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City Strapped for Cash Sends Cops Out to Rob Poor People by Issuing 30,000 Tickets in Only 6 Months

Buffalo, NY — Last year, Buffalo police pulled over more people and issued more tickets than they ever have before — why? Because they needed the money.

On July 1, 2015, Buffalo city hall magically created a new department whose job would be to extract revenue from its citizens. Ostensibly named the “traffic violations agency,” the perceived mission of the group was public safety while in reality it was a business.

In the last six months of 2015, Buffalo cops issued a staggering 30,000 citations, smashing the previous year’s record by nearly 10,000 tickets.

As BuffaloNews.com reports, this was a contrived plan to bolster the city’s bottom line.

Mayor Byron W. Brown had long sought Albany’s approval to let Buffalo enter the traffic-ticket business. He wanted city employees, not those with the state Department of Motor Vehicles, to strike the bargains that allow motorists to protect their driving records and the city to keep more from the fines they were dealt.

The mayor’s budget-makers predicted a $5 million haul in the first year, and city police seeded the bounty.

However, being that this ‘business’ was state run, their inefficiencies got the better of them. They became so overwhelmed with the sheer number of tickets issued that their expenses ate into their projected profits.

Being that the city made less money than expected did not reduce the financial burden on the poor, however. Unable to pay the tickets, the poor are hardest hit as the unpaid fines turn into penalties and eventually jail.

Rev. James Giles, a lead figure in the restorative justice movement tells BuffaloNews.com when governments ramp up enforcement chiefly to grab more money, they hurt the poor the most.

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“Hit with traffic fines they can’t pay, the poor risk the loss of driving privileges, a job, and their financial underpinnings,” he said.

“Is this a fair way to gain revenue?” Giles asked. “It may establish something else that government did not intend.”

Prior to being thrown in jail for an unpaid fine, the DMV will suspend that driver’s license, which opens up the door for a slew of problems.

In fact, a large chunk of those 30,000 tickets already resulted in the suspension of 4,400 driver’s licenses. Now, each one of these 4,400 suspended licenses is a ticking time bomb of a negative police interaction waiting to happen — all because the city is trying to boost revenue.

It’s a tax, plain and simple.

Daniel J. Ward, attorney, and a former Amherst town supervisor explained to BuffaloNews.com how these traffic fines are used by governments across the country as a means of balancing their bloated budgets.

“A lot of traffic tickets are being written everywhere,” Ward said. “A lot of them are kind of needless. What it’s really become is a third level of taxation.”

“Nobody wants to say ‘We are raising taxes,’ ” he said. “But this is a way of doing it.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • Let’s keep them accountable! You know the corrupt courts won’t – Hit the ‘Like’ + Comment (even 2 words) and share! (y)

  • Sounds like Ferguson, Missouri. 🙁


  • The advocates of this are the conservatives, who claim to be against government tyranny.

  • if u cant get to work to support urself then let the city support u……real smart on the citys part

  • If everyone would have their day in court instead of just paying, they would stop that non-sense real quick.

    • Here in Massachusetts you have to actually pay for your day in court! You are also limited to how many you can protest. I believe it’s one a year! That’s the justice system for ya!!!! Fuck this place!!

  • Unfortunately true. :^/

  • If they all fight the tickets and flood the city courts, the city will learn their lesson not to pick on its own population.

    • Love this idea!

    • Keeping fighting them and get these coeeupted officials out of office

    • That actually might work

    • It requires a support system (lawyer/paralegal) and some money, time away from work………etc. Where are the consequences for those that choose to hurt the very citizens that they are paid to serve?

    • Unfortunately, they’re picking on poor or lower class people who probably can’t afford to pay tickets let alone fight tickets.

    • You can defend yourself in court, it’s not hard to google traffic laws for your area.

    • Court fees

    • Michael Schooley , usually the FEE goes UP when you contest it . And the judge is conditioned to raise money .. not to meet out JUSTICE !!

    • Thing even the system is so rigged. Even when you go to flood the courts, they find you guilty anyway.


    • Yeah but certain states they outlawed giving you the right to a jury trial for traffic offenses. Illinois.

    • too right.

    • your right.The average citizen can’t compute that.

    • Courts will not uphold citizens complaints.

  • Corporate fascism.

  • not for hire

  • Legalize cannabis and I doubt any city would be short for money. Then maybe cops could focus on real criminal activity.

    • In 5 years the bottom feeding welfare whores would be raising taxes again. Get real.

    • Scott, what does that have to do with what Jessica wrote?

    • “Legalize cannabis and I doubt any city would be short for money.”

      Should be self explanatory. Thinking there is such a thing as enough money for government is ridiculous.

  • The population of Buffalo is approximately 259,000, so that means they ticketed approximately 13% of the population. 4,400 driver licenses were suspended as a result of this war on the people.

    • Then average 300 to get your license back. So 4440 license at 300 a pop.wow

  • Law enforcement should not be a revenue producing function.

  • If you don’t do anything wrong and follow the law, they can’t ticket you. Then they will have to find other means to get money.

    • There were 40,000 new laws passed last year, good luck!

    • Kevin Stanke don’t speed, stop at stop signs, and don’t drive like a cunt and you wouldn’t get pulled over. Simple.

    • So the opposite of how cops drive?

      Justin let’s be realistic, if they wanna pull ya over they will find a reason like no light on plates or I think you were swerving back there.

      I’m not here to bash the police but your logic is flawed.

    • I’ve been pulled over once for having a taillight out (in a town where they have to meet a quota) the officer warned me and I fixed the issue. Easy. You and the rest of the Internet tend to blow things out of proportion.

