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CNN Airs CCTV Footage From 2011 Claiming it Was from Tuesday’s Brussels Attacks

Tuesday morning, the city of Brussels was shaken by multiple bombing attacks at the airport and later at the metro station right next to the European Union headquarters.

According to the French BFMTV station, citing police sources, Belgian authorities had advanced knowledge an attack was imminent, though location and time were unclear.

During a midday press conference on Tuesday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said, “What we feared has happened.”

As the world took to the internet and tuned in to their televisions for answers on these tragic events, multiple news outlets, including the Free Thought Project, were hurriedly putting out all the information we could obtain.

During this massive search and presentation of information, some disinformation made its way out on the airwaves, as well as the interwebs.

While claiming to have CCTV footage from Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, CNN ran a clip of a chaotic scene of a smoke-filled subway tube with people running for their lives.

Citing the non-existent Twitter handle, @OnlinMagazine as their source, CNN showed a looped video of people frantically attempting to escape a burning subway while Chris Cuomo pretended he was a reporter.

The issue with this looped chaos used by CNN for dramatic effect is that it’s not from March 22, 2016, in Brussels — It’s from the April 11, 2011, bombing of the Minsk Metro in Belarus.

No retraction has been made and, in fact, the video is still available for viewing on the media giant’s YouTube channel.

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Since the attacks early this morning, the fake videos have gone viral, being spread all over social media. However, none of the actual CCTV footage has been released.

In instances of attacks like this one, CCTV footage is always carefully reviewed before its release. The idea that it could have been released only hours after the attacks is ridiculous, which highlights, at best, the incompetence of such a large news organization, or, at worst, a deliberate release of false information meant to deceive their viewers. Either way, this is one more reason not to trust the mainstream media.

Update: It was brought to our attention that CNN credited the fake Twitter account @OnlinMagazine who was responsible for putting out multiple fake videos. The actual video in the clip was from @EurActiv and we are told it happened in Brussels. The Free Thought Project apologizes for the oversight.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Cam Alft

    i doubt anyone will be surprised by this..CNN is the most disgusting when it comes to fakery and fraud,they lead the charge in lies and disceptions,they have been doing this since they have been on the air,they are liars and craft the news they want you to see.no nose cooper can attest to that,oh,wait,he still insists he was there and told the truth when in deed he was not and didn’t…..proven by the way,maybe a little green screen time with this would be good too,but they must have held back on that this time…what about sirens in their audio,any,CNN loves sirens……..

  • Tom Bowshall

    I thought mainstream news was all filed away in archives waiting for the appropriate story to spin.

  • Beverley Avalon

    free thought get your act together you are doing wht you acusing cnn f ding