshit..

  • What is he waiting on? Seems like he’s giving them time to do just that!

  • WOW! WTF!

  • This sez it all!! Typical govt. hush-up job! – nuthin new!! :-/ Scumbags think that shit is ok, prob get a sick thrill out of it! Fuckin Sick [email protected]!!!!!

  • But where’s Rahm Emaunuel?

  • Aliens would have been better.

  • #StateoftheUnion

  • Then move the fuck out of Chicago

  • American Gulag

  • Welcome to DEMONCRAT paradise.

    • I agree but you can’t deny that every high crime crap hole of a city is DEMONCRAT PARADISE…

    • Vote Trump!

  • just like the blm criminals in oregon

  • DEMONCRAT paradise.

  • why should they be tlking about that, when there is an ancient campaign to define the limits of our consiouss minds in order to enslave us?

  • Democrat Mayor, Obama’s buddy.

  • don’t forget raped

  • Democrat Mayor, Obama’s buddy!

  • #AbuChicagoGhraib

  • We should not rest until their justice system is totally destoryed…………

  • Get them!

  • Maybe someone should hire a rag head, to fly a plane into it…..

  • Chicago fire. Illinois

  • “Disappear people?”

  • With $930 MILLION dollars you could actually influence certain people in the media.

  • no one wants to face reality!

  • Messed up

  • The media is controlled directly by the government, they make damn sure none of this hits our tv screens, and you wonder why

  • What is meant by “disappeared”. Like these people are never heard from or seen again?

  • Because the r magicians they want u to watch their hands while the real illusion is keeping us distracted

  • Adam Oh Dee

  • Typical, they’re just like the Nazis, destroying any incriminating evidence of their atrocities committed against innocent people.

  • And it all happened in a gun free zone 😉

  • Simple……

  • so then the whole department needs to be fired and charged with destruction of evidence

  • Cause one can own the other?

  • Did you know these torture sites are in every neighborhood?

  • This is like a concentration camp. only in the US of A.

  • Ahhhhh, Sweet Home Chicago.

  • If they know we’re talking about it of course they’re destroying all the evidence right now.

  • I thought the patriot act made itn legal to “hold” someone indefenitly with no trial ….just label them as a terrorist ..no?

  • The power ball has been high before yet for some reason someone wants me to pay attention to it wonder what is being hidden by the magicians hand as I have no choice but to just go along for the ride.

  • So where are the oathkeepers? The III%?

  • That’s simple. One is for sale everywhere, the other is kept secret

  • This is Chicago, not Russia

  • Shut it down.

  • MAKE THIS VIRAL. ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) so people can see how corrupt police really are!

  • Because the corpserate ass media controls their minds.

  • like they say you wanna play your gonna pay

  • I say for corruption cases we handle it like they would seize all assets….. Could have been bough with dirty money. Also bank accounts no pension.

  • David A. Chavez

  • it dont supprice me cource the police is shit there

  • what can you expect from a bunch of criminals who run the community

  • If this had happened under the direction of a republican mayor who happened to be the former chief of staff of a republican president, you wouldn’t stop hearing about it. Also, the “John Doe” raids on former Scott Walker campaign walkers and volunteers…. Silence from the MSM.

    • Well its been there since we had a republican prez. Nice way to make govt torture about dem or rep idiot

    • If you read my statement, that was an indictment of the mainstream media not Ds and Rs.

    • Really? Try reading your statement….

    • If I had said something like, this would have never happened under a republican mayor or the democrats should be ashamed of themselves, maybe. My comment was worded to portray how the MSM media covers one party over another on certain subjects. I’ll give you another example, the media covered anti war protesters when Bush was in office. I have yet to see one covered during Obama’s administration. Clearly more coverage on one vs the other by the MSM. Look at the way the media covers the Bundy ranch for example. The left covered it as crazy right wing terrorists with guns pointing at federal agents. The right covered it as anti government protesters with guns being pointed at them by federal agents. What was lost was the thousands of peaceful unarmed protesters that were there protesting why the federal government owns 80%of the land in Nevada…… It’s not what I wrote but what you interpreted..

  • I first heard about this “place” several months ago and watched to see IF PBS or any national media reported on it and NO, THEY DID NOT!

  • Zionists have taken over Lakewood, NJ. It’s about to be the next Palestine.

  • I was raised in Illinois and KNOW CHICAGO is one of the MOST CORRUPT CITIES in this country!

    • Lol, come to Detroit.

    • Both Detroit and Chicago have a History of Corruption, but then again, what city in the US is not corrupt?

    • I used to think nothing would top Oakland ca.

    • Lmao. Detroit n chicago are at the top with alberque, ny n newark

    • Lol!! Chicago voters come from the cemetery. Elections were won due to,the votes of dead people; maybe still are!

  • How many others are there that we don`t know about?

    • I would be completely floored if NYC (at least) doesn’t have at least one of these facilities.

    • Some people think thats what FEMA Camps are for and those are located in all major cities already.

  • america’s past catches up with them, just wait and see when you sleep you be surprised by and taken by surprise

  • Police brutality does not equate to the Holocaust!!!!

    • Does NOT matter. Any amount of lives taken by government is wrong.

    • runs neck ‘n neck!

    • She’s right, comparing police brutality to the holocaust is like comparing apples to submarines. I don’t think the police have killed anywhere near the number of people killed in the holocaust.

