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CIA Analyst Who Interrogated Saddam Hussein Just Blew the Lid Off the US ‘Official Story’

A CIA analyst who interrogated Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has some damning words about the invasion, saying the United States “got it wrong” — and was ‘critically mistaken’ on its military action in the country.

John Nixon, the Independent reports, specifically pointed to the CIA’s view of Hussein’s feelings about the use of chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians — a narrative frequently touted by the George W. Bush administration during the nascent invasion.

Nixon says CIA officials “were also mistaken about [Hussein’s] health, personal habits and his involvement in running Iraq.”

Writing on his book, Debriefing The President: The Interrogation Of Saddam Hussein, for the Daily Mail, Nixon offered acrid criticism regarding Bush’s leadership, saying the former president heard “only what he wanted to hear” — including that Iraq had somehow been responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001.

“Look at who was involved,” Nixon recalled the Iraqi leader telling the interrogators. “What countries did they come from? Saudi Arabia. And this [ringleader] Muhammad Atta, was he an Iraqi? No. He was Egyptian. Why do you think I was involved in the attacks?”

In fact, Nixon noted, “Saddam had actually believed 9/11 would bring Iraq and America closer because Washington would need his secular government to help fight fundamentalism. How woefully wrong he had been.”

On the topic of Bush’s elusive weapons of mass destruction — the ostensible impetus for invading Iraq — Hussein told Nixon and the CIA interrogators:

“Iraq is not a terrorist nation. We did not have a relationship with (Osama) bin Laden, and did not have weapons of mass destruction… and were not a threat to our neighbours. But the American President [George W Bush] said Iraq wanted to attack his daddy and said we had ‘weapons of mass destruction.’”

Asked if he had entertained the idea of using these WMDs on a preemptive basis against U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia, he replied, “We never thought about using weapons of mass destruction. It was not discussed. Use chemical weapons against the world? Is there anyone with full faculties who would do this? Who would use these weapons when they had not been used against us?”

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Nixon explained the officials were taken aback by this unexpected candor — and a narrative wholly contrary to that proffered by the Bush administration and its lockstep corporate media. But as the fated leader explained, he hadn’t been blameless in the gross misunderstanding.

“The spirit of listening and understanding was not there – I don’t exclude myself from this blame,” Nixon recalled Saddam saying.

Indeed, Nixon noted Hussein had not necessarily been fully in control of his own government — and hadn’t been for some time. Evincing this, the leader responded to queries about the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war by stating, “But I did not make that decision.”

“Our perception that he ruled with an iron grip was also mistaken,” Nixon noted. “It became clear from our interrogations that in his final years, Saddam seemed clueless about what had been happening inside Iraq. He was inattentive to what his government was doing, had no real plan for the defence of Iraq and could not comprehend the immensity of the approaching storm.”

That storm — the ill-fated and falsely-premised invasion, for which the government proffered evidenceless, fake news propaganda through pliant mainstream media — wrought cataclysmic turbulence upon Iraq to this day.

In fact, the callously glib attitude displayed by Bush and his cronies — perversely facetious jokes about missing WMDs comes swiftly to mind — will never soften or negate the sheer number of fatalities for which the failed campaign bears sole responsibility.

Well over one million Iraqi civilians — by some estimates, nearly two million — died as a result of the invasion, though the true figure might never be known. No less than 4,000 American troops gave their lives fighting a campaign doomed to fail from the start — and Bush didn’t win any friends in shouldering the blame on the backs of U.S. intelligence officials.

“You are going to fail,” Hussein told the CIA interrogators as explosions could be overheard outside. “You are going to find that it is not so easy to govern Iraq.”

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Indeed, with the country in complete shambles well over a decade later — and thousands of U.S. troops still stationed there under murky pretenses — it would seem, as the CIA analyst reiterates, Saddam has been tragically vindicated in that prognostication.

The grand lie of weapons of mass destruction — and Judith Miller’s utterly false reports in the New York Times suggesting stockpiles of chemical weapons — are arguably the most deadly ‘fake news’ gaffe in U.S. media history. But as Nixon rightly criticizes, Bush’s stalwart prejudice about Iraq and Saddam Hussein persisted long after the fact.

