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VIDEO: Innocent Man’s Dashcam Exonerates Him After Exposing the Cop as the One Who Broke the Law

Kingston, NY — Filming the police has proven to be an essential part of exposing police corruption. Without direct evidence of their crimes, captured on video, the public would never believe the commoner over the state. Charlie Balakubak, of Kingston, New York, just recently illustrated the power of filming when his dashcam captured a police officer nearly hit him — and then charge Balakubak with a crime that the cop committed!

Balakubak’s run-in with the police was almost literal last September when a cop crossed a double yellow line and swerved at him head on. Narrowly escaping a deadly collision, Balakubak honked at the offending officer and simply carried on.

However, this cop was either out for revenge, or entirely delusional — so he pulled Balakubak over and accused Balakubak of a crime that the cop just committed.

Knowing he’d done nothing wrong and, in fact, had video of the officer breaking the law, Balakubak was confident during the stop. In spite of telling the officer he had video of him breaking the law, Balakubak was still issued a citation for the cop’s crime.

The Free Thought Project spoke with Balakubak, who explained how the video of the incident quickly helped him out.

“The incident occurred at 7:30 PM, I had the video up by 11 PM that night. Shortly after, I sent an email to the chief of police. 9 AM the following morning,” explains Balakubak, “I spoke with the chief who said they were reviewing that video. I then called the District Attorney and left a message for them. They never returned the call. At 3 PM, I sent the link to two of the TV stations locally as well as to two newspapers locally.”

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According to Balakubak, the video worked!

“At 4:30 that day, I received a call from the Deputy Chief with an apology and letting me know that the officer was being reprimanded and that the ticket would be dismissed. On Friday the 7th, I received a letter from the city explaining that the ticket was dismissed. The letter came from the city lawyer who is also an ADA, which would explain why the DA’s office never returned my call.

“The chief in Kingston is a good guy, unfortunately, they are tasked with having to rely on some whose integrity is less than honorable. In the video, you’ll hear me ask how that moron Strand is. Strand was the supervisor that showed up at the stop that night after Mills took my information. In the extended video, I give it to him as well. They both were responsible for the ticket I received. They must have taken a gamble that I either didn’t have a camera OR that it was not working, then decided to write the ticket.The whole stop took about 30 minutes to complete.”

Had video not existed showing this officer break the law, no one would have ever believed Balakubak, and he knew this as he’s been through it before.

“A very similar incident occurred in 2008 with the Saugerties NY police,” he told the Free Thought Project. “They, however, weren’t going to be one-upped by a peasant. They tried everything they could to get me to plead guilty, which I did not. Video evidence in that case also exonerated me but, the Judge in his dismissal letter did his best to convict me anyway by describing my actions as reprehensible. I sued in State Supreme court on civil rights violations and won that case. I even drafted all my accusatory instruments to get into State Supreme court.”

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As Balakubak tells the Free Thought Project, he’s not anti-cop, only anti-corrupt cop.

“They seem to forget that, once the officer crosses the line from LEO to LEA (law enforcement abuser) their actions are criminal, and at that point they can no longer expect courtesy. Furthermore, I am a Oath of Service bearer which requires me to support and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Ulster County NY is very corrupt, as are some of the towns that reside in it. Judges, Mayors, Police and more seemed to be immune to prosecution, conviction or even being arrested in this area, even though they are out of control. One mayor here died about 15 years ago because of cocaine abuse. That was covered up and an autopsy report was never disclosed to the public.”

Below is a brief video showing the power of lying cops and the power of citizens with cameras to expose them. Please share this article and video with others so that they may see the power we, as a people, still have.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • john smith

    deprivation of rights under color of law
    Sue him

  • Tspud1

    I predict more tickets from cops. Probably from behind where his camera wont pick it up. Something like doing 35 in a 30 or tail light out.

    • Sillywilly

      agreed, he’ll need a new rear facing camera and of course he’ll need to make sure his vehicle is up to snuff. Once you beat them at their own game and get a chance to rub it in their face be ready for intimidation and vendetta harassment.

