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Leaked Audio Catches Clinton Red-Handed Talking About Rigging Elections

Decade-old audio exposes then-Senator Hillary Clinton saying the US should have manipulated Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 to prevent a Hamas victory. The presidential candidate lamented that the US didn’t “determine who was going to win.”

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake,” then-New York Senator Clinton told the Jewish Press, a New York-based weekly newspaper, several months after the January election.

“And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win,” she said.

Until Friday, the comment Clinton made on September 5, 2006, only existed on a private audio cassette belonging to journalist Eli Chomsky. An editor and a staff writer for the Jewish Press, he interviewed Clinton at the newspaper’s office in Brooklyn.

Chomsky, who shared and played the tape for the Observer, says it is the only existing copy of that meeting with Clinton, during which the Palestinian parliamentary election was among top topics. The comments have been posted on SoundCloud.

Speaking to the news portal, he recalled being confused by the fact that “anyone could support the idea — offered by a national political leader, no less — that the US should be in the business of fixing foreign elections.”

The interview took place nine months after the Hamas movement claimed 76 of the 132 parliamentary seats, pushing aside the US-favored Fatah movement and securing the right to form a new cabinet. That victory was neither welcomed in Israel, nor in the US. In Washington, where Hamas is considered a terrorist organization, officials repeatedly stated that they would not work with a Palestinian Authority that included Hamas.

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Then-President George W. Bush spoke of the elections as symbolizing the “power of democracy,” but refused to deal with Hamas as long as it opposed Israel’s existence and espoused violence.

That day in September 2006, Clinton made “odd and controversial comments,” all now saved on the 45-minute record that Chomsky “held onto all these years.”

“I went to my bosses at the time,” Chomsky told the Observer. “The Jewish Press had this mindset that they would not want to say anything offensive about anybody — even a direct quote from anyone — in a position of influence because they might need them down the road. My bosses didn’t think it was newsworthy at the time. I was convinced that it was and I held onto it all these years.”

  • john smith


  • john smith
  • skyp0ckets

    It is no surprise that U.S. politics are dirty, here and abroad. If you are still believing what you learned about our country/government in school, you may as well believe in unicorns that fart rainbows. We have such a sordid history of determining outcomes globally, always to benefit the global elite. True democracy is a casualty of power. HRC is a charlatan.

    • T. Mohr

      HRC is a very corrupt politician that deserves to be jailed.

    • Candy Cab

      The U.S. Government has never been more than a smoke screen for the few to do as they please. Nothing more than illusion to control the masses and letting them think they have a say in it. Its never been difficult to see it yet so many never do.

  • Lee Haynes

    Anyone else notice the video showing Hillary performing against a green screen?

  • Tmoney

    Can you really listen to that and know for sure she wanted to rig the Palestinian election?There is plenty of legitimate dirt on Clinton, but this is grasping at straws. More context would be this was right after the second intifada where thousands of people on both sides were killed. After the fighting had ended there was a general Palestinian election where Hamas won a majority. Hamas is designated a terrorist organization in the US and EU. Having Hamas in power is not very good for the peace process and stability of the region. These comments show nothing more than a grasp on the situation in Israel and a legitimate concern after Hamas won the election. Ask Trump what the second intifada was and he would say “nobody loves children more than me, I love them bigly”.

    • George Reichel

      Palestine is under occupation

    • acme

      From the Israeli side, yes. From the side of humanity, you’re all wet. There is a lot of grasping at straws in Clinton bashing, but this isn’t it. It shows what she really thinks of both democracy and justice. The Palestinians have been kept as virtual prisoners since their oldest people were born. Israel has become the Nazis. And you are a pawn.

      • Elisa Lenz

        acme, perfectly put.

  • acme

    Who is surprised at this, after fixing the Ukraine election to ensure the neo-Nazis won?
    This is what she means by being “pragmatic”. It means supporting the Empire and doing what it takes to sustain and spread it. Neo-liberalism in a nutshell. Fascism with a happyface.