Across the globe, an awakening is happening in which people are realizing the power of growing your own food. Edible landscapes are increasing throughout the world, however, when government gets involved, this self-sustainability through community gardening can often be thwarted.

The residents of Sunshine Coast, whose city council just unapologetically laid waste to a 7-year-old organically grown fruit tree forest spanning 11 streets, are finding this out the hard way.

A single complaint about a permit sent the city council into a fruit-hating tyrannical whirl spin — eventually leading to the destruction of the entire project.

As ABC reports, the Australian community has been at the center of a six-month stoush with the council after a complaint was made.

The council then ordered residents to obtain public liability insurance and a free permit in order to keep the trees on the footpaths.

To be clear, these trees were not planted by some rogue farmer on private property without the owner’s permission. The community banded together in a hugely popular project known as Urban Food Street (UFS) precinct.

The precinct has grown immensely over the years as residents volunteered their sidewalk areas for the trees to be grown. More than 200 people participated and benefitted from the fruit forest.

According to some residents, they were entirely unaware there were permit and insurance requirements until the city council showed up with trucks and mulchers to chop down all the trees.


Chris White, a chef and resident within the UFS precinct, said this thoughtless destruction of food was done to put in a sidewalk and put the residents in check.

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“It’s a way now that they can put a concrete footpath in and it’s a show of force,” he said.

“I think it’s the kids that are going to be impacted greatest here because they’ve nurtured these trees, and now they’re not here.”

Through tears, White described how one of the children climbed up a tree to save its fruit before the city council chopped it down.

“She climbed inside the tree so that they couldn’t cut it down,” he said.

White then noted how the city council wouldn’t allow the residents to pick the fruit prior to destroying the trees, and they watched in sheer awe as government destroyed food.

“We didn’t have enough people on the ground to save the trees and they wouldn’t allow us to get the fruit,” White said.

According to ABC, Councillor Ted Hungerford said the felling of the trees was disappointing, but the council was left with no option after a resident had not applied for a permit nor opted to relocate the trees to private property.

Because the city claims ownership over the property in front of people’s homes where a sidewalk would go, they were required to get permits to have fruit trees in that space — and most everyone did. However, because one resident didn’t apply for a permit, the entire area was leveled.

Resident Gail Felgenhauer told ABC that the council was belligerent, bullying and discriminatory.

“We’ve had multiple meetings and presented multiple options and ideas for solving their imagined problems,” she said.

“They have discriminated against food.

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“We have grown food here to share with the elderly in the area, with couples and families, and we’ve grown this for seven years.

“And all of a sudden the council tries to bully us into getting permits and then there were difficulties with insurance.

“Our position was that there were ornamentals [on verges] all over the Sunshine Coast area, so why discriminate against vegetables and fruit?”

Ms Felgenhaur said the citrus fruit from the felled trees would have been enough to provide about 12 months worth of jam for residents, according to ABC.

“And there was a dozen or more paw paws, beautiful paw paws … that lovely resident over there who has a physical disability, he ate the paw paws regularly,” she said.

“It’s just such waste.”

Queensland One Nation leader and Member for Buderim, Steve Dickson, said the council’s action was wrong in every sense of the word, ABC reports.

“This is renowned throughout the whole world, people love this, the local community loves this,” he said.

“What message is this sending to our children?”

The residents are furious and are calling out the utter hypocrisy of the council citing safety issues when other residents can put up shrubbery and stone walls — without a permit.

Pointing out more hypocrisy of the council, Dickson noted how unsafe the area is now because of all the stumps left by the cut trees.

“Not to mention if it’s all about safety, there’s big stumps hanging out of the ground, so when somebody walks along there and trips over those stumps, who’s wrong then?

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“Seriously, nobody has thought this through.”

“Why is food the reason you have to get a permit when people can grow ornamentals and rock walls wherever they want and not get a permit? That’s the issue,” Dickson said.

After destroying the food, and in spite of the backlash, the council shows no signs of backing down and promises to go after anyone who dares grow food.

“They said if I don’t go through the correct channels that’s what will happen [trees will be cut down] and I’ll get a $600 fine.”

Food Street Destroyed

Council crews have started cutting down fruit trees along Buderim's Urban Food Street.Mayor Mark Jamieson says some residents failed to apply for an appropriate permit, which would allow them to grow fruit and vegetables on the verge.Report on 7 News at 6pm.

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎7 News Sunshine Coast‎‏ في 30 مايو، 2017

Meet the street that grows its own food

Residents on 11 streets in Buderim, on the Sunshine Coast, have been using verges and footpaths as gardens since 2009.Read the full story here:

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎ABC News‎‏ في 21 أبريل، 2016

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  • Damiana

    This sounds like a problem for the residents of Australia to solve. Not to sound like an unsympathetic jackass, but I’m honestly at outrage overload with the antics of my own government!