  • Mike

    The cop should be fired for perjury and false arrest!

  • Abz B Zbas

    This stupid cop was caught in a lie but just kept on lying. The chief should fire him for falsifying a report. If he’ll lie about a small mistake, he’ll lie about a big one.

    • gertrude.lewis

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    • Jerry Martinez

      that doesnt happen because of the blue wall

  • bletchley

    Strange how when cops break the law, other cops suddenly lose interest in criminal charges.

  • Keysbum

    what was the song that was playing?

    • Tmoney

      Tulane by Chuck Berry

  • 30yrfed

    This cops name and the video should be provided to every defense atty in the area, he is now a know liar and known to falsify police reports, any of his testimony can easily be impeached ..

  • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

    Why do Americans find the need to constantly parrot the “I am a Oath of Service bearer which requires me to support and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic” speech? It always sounds to me like they are reading something that has been put in front of them. It is most ironic mainly because they are the ones who are doing the ‘attacking.

    • billdeserthills

      Sounds to me like you feel like you should have enlisted and never did–Quit the whining, whiner

      • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

        No this is not about whining, this about people being obsessed with fighting and thinking it is the only thing in life. Only dumb people enlist because you have become securers of oil wells and of gas fields, and murderers of innocent people. So ‘whining’ as you so gracefully put it, is not what this is about.

        • billdeserthills

          Sorry, but all I see out of you is Whining

          • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

            It is called airing my views not whining. I have nothing to whine about. I express my opinion. Just because it is different to yours, in your eloquence, you call it whining. Learn the difference. Or is that another thing you cannot do without being told?

          • billdeserthills

            Long as you are voting for Trump, go ahead and call it what ya like

          • lazerhaze

            Trump is a loser. He’ll kill himself when he loses. If not..#AssassinateTrump

          • billdeserthills

            I can see the only talent you have is as a liar, too bad, you coulda been a politician or a lawyer, but instead you became a piece of scum

          • lazerhaze

            Speak for yourself. I am a 42 year old, retired, Home owning, ASL sign language interpreter who now owns and operates three businesses. I suggest you get your eyes checked if that’s what you “see”.

          • billdeserthills

            Goody Goody for you, I’m self employed and I’m having my new home built for cash–I only know one sign and I can’t show it to you on here, but if you won’t shut up I will tell you all about it

          • lazerhaze

            Starter home!?! LMAO! I bought my home cash out. You don’t know how much money skilled ASL interpreters make do you? 60$ an hour PLUS travel time. If we work in a courtroom it’s 100$ an hour plus travel time. No mortgage for me, sweetheart. Good thing impressing you is low on my list of priorities.

          • billdeserthills

            Wowie, maybe I shoulda got your autograph so I can tell everyone how special I am for knowing a real live hillary voting POS. $60 an hour, what a big deal you think you are!!

          • lazerhaze

            I live a comfortable life due to smart decisions and hard work.

          • billdeserthills

            I work a few hours a day, if that. As a semi-retired locksmith I would likely starve if I worked for the pitifully low rates you seem to charge. I could make a lot more money if I wanted to, but I don’t see a need for it, plus years ago I decided that I was tired of paying bunches of my money to he feds–Why should I, I don’t work for them.
            I like to feel sorry for most folks who feel the need to brag about how well off they think they are

          • Robert Lee Louviere

            “Good thing impressing you is low on my list of priorities.”

            LOL. What you spent the last five posts on… and it’s not a priority.

            That was a good one.

          • billdeserthills

            Btw, the word ‘retired’ would suggest that you no longer hold any job, so maybe now we can see why you democrats look so ridiculous when you explain later, without batting an eye, that you aren’t really ‘retired’ at all–Matter of fact, you said that you have 3 jobs, that is the opposite of retired, but I guess I would naturally just assume that most democrats are lying liars, much like your heroes are….

          • lazerhaze

            Retired means I was given a State funded pension for a generation of work in a field. I trained over 3,000 ASL interpreters and helped tens of thoudands more deaf people to communicate in their own language.