“I decided I would not criticise the hardworking patriots of the CIA for the faulty intelligence on Iraq,” Bush stated unironically in his 2010 memoir, as Nixon observes.

George W. Bush, in a foolishly unwarranted vendetta, cherry-picked precise points necessary in the intelligence briefings he would later characterize as faulty in order to initiate an unsavory and aggressive takeover of an otherwise sovereign nation.

Nixon emphasized it wasn’t as if Saddam Hussein were a saint, but the profound mischaracterization of the Iraqi leader had appalling consequences.

“I do not wish to imply that Saddam was innocent,” Nixon writes. “He was a ruthless dictator who plunged his region into chaos and bloodshed. But in hindsight, the thought of having an ageing and disengaged Saddam in power seems almost comforting in comparison with the wasted effort of our brave men and women in uniform and the rise of Islamic State, not to mention the £2.5 trillion spent to build a new Iraq.”

Executors took the life of the troubled, despotic leader exactly ten years ago this December 30, but the true complexities of Saddam Hussein — the man demonized and excoriated by American officials and corporate media, alike — might yet be given a fairer light of truth.

  • LadyDonnalands

    America should have never went to Iraq.

    • European≠Nationality/Ethnicity

      *gone – should have never gone. You’re welcome, LD.
      Content-wise, we’re on the same page.

      • lizabeth.ellis

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      • LadyDonnalands

        My grammar sucks. Thank you…I need all the help I can get.
        I didn’t want my son to go over there. My son was on the USS Lincoln during “Shock and Awe”…That part he thought was awesome but the Christmas Tsunami where they pulled out dead bodies was not. I worried about my son everyday while he was away. I made sure to send him love packages…I found out the biggest box he could receive. I loaded it up with things he couldn’t get on the ship- according to my son’s list. He loved that squeeze cheese through the can. I was amazed the cheese cans never exploded in midair. I had a can of hairspray do that all over my clothes in my luggage. I learned to only pack spray bottles of hairspray after that incident.

  • Rollo10

    Saddam was killed because he was selling his oil in Euros, just as Gaddafi wanted the whole of Africa to use a new ‘gold dinar’ coin. This would have destroyed the dollar, which the reason they are in conflict still. BRICS promote ‘gold backed currencies’, while the US want to retain the fiat dollar, alongside One World Government.
    TPP-TTIP-CETA are to be their next move towards NWO, once all three Treaties are signed, they unite all those nations as one – single market – against those who oppose, BRICS. These nations will be forced in by war, Financial, Sanctioned or Military, America have already regime changed Argentina & Brazil.

    • TeslaFan

      It’s what America does—meddle in elections of other countries, engage in bloody regime changes so we can get more access to more oil, and kill world leaders who get in our way. It’s SOP for the USA.

      • Timothy Russell

        We(U.S.) are mercenaries for hire, mainly to the IMF!! Every country that won’t let them in and back their OWN currency in gold all of the sudden need democracy and their ruler is a evil tyrant! By the way any one that emissary is only doing it for the corporations! You’re not protecting/fighting ford or freedoms!That was already done for U.S. over a 140 years a go! If fighting to protect U.S. for our rights and freedoms, you’d be fighting our own government!

        • katherine.cayer

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        • katherine.prather

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    • Andy White

      Yep…shame obama has not been mentioned in this report as he added to this misery plenty and lied about it without any conscience at all….his pull out but put in policy was for all to see….the democrats are so deep in this globalization and NWO that it is a cancer which will destroy millions of lives if they get their way…oh and i do not exclude the republican elite in this as the political elite of the USA and UK and EU are all sleeping in the same bed….trust me in England it has become very clear as to this ”FULL AGENDA” and the death this will bring will change the human race forever and place them in a darkness that we will never recover from…the word freedom is already a joke in bad taste but soon it will be OPENLY A MYTH….

