Singer, songwriter, and Beatle, John Lennon didn’t meet his fate at the hands of a deranged fan, according to a book; instead, his killer received training from the CIA and other U.S. Intelligence agencies — and not for his music.

Author John Potash claims the U.S. government wanted Lennon erased for his robust influence promoting what it deemed “radical leftist” ideologies.

In essence, dissenting opinion coupled with massive popularity brought to fruition Lennon’s killing.

But United States Intelligence mavens didn’t shake perturbance with dissent after Mark David Chapman ended Lennon’s four decades of life with a hail of gunfire outside the penultimate icon’s New York City apartment on the night of December 8, 1980 — Potash insists the CIA pursued both epochal rapper, Tupac Shakur, and grunge rock legend, Kurt Cobain.

Described in news reports as a rabid, psychotic fan, 25-year-old Chapman landed a sentence of 20 years-to-life after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.


Lennon’s murder has since kindled countless putative ‘conspiracy’ theories, including many mirroring that proffered by Potash in his incendiary book, “Drugs as Weapons Against Us.”

Potash, according to Express, writes that Lennon’s ostensively untenable activities included spearheading anti-war demonstrations and a benefit concert to free imprisoned activist, poet, and similar U.S. government target, John Sinclair.

Sinclair’s radical beliefs and actions — which included founding the revolutionary anti-racist White Panthers — also shook the war-mongering establishment to the core, and the Flint, Michigan, native ultimately succeeded proving he’d been the subject of illegal domestic surveillance to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972.

Lennon’s turn from drugs toward the anti-war movement and political activism, Potash writes, reaped grave concerns from the Intelligence Community — which saw the ex-Beatle’s unhindered clout over youth as a threat to the U.S. agenda abroad and at home.

Lennon, a native of Liverpool, had just one month remaining until U.S. citizenship would be granted when Chapman took his life.

“This exemplified the international interest and influence of Lennon, underscoring why his leftist activism was a threat to the CIA and the oligarchy,” Potash explains.

“The book recounts an investigation by former Sunday Express legal correspondent Fenton Bresler, who obtained classified documents from the FBI and CIA,” Express reports.

“The documents were said to show the star’s arrest for drugs use in 1972 was ‘to neutralise and disrupt’ his activities. They suggested Lennon was tracked by the intelligence agencies during the 1970s.”

One of the most salient, if explosive, claims detailed in the book surrounds Chapman’s alleged CIA training in Beirut, Lebanon, where — with a hefty population of Palestinian refugees, and as that nation spiraled into heated conflict — the U.S. spy agency had a massive presence, in the years surrounding Lennon’s murder.

According to Potash, Chapman “waited for Lennon to arrive home on the fatal night, kneeled down in a combat stance and shot the star four times in the back from 20ft away […]

“He could have escaped but instead took of his coat, folded it up and took out Catcher in the Rye out of his pocket.”

Countless theories have enunciated peculiarities surrounding Lennon’s killing, including that, as Phil Strongman penned in “John Lennon: Life, Times and Assassination,” Chapman might have been “programmed” to carry out the murder — and J.D. Salinger’s epic tome indeed played a role. He wrote,

“Catcher In The Rye was part of Chapman’s hypnotic programming, a trigger that could be ‘fired’ at him by a few simple keywords [via] a cassette tape message, telex or telegram or even a mere telephone call.”

In a previous interview, NYPD Lt. Arthur O’Connor told Bresler, the Sunday Express journalist, “Chapman looked like he could have been programmed and I know that you are going to make of that word. That was the way he looked and that was the way he talked.”

A spokesman for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency unsurprisingly asserted to Express the claims in Potash’s book are ‘baseless’ and do not warrant consideration.

However, to the untold numbers comprising Lennon’s perpetual fan base — and to all who champion the right to dissent and the imperative of liberties in the Constitution delineating as much — accounts like Potash’s provide resounding confirmation the government does not, and will never, abide being crossed.

Claire Bernish began writing as an independent, investigative journalist in 2015, with works published and republished around the world. Not one to hold back, Claire’s particular areas of interest include U.S. foreign policy, analysis of international affairs, and everything pertaining to transparency and thwarting censorship. To keep up with the latest uncensored news, follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @Subversive_Pen.
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      “If We Were All Just People”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        I think that is part of the problem.

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    Pure Garbage !

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      So, he was just an ordinary good old American boy then?

      Heaven help us all.

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        Of course he wasn’t ! He was English, dummy ! I just don’t buy into the conspiracy theories !