          • billdeserthills

            Nice backpeddle, did you learn that in democrat college??

          • billdeserthills

            Coming from a self-avowed ‘retired’ man who actually has 3 jobs, you would be lying about this too, if you actually did know

          • lazerhaze

            I retired from ASL sign language interpreting after 20 years in the career to own and opperate three businesses. You can’t handle the facts but I own and opperate a custom embroidery design stuido, where I digitally create and sell machine embroidery design files, I sell machine embroided items. I also make one of a kind custom designed, one of s kind quilts using machine appliques and digital custom quilting designs that are quilted on a robotic quilring machine. I also offer a quilting service where I complete other people’s unfinished quilts.

            You constantly claim on a liar just like Trump constantly claims he’s a hero. You can’t admit the truth so you spread slanderous lies. I make money because I own and operate three businesses out of my home. A home that is completely paid for with no mortgage. I live off of a retirement pension that comes from hard work and diligence working helping those who are born deaf and hard-of-hearing to have access to education and the rest of the world. The truth Burns in your gullet. You hate me because I am so much better than you and you know it.

          • billdeserthills

            No you’re a liar just like hillary, you queero hero, chumpie–I wouldn’t bother expending the energy needed to hate someone of your low stature, oh is it story time already–Please do feed me some more of your special lies

      • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

        Are you one these people who sees someone who is different to you then decides that you need to ‘waste them’ (using your terminology) because they must be one of the so called terrorists that you swore to protect your country against? I really hope DT becomes the president. You deserve him, and it will just confirm what the rest of the world already knows. F**ked up country. I look forward to your reply.

        • billdeserthills

          No, I’m a ‘live & let live’ & person usually, until some diseased democratic liberal pos pops up, then I like to play ‘whack a mole’ with that person– Really though, if you want to take the ‘Oath of Office’ so badly why not become a politician, or a cop?? I’m sure you can’t do a worse job than many of the other liberal scum you fawn over

    • Joshua Simeona

      And at the same time, you are “parroting” every other Liberal, with that “save zone” mentality. So does that make your “parroting” somehow, better than anyone else’ “parroting”?

      • disqus_6JRJMQ8ZUW

        Your parroting comes from a ‘document’ which is repeated ‘blindly’ without any thought about what you are saying. Can you tell me what I am parroting? I expressed my views from my knowledge and experience. I have never claimed to an expert, just someone with a point of view. I can’t remember ‘quoting’ anything in my comments. I also have no idea what “save zone” is, so I must be a genius to ‘parrot’ something I have never heard of.

  • Amor Terra

    That was priceless.

  • Kevin Leonard

    “How’s that moron strand strand doing?” lol. did he just imply the cop is genetically deficient?

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    Another good reason to have a dashcam: inexpensive witness.

  • Enigma

    Charlie is right about the corruption in Ulster County and here are some examples. In April of 2003 two Town of Ulster police officers, Lt. Donald Short and William Smith were charged and convicted of three misdemeanors which included cheating NY State out of $4,000 in sales tax from their Used Cars Plus business. They plead guilty to second degree falsifying business records, second degree offering a false instrument for filing and willful delivery of fraudulent material.Smith and Short were spared jail sentences, but had to repay the sales tax.Credible rumors have it that they were both involved in dealing drugs on the side which is the REAL reason behind the scenes that they were told to resign. Today Short is still in charge of his Used Cars business and Smith is a town of Plattekill police Lieutenant. Months later in October of 2003 one of their fellow Town of Ulster police officers named Edward O’Bryan was arrested and charged with grand larceny for stealing over $10,000 while Treasurer of their PBA.

    In 2008 an Ulster County Sheriff’s Deputy named Jeffery Geskie was arrested and charged with forcing a 17 year old girl to give him oral sex in exchange for ignoring her trespassing while sunbathing. His punishment? 10 years probation as a registered sex offender and is banned from becoming a cop in NY State again.