      • Rollo10

        Trust me Andy, it hasn’t become ‘very clear’ at all here, the ‘Remainers’ still haven’t woken up. in fact they are helping the Government sabotage the exit.
        One can only hope.

      • Lie_Buster

        My friend. You must realize the fakers are not anti-war, anti-misery, anti-wrong at all. As you pointed out, it is 100% true about Obama. From the time he stepped into the office till the time he left – eight straight years – he was committing crimes against humanity, bombing around the clock non-stop. However, whatever they call themselves – “left,” “progressives,” “liberals,” … whatever … there was a new religion in town called Obamagasm (previously Clintonation) and they were obliged to worship him. Hence, his bombs were bombs of freedom – bombs of human rights – bombs of democracy. So they are not allowed to criticize Godbama, no matter how insane and psychopathic he proves to be. Yes, I know – that’s a working definition of hypocrisy, blah blah, blah, but who cares about core morality these days? Nobel Committee gives THE most violent person on earth a peace prize. The Kosher Nostra (Hollywood) gives documented terrorists (White Helmets) an Oscar. The rest of us are supposed to go along not noticing the emperor is buck naked.

  • Umm, no, the United States didn’t “got it wrong”, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. The Ministry of Truth made sure the public was on their side (not hard to do after 9/11, American’s were blood thirst driven). There was plenty of information out there that people could have read that showed the government and their puppets in the MSM (even some of that information was provided by the MSM) were lying.

    The Oligarchy own your government and the media, so it is they that got what they wanted.

    Owned & Operated

    • wmyers4u

      Exactly. It was an open secret way before we invaded. I never bought it.

    • Lie_Buster

      Thank you for clarifying it to the clueless. The one who comes up behind you and puts a club upside your head and takes your wallet did not make a “mistake” or “error.” Neither did the United States of America.

  • Sep 11, 2013 9/11 In A Nutshell as James Corbett presents this 5 minute parody of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11


    September 11, 2013 Twelve Years of War, Lies and Deception

    Twelve years after the 9/11 attacks, no credible independent investigation has been done to find out what really happened on that day and who was responsible.


  • Sep 5, 2016 9/11 Suspect – Rudy Giuliani

    Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers. It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so passionately detest Giuliani for his actions in disgracing their fallen brothers and covering up the 9/11 crime.


  • Trisha

    This is a lie. I know a woman from Iraq and that is how I found out about the babies being taken from the towns and being experimented on with bio and chem weapons. That IS true! So dont believe what this guy is telling you.

    • Phillip Brandt

      This is ridiculous.

    • Phil Freeman

      I know a guy, who’s brothers cousins aunt who had a paper route as a kid that told me…

      • PJ London

        Hey, I know that guy too.

        • Phil Freeman

          He’s well traveled!

      • Cornelius McNamara

        sounds much like the 911 commission report.

    • wmyers4u

      Proof please

    • PJ London

      No no Trisha, that is Putin.

  • Phillip Brandt

    One of the lowest points in American history (to that point) was the GW Bush war upon Iraq. Its population could have no idea why they were being attacked. I am afraid we are going to see far lower points soon. The USA that we knew began to fade when Bush was announced President over Gore…by the “Supreme Court”. :'(

  • HanzP

    If anyone wants to verify what utter lies and disinfo this cheap outrage contains — you *may* find the only thing this CIA “ANAL’ZIT blew the lid off is the truth. The same absent truth that “plunged his region into chaos and bloodshed” by the same murderous lies and agitprop.

    Dec 1, 1995 – As many as 576000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security… http://www.nytimes.com/1995/12/01/world/iraq-sanctions-kill-children-un-reports.html

    The Secret War on Iraq
    by John Pilger, 2002-12-20

    The Iraq War
    by Peter Meyer

    Illegal Immoral Unjust
    A Psychopath’s War
    [library of U.S. War criminality]


  • Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    Predictable 53 years after a CIA Coup. JFK and the Unspeakable is #TheMostCensoredBookOnEarth
    “Arguably the most important book yet written about a U.S. president … Should be required reading for all high school and college students, and anyone who is a registered voter!”—JOHN PERKINS, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman

    • Sloan J Croft

      Bloody good book.

