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Children’s Hospital Bombed in Syria Amidst Massive Civilian Casualities from US Air Strikes

On Monday of last week, airstrikes, led by US coalition forces, killed 21 innocent civilians in Manbij’s northern Hazawneh quarter in Syria. On the following Tuesday, additional strikes in the region killed 56 more, including multiple children.

Prior to the strikes last week, more than 100 civilians have already been killed in Manbij in only a short time by US bombs — nearly half of them children.

On Friday, another tragic air strike hit the Save the Children-supported maternity hospital in Idlib. This hospital serves over 1,300 women and performs over 300 deliveries each month.

Save the Children said the strike hit the front of the hospital building, at a time when two operations were under way and a woman was in labor, according to Al Jazeera.

“Several babies were injured when their incubators crashed to the floor, and a woman who was six months pregnant had her leg severed,” Save the Children said in a statement.

“Two other women have shrapnel wounds to the stomach and a number of patients and staff have suffered light injuries.”

Also on Friday, immediately following the strikes on the hospital, more details surfaced on at least 28 civilians who have reportedly been killed and several wounded in US-led air strikes on the suburbs of Manbij, slightly northeast of Idlib.

Friday’s state-sponsored murder of civilians comes only one day after the US-led coalition announced it had enough evidence of civilian casualties from its attacks on the same area last week to launch a formal investigation.

Save the Children posted the following short video immediately after the attack on the hospital.

The bomb hit the entrance to the hospital, which is the biggest in the area, serving over 1,300 women monthly,” a spokeswoman for the charity told Al Jazeera on Friday.

“Bombing a maternity hospital which is helping women living under the shadow of war to give birth safely is a shameful act, whether it was done intentionally or because due care was not taken to avoid civilian areas,” Sonia Khush, Syria director for Save the Children, said.

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According to the spokesperson with Save the Children, the total number of casualties is currently unknown as well as who carried out the direct hit on an international charity hospital devoted to children.

However, the deaths of these innocent men, women, and children will, and likely already have been, written off as collateral damage in the war on terror.

The US military will claim that Islamic militants hide among the population to deliberately cause civilian casualties during coalition strikes. However, they conveniently ignore the fact that it is coalition bombs killing the civilians.

Before the assault on Syria from the west, Syria had vibrant, bustling marketplaces in the old cities of Damascus and Aleppo. The country boasted its own innovative IT industry despite economic sanctions imposed by the West.

Terror attacks were all but non-existent and the people certainly never feared bombs falling from the sky — especially onto children’s hospitals. However, all that changed after the ambitions of the military industrial complex became reality.

In depressing irony, the West continues to fail to realize the cause of terrorism and instead focus on fighting the symptoms. Americans, especially, continue to buy into the notion that the terrorists hate our freedom.

If you truly believe that terrorism exists as a revolt against the West’s freedoms, you’d do well to look around. If they actually hated our freedoms, then they must love us now as American’s lose freedoms now on a near daily basis.

However, this over-used and ill-conceived euphemism for the wholesale export of murder has been very effective at blinding Americans to the actual plight of war.

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Only through educating ourselves and others about who is behind this theater of constant war and terror, will we ever begin to stop it. Continued dehumanization of Middle Eastern people and more war will only serve to fuel the flames of terrorism. It’s high time American citizens stand up and bravely say — no more war.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.
  • 30yrfed

    But they hate us for our freedom!!!

    • Rena Wrapper

      I hope youre being sarcastic. The only people who have taken the freedoms away and want to control everyone is the U.S. GOVT. People in other countries dont give a damn about how free other countries are but they DO give a damn when that “free” country keeps slaughtering their women and children for $$$$.

      • billdeserthills

        If you are speaking about muslims, then No, they apparently don’t care about when other people come into their country & destroy their home, women or children–In fact they won’t lift a finger to help themselves, except to run away, like a mistreated animal.

        Of course once they feel safe again, in their ‘new country’ then they become brave, or cunning– much like rats and other vermin do-They begin to insist that their ‘old ways’ be instituted, even though the host country clearly explained these ‘old ways’ were to be forgotten and that these new ‘citizens were to assimilate, which is just another fancy word for liberal trash to ignore.

        Simply look to other places in the world, where muslims were allowed to come & see how well that is working for those places. Countries like France, Germany and many other European countries that are now very sorry they ever felt any compassion for the ‘poor muslims’, who never stop trying to advance their agenda upon these poor compassionate ‘suckers’, much like yourself, who ‘only wanted to help’.

    • Rena Wrapper

      There are 46 other countries with MORE Rights and Freedoms than the USA. Do you care about their freedoms? No, we are too busy living our own lives. But if one of those truly free countries started bombing the shit out of the USA leaving death and destruction and piles of rubble and blood everywhere, THEN you would fight back. And who would be the real terrorists here?

      • billdeserthills

        Tell me about these ‘freer’ countries, do they have the right to carry their guns around openly?

        • Brian King

          Yea I guess you got us on that and even then it’s only if your a certain race

  • They hate the US because we send them death and destruction on a daily basis, and the bombs don’t care who they kill.

  • James Michael

    The US creates terrorists with their treason and terrorism…..Actually that would make them lawmen seeking justice for the US murders….not terrorists….

  • billdeserthills

    The US bombed another hospital, that must be a new record for us!

    • tapatio

      State sponsored terrorism is US.

      Ain’t ya proud?