    Stories here:

  • Ed

    Here is what honest real cops do. Here’s what happened to me yesterday. I was driving at 1am south on MO Hwy65, I was stopped by the MO Highway Patrol, I took out my wallet to get my licence before the officer came up to my window. I had turned my dome light on and was holding my licence in my left hand out the window. The officer walked up and said I was going a little fast, I apologised and told him my dash lights were out and was not sure how fast I was going. He also told me my tail lights were out but my brake lights were ok. I said I would continue home with my flashers on. He took my licence and asked for my insurance card which I got out of my wallet with him shining his bright flashlight to watch what I was doing. I gave him my Insurance card and joked it had the right exp date on it (it did). He went back to his cruiser for about 3 minutes and returned to tell me to SLOW DOWN, and gave me back my license and I was on my way.
    I am a 67 year old hippy with a 20 inch braided pony tail & mustache. Driving a 2005 PT Cruiser.
    However more people have good interactions with police than get hassled by them.

    • athousandmonkeys

      It mostly depends on whether or not the cop has already met their current revenue raising quota. If they haven’t, you’re far more likely to be fined.

  • Ibcamn

    this criminal POS cop and all the rest have earned the hatred they get from every american citizen,the cops have earned it…let that sink in….they earned that right to be hated……every single cop and future cop is a criminal…..corrupt and worthless criminals.

    • Joshua Renoir

      Not all cops are criminals dude. There are some good LEO’s out there. Hell there where a couple of stories where a couple of cops turned fellow officers in, or reported fellow officers because they where breaking laws. The corrupt officers fired them though because they where “going against their duty.” There are good officers out there who have good intentions, but they are way overshadowed by their toxic brethren.

      • Ibcamn

        like i said….there are no good cops…..none,not a one,any man/woman that knew what they were doing was wrong,get fired or quit,there are no good cops,all cops are in fact criminals…every last one……..i know some have turn on their own,some did it to save themselves from prison time[cowards]and some just threw others under the bus and some were legit and honest and quit,fired for seeing the corruption in fellow criminals…but they were cops….again,all cops are corrupt thugs,period

        • Rush OnBye

          This entire rant is just pure stupidity.

          • Ibcamn

            then why did a copsucker like you even respond to the fact,all cops are criminals……doh…

          • Rush OnBye

            Copsucker…how original. To say all cops or all of anything when making a statement just shows pure ignorance. But hey, it is the Internet.

          • Ibcamn

            well thank you,thankyou,please,just throw money no applause….

          • lazerhaze

            Keep chugging cop semen.

          • Robert Lee Louviere

            You don’t know who you are arguing with. Like you said, it’s the internet.

            Any person that bothers with intelligent argument would never say “all [category of person] are [negative attribute].

            So, obviously there is a reason he’s making these crappy arguments.

            He could be a jobless basement dweller. He could be antifa anarchist. He could have had his father arrested for drug charges and now he doesn’t trust any cops.

            But whatever it is, it’s not worth debating with him about it.

            If he ever wants to adult, then you can reconsider.

          • Ibcamn

            and yet here you are….hmm.

      • Josh

        Yet every day we see multiple videos showing another crooked cop. Then account for all the ones that get away with it.

        Yeah, my math says the vast majority of cops are in fact criminals.

        • George III

          If only I could click “like” 999 more times!!! Right on, Josh!!!!!

        • Robert Lee Louviere

          Yet every day I see multiple videos showing another crooked civilian. Yet, all the time I see another civilian lying about a cop, and the cop’s camera protects him from the accusation.

          Yeah, my math says that the vast majority of civilians are in fact cop-hating criminals.

          Except they’re not. Anecdotal accounts are not statistical evidence.

          All cases of corruption should be handled with due prejudice and the law, but saying that the vast majority of cops are criminals needs a lot more evidence.

      • lazerhaze

        Keep dreaming. There’s NO “good” pigs. How do the balls of pigs taste? You seem to smell of semen.

  • athousandmonkeys

    Cops. Cunts.

  • James

    When an officer is caught falsifying info or lying while accusing someone of a crime, no matter how serious, he or she simply needs to be removed from the job. This is not a hard decision. Failure to do so brings down your entire force with that officer. And, when the community loses faith their their police force, they start to become greatly ineffective.