    • avelworldcreator

      Canada? First the story is mangled as being a U.S. community, then it switches to a story of an Australian community. Now you bring up another country half a world away from the actual town.
      But, yeah, I’m more concerned with what’s happening in our own backyard as well.

      • Damiana

        I think that sentence about Detroit was some kind of mistake. It has been brought to Mr. Agorist’s attention.

  • TomKi

    Detroit needs to get rid of its city council, obviously.

    • Jeff Sanders

      this was in australia, i’m not sure why they threw in that info on detroit

      • avelworldcreator

        Yeah, it had me scratching my head too. But remember Australia is still partly under British rule (weakly but the authority of their constitution has some connection with British law; I forget the details). Australians are still. legally, subjects in the strict sense of that word. That is not the case with U.S. citizens – in theory. In practice? Things are pretty bad.

  • Frank Weyand

    Well, something is rotten in the s̶̶t̶̶a̶̶t̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶o̶̶f̶̶ ̶̶d̶̶e̶̶n̶̶m̶̶a̶̶r̶̶k̶ ….. errrm ….. City of Detroit

  • Gregory Cushing

    “the Australian community” First they took your guns, then they came for your food. Seems the issue is about private vs public property planting. I planted in the green strip between the sidewalk and the street and I am aware that the city could choose to cut down my trees. My suggestion is to run for city council.

  • Virginia in Barre Town

    I sincerely hope there’s an election coming up in that town.

  • Michael Graf

    They can sue the city,,,only one permit was missing so that frontage was fair game,,,yet all the others had permits so now the city is liable for the destruction of private property

    • Damiana

      That’s what I thought, too. The city was only legally entitled to cut down the “unpermitted” trees. The rest they destroyed out of PURE SPITE.

    • Damiana

      Hopefully, their lawyers are smart enough to crack open the books (and possibly the personal finances of the city council members) to check for bribes from the local supermarkets. I can’t remember the exact details and don’t feel like looking it up, but there was a local scandal some years back in Florida where Publix (a grocery store chain) managers were told to file complaints against people with gardens in their yards because those hippies were “stealing their jobs.”

      • So, the city will end paying taxpayers’ money for their abuse of authority. Not that good a deal anyway.

  • TechGump

    But, Govt is good. It’s something we do together. This therefore must be for the better. Clearly local governance is no more abused then State and federal power of force.

  • Gordon Klock

    They really do seem to have a big problem, with people growing their own food, in any capacity, if they started pulling up berry bushes, & herb gardens, etc, from people’s own backyards, it would not surprise me in the least, & as the article touched on, they seem to have no problem, with toxic, & poisonous plants…..

  • Damiana

    Wouldn’t surprise me one lick if the person who filed the initial complaint was a seller of fruit. A nice, fat bribe would also explain the vehemence with which they destroyed EVERYONE’S fruit trees over one little disputed patch. The part about not letting them take the fruit strikes me as VERY suspicious.

  • Two Americas

    It is not possible to create “edible landscapes” in Detroit The idea is so absurd it amazes me that anyone falls for it.

    • Damiana

      I think that’s because Mr. Agorist slipped that one sentence in by mistake. This story happened in Australia.

      • Two Americas


        I responded to this from the article:

        “Across the globe, an awakening is happening in which people are realizing the power of growing your own food. Detroit, Michigan is a prime example. People have turned many areas, essentially brought to ruins through government neglect, into a food oasis.”

        • Damiana

          Yeah, I know. He’s been sent an email informing him of what I’m sure is just a brain-fart. Maybe he was writing another story about Detroit at the same time and mixed them up for a second. It confused me, too, so I Googled the name of the city just to be sure and yep – that’s in Canada. I don’t know what Australia has to do with it… just assumed that maybe they’re immigrants?

          • Two Americas

            I don’t think you are right about that. He didn’t suggest that the tree clearing happened in Detroit, he just offered Detroit as an example of “edible landscape” projects.

          • Damiana

            Well, I’ve sent an email asking about it.

  • First they came for the guns… then they came for the nuitrition.


    Slaves cannot be self-sustainable. The NWO does not like it!

  • Brian King

    smh shows who they really work for

  • IceTrey

    I’ll bet $100 every one of those council persons gets re-elected.

  • Joe Olmstead

    The community must remember this on election day. Please remind one another until that day comes.

  • Tom

    In the UK you hear of these councils and the outlandish things they do, but those who serve on these councils are never named. Are these council members voted in? Is there some crazy law there that says council member names cannot be published?