      • billdeserthills

        I don’t think any citizens in the area will mind, that hospital only serves women anyway

        • tapatio

          Thanks for voicing the bigot/Trump set’s POV. Go back to your Ku Klukker meeting – or are you Zionist?

          • billdeserthills

            Nope, neither one, but thanks for playing.
            Personally, I do value women, but my comment above respects the views of the voting public, in that area

          • tapatio

            And I was referring to your bigotry against Muslims.

          • billdeserthills

            Nobody in America asked to have a bunch of people who won’t lift a finger to help themselves, let alone their wives and children. They won’t fight to protect what belongs to them and most do not wish to assimilate, as every other race of people allowed to come here have. I don’t have any use for people who cannot ‘fit in’ and I get along fine with other americans, so it sounds like You have a problem. My troubles will be over when Trump kicks out all these useless minority scum.

          • tapatio

            Go back to your skinhead or Ku Klukker trailer park. You’re obviously white trash.

          • billdeserthills

            Why should I enjoy watching scum destroy My country? You should put in a request to be moved out of here with the scum, after Trump gets into office. In fact, since You enjoy muslims turning upon their hosts so much you should move to France right now

          • tapatio
          • billdeserthills

            What’s that you say? You are just another ‘useless idiot’ needed by the democrats, in order to jam their unwanted agenda down our throats??

          • tapatio
          • billdeserthills

            Exactly as I suspected, so You would prefer to have a murderous, lying thief in charge, so you can go on with your attempts to turn this entire country into a cess-pool.

          • are you just unaware of the number of times trump bilked paying employees by filing bankruptcy? ‘thief’ comes to mind

            meanwhile, plenty of us who see trump for the trash he is do not support hillary clinton

          • billdeserthills

            Are you aware that the other white meat is a multiple felon, who is directly responsible for many deaths of American citizens??

            Trump has not broken any Criminal Laws, unlike hillary. Now You can vote for the law abiding candidate or you can vote for a oath-breaking pos like hillary, or you can throw your vote in the garbage, oh wait–that’s what you get with hillary

            Vote Trump 2016!!

          • here’s the difference between us : you will vote for an absolutely racist idiot because of your hatred for hillary clinton … and i will not vote for hillary clinton just because trump is a racist idiot

          • billdeserthills

            If you want to throw away your vote, that is your business. I don’t have any ‘hatred’ for hillary, as I do not know hillary. I do have a dislike for the way she has sold out Our country to the highest bidder, to foreign enemies. I also dislike the ‘stupid’ act she is doing, although if anyone actually were to believe that hillary cannot remember all the things she is recorded as having said & done, then she is indeed far too ignorant to be folding her own clothes, not to mention running this country.

            As shown on SouthPark, picking a president is usually a choice between voting for a giant douche, or a sh’t sandwich. My vote is for the man who hasn’t murdered anyone (that we know of)

            Vote Trump 2016

          • billdeserthills

            Funny that you think Trump is racist, last time I saw hillary speaking with a black man, he began moving closer to her, in order to ask a question, and I thought she would have the secret service shoot the man, I believe hillary is far more racist than she appears–In fact I think hillary secretly hates every single one of us Americans and I think she thinks she is far far above us all.

          • frankspeak

            interesting juxtaposition!…

  • Just_Plain_Jim
    • aaron666nyc

      They weren’t “genocided” just like one does not get homocided. Also, between 3-500,000 is a pretty broad number, I think I know what they think they meant, but the actual number is upwards of a total of 25,000. It was originally published by the reich in local press at 200,000+ fatalities as a means of trying to reinvigorate morale. Basically, what this meme full of typos is doing, is promoting 70 year old falsified Nazi propaganda. And, while pretty horrible of course obviously, the Nazi’s had been carpet bombing London for years prior in an effort to destroy their production efforts and deliver a “knockout blow”. I’m not justifying any of this as good behavior, I’m just trying to point out some important details if you are interested in history. Also, if you are interested, check out what the allied forces (mainly US) was doing to Tokyo with incendiary bombs during the final months of the war. A lot of that destruction was due in part to a majority of their homes being made of wood at the time. It’s just part of the ugliness of modernized war and a large scale demonstration of “scorched earth” policies that both sides were practicing.

      At any rate, here is an interesting link if you do wanna learn more about the Dresden bombings (originally planned in 1944 under codename Operation Thunderclap)


  • reinaldo

    USA don´t care about people
    they just think about money and money and more money
    and when i said USA i am not talking about people
    i am talking about USA goverment
    the ones who have the power

  • reinaldo

    when you have dirty money and you want clean that money the best country to do that is QUENIA
    the 2º country is USA

  • TruthPrevails

    I am a phone solicitor for the wounded warrior project. I keep 80% of my take in. I recruited 19 others to solicit under me and I get 30% of theirs. I’d retire, but if I leave for a day, the profits drop by 30% just because I’m not there to hammer them. I make just under $39,000 per month. If they are gonna make money off kids than do am I

  • tvsgael2

    I’m sorry Matt, but you said it yourself. The military Industrial Complex, which cannot be defeated, so it’s too late. We have a majority of Americans, both private and in the government, who control everything. This country will continue to go to war until we get a leader who says no more war. That could have been either of the Paul’s, father or son, Dennis Kucinich, or Bernie Sanders. Or a couple of women, both present and past senators. But that’s about it. The rest are bought and paid for.