    • Josh

      Depending on the impact it had I think there should be more penalties than simply losing their job. Maybe just for a traffic ticket, sure. They can seriously destroy people’s lives, though. The punishment should fit the crime. Unfortunately just losing their job is not enough in a lot of these situations. There should be more of a deterrent.

  • Smokegray

    Who’s more guilty, the ones doing the crimes, or the ones letting them get away with
    crimes against the people from behind the lawless and corrupt bench of the seat of the judgment of man? We will never accomplish anything unless and until we remove
    lawless corruption from the judgment seat of man.We don’t have a presidential problem, We have a justice problem. How else could liars,thieves,money changers and murderers be the inspiration our children have had as leadership for a long time now.

  • tracy Smith

    Now see when a BLACK person act like that white man and the police shoot and kill them whites always say they should have complied and not talked back to the police.Yet this white man is cussing raising hell calling the cops names and threatening them and he still lives on.

    • Newtronic

      I have to agree. A black man might very well not have walked away from that.
      And his camera? What camera? There was no camera.

  • lazerhaze

    No better pig than a dead pig. No tears for dead terrorists.

    • billdeserthills

      I’ll gladly agree with you on that

  • Jasonw357

    He should get the same fine and citation they were trying to give the citizen. Reprimanded? No. Pay the fine and take a few days off work with a write up. Hold their asses responsible. This is the exact reason some like to think they’re above the law, because in cases like this, they are allowed to be above the law. There is no excuse, same rights for everyone.

  • Anthony Stanziola

    Yes, the motorist was innocent, but learn from his mistake, way too emotional. Tactics on how to beat a traffic ticket depends on how far you want to venture into the rabbit’s hole. Not too many know of what took place in 1933. In March of that year the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 went on steroids, in that all citizens were deemed a belligerent, an enemy. In 1919 the roads were declare hostile inland waterways under a national emergency. After 1933 the police were given “letters of margue and reprisal” meaning they were given a commission to be privateers and licensed to raid and capture unmarked vessels. Do you have the United States Flag of Peace on your vehicle? Their letter of marque and reprisal is the yellow-fringed flag on their uniform, soon to be replaced with heraldry, the gray flag with the thin blue line. The goal of the police officer is obtain joinder, to enter into a private contract with the motorist. You must demand by what authority he is acting under in writing. You must demand he issue a confiscation receipt and that he writes down his alleged authority. (Don’t refuse to surrender documents.) There must be a document swap before he issues a citation. You must inform the officer that you will not

  • EliWebber

    To many self righteous cops out there, and it seems to happen as soon as they put the uniform on, the badge and esp. the gun. giving certain humans any authority or power allot of them will and enjoy abusing it.

  • Austin Mabry

    Time for a lawsuit. That’s the only thing they understand.

  • Witchwindy

    This is my solution to the out of control police state:

    The first thing that needs doing is to stop treating the police with kid gloves, they SHOULD be held to a far higher standard of behavior simply because of the power with which they are granted, the power of using deadly force. Next remove that “qualified Immunity” from ALL law so they can be sued as individuals for their wrongful or destructive acts. Then we need to disband ALL public employee unions starting with the police unions; and lastly, we need to mandate that in order for any LEO to be hired (including all agencies that now have policing powers; those police powers are unconstitutional, btw, in the case of federal police), or to remain on the job, they must ALL be required to carry personal liability insurance which has the following clause:

    “All killings (of humans or animals) by insured will be investigated by the insurance company as well as a police agency other than the department where s/he is employed. If the insurance company investigation concludes the killing was unjustified the insured will be immediately dropped from coverage and prohibited from obtaining this kind of liability insurance in the future, regardless the conclusion of the LEA investigation.

    “Premium will double after one allegation of abuse, upon reasonable suspicion of its validity (which will be investigated by the insurance company, rather than the department which hired him/her), or loss or corruption of body/dash cam video of an arrest/altercation due to ANY kind of malfunction, and if the officer shut off the cam that will be probable cause of validity of the allegation.

