Days later the charges were dropped, but Guero, the family’s 14 year old chihuahua was dead.


The Free Thought Project
Cassandra Rules
July 25, 2014

On July 13, Josie Garcia’s husband was pulled over by Houston PD for failure to use a turn signal.

The routine traffic stop lead to a search and prescription drugs belonging to the passenger were found.  Both men were subsequently arrested and the SUV was impounded. Charges against her husband were dropped days later.

Unfortunately, Garcia’s 14 year old chihuahua, Guero, was along for the ride.


As the men were being taken into custody and the SUV towed, Guero was removed from the vehicle and left on the side of Highway 59.

Garcia’s husband plead with the officer to let him call someone to come get the dog or for the officer to call animal control, who’s shelter was only 2 blocks away.

The officer refused, claiming the dog would be fine.

For the next 3 days Garcia put up missing posters and searched for her beloved pet. Eventually, she received a call to let her know where he was.

Guero had been found, dead, on the side of the highway not far from where the men were pulled over.  The elderly chihuahua was nearly blind from cataracts and had been hit by oncoming traffic.

Garcia has already filed a complaint with internal affairs, and on Tuesday, she spoke before city council.

Seemingly horrified by her story, the council is asking for policy regarding pets caught up in police activity to be made more clear, and the mayor gave this emotional response-

“Let me give you a public apology right now on behalf of the city of Houston,” Parker told Garcia. “I don’t know what airhead — there’s another word in my mind but I’m not going to say it — would throw, you wouldn’t put a kid on the side of the road. You shouldn’t put someone’s pet on the side of the road.”

A spokesperson for HPD sent condolences to the family, but could not comment, as an internal investigation is under way.

Police need to understand that pets are family, not objects to be left on the side of the road like trash or used as target practice.  Lets all hope we actually see some justice for a change.

  • Marquita Msfeelgood Cauthen

    But if We fight dogs They charge Us with animal cruelty so Wtf do you call this..This has got to stop! Smh