    • Or perhaps the people of the town drive like dog shit

    • Justin Hendrix I recently made a video with a cop saying he pulled someone over for making “eye contact” and another one saying he doesn’t need a reason at all. You can listen to it coming from the mouths of these parasitic degenerates you are trying to defend. It is nothing short of ignorant to think that “if you don’t break the law, cops will leave you alone” Here’s the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XV-UjPkorg

    • Fuck every cop with a rusty baseball bat dipped in glue, rolled in broken glass and wrapped in razor wire.

    • I’m friends with a couple of police officers. I know they aren’t cunty people. Besides its the local governments that make the laws and force them to pull people over or they lose their jobs. Perhaps you all should start there. Do you think politicians give 2 fucks about people. No sir, they don’t. Change the politicians out for new/better ones who have more the voters interest at heart and then you wouldn’t have shit like what’s going on in this article.

    • Don’t kid yourself. If they want to pull you over they will find a reason. The police deny that there is a set ticket quota, but I have my doubts. I’m not anti-law enforcement, but I am afraid that too many officers see citizens not as people, but as either targets or sources of revenue

    • Don’t break a law and don’t get a ticket….. Rolls eyes. Give me a break

  • nazi cunts

  • Ferguson

  • both cops & citizens should be protesting shoulder to shoulder!sadly,fat chance for tht ever happening

  • Just like waiters working for tips, cops work for fines. It’s their jobs

  • myrtle beach, sc new slogan Come on vacation leave on probation

  • Organized High Treason: Death Sentence Conviction

  • criminal pigs, this also includes our tyrant government and their families that are not innocent bystanders!!

  • Anybody in doubt that cops are merely hangmen and tax collectors are out of touch. Enforcers of Justice? Laughable.

  • Sick

  • and all the poor people APPEAL and file for IFP status and have the fines vacated

  • NAZI GESTAPOS just going about stealing from the least among us

  • Sounds like Athens Tennessee…

  • To qoute so many Nazis: ” I was just following order’s! ”
    Never mind the moral issues >>

  • That’s what it is.

  • Sadly this is not a unique situation but is becoming predominant in many jurisdictions… Deliberate in many parts to satisfy policing budgets… Most will do their best to scrounge the money to pay fines as going through extended procedures to fight are too costly…

  • I like to wait until it is pouring rain, ride around with no seat belt.. It’s worth $20 ticket to watch em stand out in the rain..

    • Shit I’d do the same thing, but where I live it’s $200 ticket and there demerit points against you which raises insurance a hundred bucks a month. Nevertheless, I like your style!

  • Billy Voldahl

  • Thats a weeky event in melbourne australia

  • If those assholes would stop wasting the damn tax money they wouldn’t be broke.

  • this is done in lots of towns, that is what they were doing in fergusen, mo. balancing the budget on the backs of the poor. kitsap county sheriff in wa. state is the same. i would get stopped on my way home nearly every night for some bs reason. i was drving an older car and living in a poor area, funny how it stopped when i moved and bought a landrover.

  • Sellout whores! If these are the defenders of our way of life, then we need to rethink our way of life!!

  • quotas for numbers to keep statistics up for funding people basic math with some economics. not hard to figure out. then they use those statistics against the people for your own “good”.

  • are the cops tax collectors now??

  • Why are US cops so fat? Serious question

  • But but but….if they don’t issue the tickets people will drive a couple hundred miles an hour and kill themselves! it’s all about public safety. Or so the argument I usually hear goes… because the lack of a financial penalty evaporates common sense right?

    • Drive as fast as you want and kill yourself, have plenty of insurance so the tax payers don’t get stuck paying for the clean up and your long term healthcare and disability if you don’t accomplish your goal…….. oh and by the way don’t take out innocent men, women , and children during your high speed folly! Do you realize how stupid you sound to someone that has seen hundreds and hundreds of senseless death do to dumb asses driving ?

    • And handing out tickets really worked to stop them. You realize how stupid you sound to anyone who understands how penalizing people financially for offences only creates a form of law that only applies to poor people?

  • Especially right before an election ! That’s how they did it in Florida .

  • There job is to protect and serve not steal and plunder!

  • Yeah it’s shitty government, but it’s not that inconvenient to actually follow traffic laws. Most are actually there for people’s safety.

  • The Democratic police of murderess Us

  • I wonder why no one is complaining about the black democratic mayor that enacted this policy ? Him and the city council are the ones reaching into ya’ll’s butt hurt pockets ! And don’t start with the ” they don’t have to enforce it bullcrap ” because everyone of you not on welfare does stupid crap you think is wrong while doing your job !

  • Just another day in the usa

  • LOL at all these comments from people not from Buffalo.

    This is the best decision the BPD has ever made. Worry about where you live.


  • Cops have taken the place of the “Highway Men” of history that used to rob the stage coaches . Their Motto has been Changed from “To SERVE and PROTECT ” to :”to STOP AND COLLECT !”

  • Live in London the whole city is wired with cameras to extract money from every driver

  • Prince George, (speed trap extortion) , Hopewell (ditto) and even Petersburg (traffic light cameras). Yes, “Protect an Steal”

  • The state of Georgia has over 600 speed traps ! Mostly low speed where they. Drop the speed from 45 to 30 without any warning ! You are driving 45 or 50 so they got you !

  • just the usual in isa–war on the poor.

  • the problem lyes with the people unwilling to make sacrifices for justice .

  • It’s easy, Class Action Law Suit!

  • Murica … you gotta love it .

  • Good cash revenues..! Why work at the real problems, why go after the real criminals who can put up a fight when you can cowardly hit on the law abiding citizens …?!!

  • Always