    “Premium will double again after a second such allegation or loss/corruption of video. After a third such allegation or incident of video loss, coverage will be dropped, permanently, on this LEO.”

    No insurance=no job anywhere in any kind of policing, at any level of government, or in security for any private security firm, not even as a night watchman; this will be a permanent ban!

    Implement this and all law enforcement will almost immediately become more civilized and polite in their encounters with the rest of society. We make this happen and we are ALL better off, including the LEOs, themselves.

    BTW, ALL federal agencies with police powers are absolutely unconstitutional, and therefore unlawful*; we the People must develop enough guts to do that which we SHOULD have done when the first federal police agency was created — defund and disband all of them, because the Constitution specifically forbade the fed gov from having ANY police powers.

    Further, all State and municipal cops are completely unnecessary. Why are we Americans paying to have 4 layers of police in every county in America, when the Constitution allows for the elected County Sheriff and department of sufficient deputies to service the entire county? The elected Sheriff and all deputies are absolutely accountable and answerable to the people of the county.

    Are you aware that the Constitutional duty of the elected County Sheriff is to protect ALL the people of his/her county from any and ALL unconstitutional statutes, no matter from which level of government they originate? So, instead of aiding and abetting the fed gov, State gov, and/or municipal gov’s unconstitutional raids using Constitutionally forbidden federal police on people who use certain substances, or the unconstitutional restrictions on the right to own and carry arms, they should be arresting those gov officials carrying out the raids and confiscating the guns. As the highest level of “law enforcement”, charged with enforcing the highest level of Law (the Constitution), the Sheriff DOES have the legitimate authority and power to do so. This is why the election of your County Sheriff is the most important vote you will EVER cast. Hold these Sheriff’s who are participating or even initiating these raids accountable, call them on the carpet of their own county seat and demand to know why they are violating their oath of office and violating the Constitutionally protected rights of the populace in their county with these unconstitutional raids, arrests and confiscations and fire them. Then elect a Sheriff who WILL do the job Constitutionally!

    * there were no formal police forces when the Constitution was debated and ratified (https://againsthestate.liberty.me/the-authoritarian-origins-of-policing-in-america/), but the Constitution DID leave all police powers to the States (whatever the Founders’ generation meant by “police powers” in an era where there were no police forces, I don’t know). Which, to me, means that any and ALL fed gov agencies with any kind of policing power are absolutely unconstitutional, and therefore unlawful, because the Constitution is the set of Laws that govern the government; the body of the Constitution tells us the 18 specific powers granted to the government (police power is not among them), and the first 8 Amendments tell us what the government is NOT allowed to do, while the 9th and 10th were just confirmations and reiterations that the States were sovereign and their populaces had all the power, and that the People have ALL the rights, even rights not specifically addressed in the Constitution, which are NOT to be abridged, infringed, or violated in any way by the government.

    “The idea of liberty must grow weak in the hearts of men before it can be killed at the hands of tyrants.”

    Police are NOT heroes, people, too many of them are sociopaths who like having power over other people, some of them are full blown psychopaths because, unfortunately, that kind of power attracts people with those kinds of mental/emotional defects. Stop putting all cops on a pedestal, calling them all ”heroes”, the ONLY time one of them becomes a actual hero is when s/he risks his/her own life to protect another human or animal from harm. They are not heroes when they die in a car wreck (which is the most frequent reason a cop dies on the job, most of those wrecks are usually the cop’s fault), they are not heroes when some nut job guns them down in a coffee shop or parked car, either. Calling them all heroes dilutes the meaning of the word hero. Start holding them to a higher standard than you do your neighbor; because we, through the government WE authorize, grant them the power of arrest and even deadly force (something that should ONLY be used in a REAL self defense situation, not just a “maybe s/he had a weapon” or a “perhaps s/he was going to hit me with a car”, or a “I feared for my life” situation) over us, we must not allow them to commit acts we would be arrested and imprisoned for doing. We must demand they treat all of us, even the suspects, with some courtesy, instead of the abusive and arrogant attitude they all too often show us.