    • Um you both missed the point….Ashley Ecles is spot on. At what point does it turn into a Holocaust? The Holocaust was started the same way Ya know. So what is A holocaust?100 lives? 1000? 1 million? who decides?

    • Jason, just because police haven’t killed anywhere near Hitler did doesn’t mean anything. Hitler was wrong, but American police are becoming just as bad.

    • Give it time, it will.

    • Right…
      Well, its not as common as in germany YET, so lets ignore it n pretend that germany went from 0 sites to 50 in a day….

    • Exactly Jason- and for the record: Police brutality is despicable, and cops need to be tried, and if found guilty terminated, and jailed.

    • The holocaust was genocide, police brutality, while horrific, is not. And, i need to worry about someone, I love who gets stopped DWB regularly. I can recommend books if you want; ai created and taught a course on the H.

    • Ashley Ecles, I’m sure the Jews would beg to differ on that.

    • I’m not defending police brutality here, I agree it’s bad. But those who get tuned up by the cops still get to see their families plus a monetary settlement for excessive force. Those that were killed by the cops get a monetary settlement for wrongful death. The Jews, on the other hand either were killed, and their families received nothing, or if they lived, they received a free tattoo, and nothing.

    • Ashley, you need to do some reading about the Holocaust. Go to the national holocaust museum website; it’s rich with prose, photos, film, music etc.

    • Do they have a museum that talks about the horrific brutality and mass genocide of the people of the so called 3rd world people yes the jewish holocaust was horrible no denying that. But let us open our eyes and really look at those who look to control the world, and please stop with this oh” just tuning up a few heads really you have no idea lost just ruin someone life so they can get a couple dollars get out of your little worlds and wake up your next and you don’t even see it coming.

  • Someone living in Chicago, please comment on this. Is this being discussed in Chicago?

    • Nope. Not even in the least. They are not furiously trying to destroy records like TFTP would lead you to believe. It’s true that the union is trying to get the records dumped, its part of their contract with the city. But NO RECORDS HAVE BEEN DESTROYED. They have crap going back to the late 60’s. The most, it was a blurb on the news last week once. ONCE.

      As far as Homan Square, IIRC it was in the news 6 months to a year ago. I haven’t heard anything about it since then.

    • Oh Im convinced now…..

    • Its there. Lol gotta watch independent media

    • I don’t doubt its there, and I don’t doubt that bad things happened there. But people need to realize that this building houses other services like CSI and stuff. It’s not all just torture chambers.

  • Bulls eye! Proceed to next level.

  • Obama should probably consider bombing this terrorist site before bombing any other sites in Syria. This one is killing more americans than anywhere in syria.

    • I’m sure the bodies were just clay and wax.

    • According to official counts by the International Red Cross, there was approx. 300 000 deaths mostly due to typhus, age and other diseases !

    • Dude what about the piles of gold teeth they ripped out

    • The Holocaust was real, AND Israel is still evil

    • Jimmy, the jewish “holohoax” was NOT real, it was invented by zionist Stallin ! Ask Jew DAVID COLE, he made a great documentary that prooves there were NO gas chambers and NO jews were “exterminated” ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQjNs-Ght8s

    • Holocaust deniers are idiotic and superficial. Who the hell do you think took all the pictures and films? Who kept lists of names of victims and villages destroyed? That’s where the count comes from!!! The German Nazis you moron, because they thought they were going to win!

    • Philip, you are wrong. The NAZIS meticulously documented their crimes with photographs, film, and lists of names of victims and villages destroyed. They thought they were going to win, and were quite proud of the genocide. Yes, people dies of typhus, many in concentration camps?’that doesn’t count? Not everyone was gassed or shot. Some starved to death, some died from disease, beatings etc. I’ve read denier shit, and hundreds of holocaust books. I know survivors. I teach this stuff. If you want me to recommend some books I’d be happy to. But remember, the NAZIS documented their crimes!!

    • What crimes of the nazis Andrea ? Do you know about the crimes of zionist jew Stallin ?

  • This is bullshit. Starting to not trust this page

  • Yes, so secret that only this page and its followers know about it.

    Much secret, very wow.

  • Fuckin aliens man

  • Michael Henderson


  • I’ve been hearing a lot about this place lately . And I hear homeless people are disappearing at a fast pace . Look out everyone your corrupt country is after all of you . ❤️

  • Don’t they always tell the truth in films? Think- Rendition!

  • Do you think THIS is the ONLY one?

  • I’m polish and I’m asking WTF is this?? so germans created death camps in chicago?

    • They’re comparing Auswitz with a new building in modern America that allegedly conducts illegal acts of torture against innocent people.

    • The United States is becoming a totalitarian government. That is what is going on.

  • Don’t believe it this is one of the mayors biggest coons sorry I meant supporters

  • This dude signed off on the McDonald settlement

  • In Texas they don’t need a “black site” to kill you they do it just wherever

  • Just one note to the picture above. It should say: “Auswitz instead of “Oświęcim” and “Nazi occupied Poland instead of Poland”. Just, so it’s absolutely clear.

  • YOU must realise that ‘legally’ YOU or anyone you know can be put in Guantanamo without charge, you will not be allowed an attorney or a phone call and your family may spend years merely trying to find out where you are. Guantanamo is internationally illegal and completely unconstitutional. CLOSE IT NOW!

  • America, sad sad joke

  • Kenya Petrice Tzul-Chavez David A. Chavez

  • Trying to destroy records…. If they wanted them destroyed, they’d be gone already.

  • Sébastien Jean-Métivier oh mon dieu