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          he meant the killer idiot. if you do not buy anything it does not mean everything is false. the first sign of stupidity is denial of everything :DDDDDDDDDDD

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            Only if you say so i guess. That sure goes a long way in making it true !

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          Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows.
          — Unknown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oPluex8tds

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            I only believe about half of what *I Think I know* And have no belief in any Conspiracy Theories at all, Ever ! Due to the fact that is exactly what they are *Conspiracy Theories* !!!!!!

            Is the Moon Made Out Of Cheese or Little Men Live On Mars ? It dose depending on who you choose to believe. Me ? I guess I am the fool, because I prefer the proof of it, rather than told it is so, in most things being human, except about morality and thouse things about the human spirit that I can’t disprove, but choose to believe in them ! That My Dear is truth, the rest just being pure ca ca.

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            Nope. Not the same at all. I know enough. You have admitted to being closed minded and your comments reveal that you have been brainwashed into adopting an attitude which causes you to dismiss a highly plausible theory without doing any research on the topic at all, because it doesn’t fit into your belief system. Try being informed instead of just opinionated. And your simplistic insults further proves my point.

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            Quite simply. I am well informed about what I care about as to be worth knowing about ! The rest is just stupid bullshit, that others like yourself can get all worked up over, while running around in circles.

            It’s not that I am as closed minded as you say I am. But being 68 years old, and doing what I have in my life that has made me what I am today, allows for me to question what, I and when, I chose to go Hmm that’s interesting or not ! I don’t need to read a encyclopedia to understand it all. My own mortality, and where I am in life serves me well enough to question it all ! Not you young lady, just because you think I should or your opinion of it ! So unless you have ever stared into a telescope or microscope like I have, and begin to realize just the actual size you are. Please Shut Up !

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    Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction

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    illuminati killers

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    If it weren’t for reality checks, there’d be no conspiracy-theorists’–;!

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    So the CIA killed him years after he last promoted “untenable activities” and had a public presence?

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    The real reason John Lennon was killed is he was about to expose the fraud about the imposter portraying the real Paul McCartney that died in November of 1966 in a car accident. He was replaced by a man with similar appearances. With years of plastic surgery (False Paul) Faul McCartney came to be.

    There is a documentary by the late George Harrison that proves these facts about Paul’s death and replacement.
    “Paul McCartney is dead: The last testament of George Harrison.” by Joel Gilbert. On Amazon Prime.

    George clearly shows every aspect of the Beatles album covers since Paul’s death that insinuated that fact.

    Research the documentary for yourselves.

    And Ringo Star said the same thing about Paul’s death in a interview last year.


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      Did you know that the Pyramids in Egypt were built by Space Aliens ! It’s true ! They even wrote a book about it, and made a movie showing how it was done. Unfortunately the Aliens didn’t show up while they were filming, maybe that had something else going that day and couldn’t make it. Probably looking for the shooter on the grassy knoll in Texas !

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          For thouse who advocate as truth to conspiracy, and hooked on it hook, line and sinker, they are what they are, in in my view, rather silly for it. I just don’t believe in it because someone said it’s so ! And will call em out over it, in order to prove it, befor I do. So if that’s a problem for them or you. Tough Shit ! Mr. Namaste. Oh shit ! You crack me up !

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            Old Guy,

            I gave references for the info I provided about Paul McCartney’s death in 1966.
            From two of his band-mates.
            So, no conspiracy theory here, hook, line or sinker.

            Evidently, you didn’t research the info I shared and just had a condescending knee-jerk response to my post, without one shred of discernment.

            What facts have you brought forward, besides sarcastic opinions, for a sane conversation? NONE.
            Where are your facts from researching the subject for an adult rebuttal? NONE.

            Bringing forth facts from your own research about the subject we are discussing, with sound reasoning is called, “Debating an issue.”

            All you’ve done is ridicule and taunt us in a very immature foul mouthed way for a man of your age at 68. Cracking yourself up.

            It is you that are drinking the kool-ade of disillusionment with the way you are reacting to our opinions in such a low-brow way. That’s part of the definition of a Troll that you are acting like and shouldn’t be proud of or take in such disregard.

            Sorry for your unfortunate way of perceiving our World and your condescending negative attitude towards your fellow citizens.

            I hope you awaken to a better life of reasoning before you get older and more senile!


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            Not much, except I was around when the record was played backwards, to sound like Paul is dead ! And also bought my first Beatle Album when it was first released in 1962. As well had the album that had two covers, on top of the other, showing one with severed doll’s heads and pigs guts, and the other of them nice and clean as a smiling 4 lads from Liverpool. Went to there first concert ever held in S.F. when they first went on tour here in America. Anything Else Conservancy expert !?

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