  • Robert Westie

    So in other words the Yankee government are asshole puppyets run by the militaryy complex that trades death for dollars. It´s time to flush the nation down the shitter.

    • polly parrot

      Robert, that is exactly what Islam is doing with mass uncontrolled, but organised, Islamic immigration, flushing America down the shitter. It will build and built until it explodes onto your streets. Thats what is happening to Europe.

  • Michael George

    Putin did it.

  • Kevin Carroll

    What a BS article. It ignores the 10 years prior to the Bush administration that concluded that Hussein had WMDs and the other countries that also believed he had WMDs, not to mention Hans Blix who also believed the story. It’s just another left wing smear piece from a fake news site.

    • TopOfTheWorld

      LOL. Are you one of those Republicans that doesn’t believe in facts?

    • George Reichel

      How did we know that Saddam had wmd’s?Simple.We gave them to him to attack Iran.

    • QV3

      Yeah, Like the Gulf of Tonkin Lie that saw 5 million INNOCENT Vietnamese SLAUGHTERED.
      You must be very proud of MAI LAI.

    • zangsta

      oh oh, Hans Blix never beleived the story about WMD´s, quite the opposite. Bush chose to ignore him. Blix has written a book about it all. He was spending a lot of time in Iraq, as it was his assignment. “After the first Gulf War in 1991, the UN Security Council required Iraq
      to eliminate its chemical, biological and previously unknown nuclear
      weapon programs under UN verification. Iraq was subsequently accused of
      having restarted its WMD programs, which was the principal justification
      for the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States and a number of its
      allies. The accusations turned out to be incorrect.”

      • Kevin Carroll

        In an interview with Cristiane Amanpour at Berkeley on the 1 year anniversary of the war , Blix stated that he too believed that Iraq had WMDs.

  • samuelstorns

    Republicans are the best.

    • dentss

      Coke or Pepsi ……….same as it ever was

  • Joe Starr

    The war profiteering ways of American leadership is screwing up the world!

    Back off from Iraq and Syria bozos!

  • George Reichel

    CIA/Mossad/Saudis did 911

  • Abcdef098

    Saddam was not killed because of the petro dollar. They already had enough money. Saddam wanted to be an old Babylon King. They invaded Iraq because of the artefacts in the museum. This would have showed they existed the annunaki. Germans were studying the artefacts at the time.

    • QV3

      Saddam was killed because the Criminal Bush Jr. and the queen of England wanted his GOLD & the BILLIONS he had deposited in the US. Saddam was a CIA asset. Used as a dumb animal by Evil US in its 8 year war with Iran. Saddam was the Bush Family business partner in the Carlyle group.
      All business transactions were conducted through the queen’s Coutts bank.
      Google. Full story available. Read Webster Tarpley’s Bush Family.

  • QV3

    It took the COWARD CIA analyst to muster courage after his conscience gave him sleepless nights all these years, as the pictures of 2 million slaughtered Iraqis, their country completely destroyed and devastated made him lose appetite to come clean on Saddam Hussein.
    The rest of the world already know the truth: the US LIES. Sovereign nation and leader DIE.

  • Andy White

    Yep…shame obama has not been mentioned in this report as he added to this misery plenty and lied about it without any conscience at all….his pull out but put in policy was for all to see….the democrats are so deep in this globalization and NWO that it is a cancer which will destroy millions of lives if they get their way…oh and i do not exclude the republican elite in this as the political elite of the USA and UK and EU are all sleeping in the same bed….trust me in England it has become very clear as to this ”FULL AGENDA” and the death this will bring will change the human race forever and place them in a darkness that we will never recover from…the word freedom is already a joke in bad taste but soon it will be OPENLY A MYTH….such sadness for the future, if we have one…???

  • Alan Morgan

    America is a cancer on the planet, sorry to say.

  • Andrew Nathan-Nahu

    Is this some form of culling the human race, no surprize is colonial signature