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Community in Uproar After Police Cite Man for Helping the Elderly by Plowing Snow for FREE

Pocatello, ID — There is a saying among law enforcement when they are questioned for writing asinine tickets for non-crimes and arresting well-meaning people who may be in possession of a plant to treat their child — ‘Just doing my job.’ This phrase is uttered countless times a day as police officers write tickets for everything from window tint to license plate lights — as they somehow think it justifies this level of extortion.

The most recent case of extortion for non-crimes is getting a lot of attention in Idaho because police extorted a man who was actually providing a community service.

When it snows in his community, Mitch Fisher is ready to help.

“I take care of the neighbors. They’re all elderly and I like to help them out,” Fisher said.

Fisher’s community service of plowing streets and sidewalks — for free — is so highly regarded that he was featured in a segment on a local news station in December.

“I try to clean my spot and all the neighbors around me so we have a nice area to park and pull in,” Fisher said las month. “Also, hopefully, so no one gets stuck in front of my house.”

But his good deed did not go unnoticed by the revenue collectors. On Wednesday, a Pocatello police officer came prowling and issued Fisher a citation for ‘depositing material on a public right of way.’ Fisher will now be extorted for over $200 for helping the city clean the roadways.

Naturally, according to Local 8 News, Fisher was baffled.

“I tried to talk (the officer) out of it and tell him what I was doing, that I was trying to get it out of the street because (the street) hasn’t been plowed since the beginning of snow season,” he said. “Of course, he was doing his job, wrote the citation and went on his way.”

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The law used to extort Fisher was Chapter 9 of Pocatello’s city code which states, “It is unlawful for any person to deposit, place or allow to remain in or upon any public right of way any material or substance injurious to persons or property.”

Obviously depositing trash, debris, or anything else that would obstruct the street is a dangerous practice. However, Fisher was doing the opposite of this as he moved the snow into a pile right next to his curb.

“I didn’t want it in front of (my neighbors’) houses because they can’t park. I don’t care if it’s in front of mine,” Fisher explained of his community service.

Fisher’s ticket received heavy backlash after he posted it on Facebook in the group “You know you grew up in Pocatello when…” However, the administrator took it down after the conversation apparently got too heated.

To highlight how caring of a man he is, Fisher posted to the group yesterday — apologizing for sharing his ticket in it and didn’t mean for it to start any controversy. Within that post, Fisher was praised by his neighbors and community for providing the service and the overwhelming majority of people are on his side.

“Sounds like they should fire a cop with too much time on his hands and use that money to hire a snowplow contractor,” said one neighbor.

“Inept city hacks hate competition. I saw a neighbor with a plow accomplish more in our neighborhood in 1/2 an hour than the city has all year,” said Facebook user Brad.

“The city refuses to clear the street, but punishes a good citizen for doing their jobs for them? Proof that in a police state, it is about collecting revenue. And NOT about protecting public safety,” said Scott.

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Also, there is good news to this story as Fisher says he will not back down. “I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t care about the city,” he said.

According to Local 8, Fisher plans on fighting the ticket. However, even if he loses — he will continue to help.

“If it cost me 206 dollars a year so be it, I’ll have peace of mind knowing it helps them out,” Fisher said in the Facebook group.

It is quite heartening to hear of such resistance to petty tyranny. Unjust laws will remain unjust until they are disobeyed by good people like Fisher. Had brave individuals throughout history not risked imprisonment or worse to challenge tyrannical, racist, and immoral laws, society today, would be much less free.

Thank you, Mitch Fisher, for standing up for what is right.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

    Maybe he should sue the city for not plowing the streets like they are suppose to since he said that his street has not bee plowed since the beginning of the snow season. Maybe the cop should be citing city hall for not doing its job.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    He should start demanding budget documents detailing where the street-plowing money is being spent. Either someone’s got their hand in the cookie jar or they’re discriminating against the poorer neighborhoods.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Do cops earn a commission for the amount of tickets they issue? In the UK traffic wardens do and many of these have been ‘Doctored’ to fit within the parking framework. Nasty practice and these cops need to be out there catching real criminals..If they can that is.

    • PatrickHenry

      Its easier to catch some ordinary citizen trying to help others than real dangerous criminal.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        About all they are good for Patrick. Sad reflection of the times.

      • canucanoe2

        Not easier, just safer. Can’t risk the lives of our “brave” boys in blue.

  • doucyet

    The fight is at city hall, not with the cop. I don’t like wearing my seat belt, so I either risk the ticket, wear it or get the law changed.

    • IceTrey

      Cops have discretion. Ever got a warning instead of a ticket for speeding?

      • doucyet

        They sure do, but if it’s a bad law get it changed. That eliminates the discretionary element.

        Yes I have, several times.

        • IceTrey

          It’s not a bad law it’s a bad application. After all it’s just water.

          • doucyet

            It’s snow not water. Change the law not to include snow…….

          • IceTrey

            Lol. Um, what do you think snow is made of?

          • doucyet

            I know what it’s “made of”. When was the last time you used a blade to pile water at the side of the road?

          • IceTrey

            The last time it snowed.

          • doucyet


          • Lord Humungus

            You do realize that matter has different phases it can take… right dumbass? Whether it be it in a gaseous, liquid, or solid state is still water.

          • doucyet

            No shit! You are quite the brilliant one. Water is the base compound, ice and snow are different forums of the base. Don’t argue for arguments sake……….dumbass.

          • Alienate

            Call him a dumbass. We call you a Farking STATIST. You miss the entire point of what is Right.

          • doucyet

            He called me a dumbass first, I was simply responding with attitude for attitude. Perhaps this is the way you enlightened ones communicate. Please enlighten me on “what is right”.

          • Orphan

            Aww. Is baby’s feelings hurt? You obviously believe the ‘high ground’ starts in a ditch. ‘He started it” is the argument of a child or the president elect. Same thing

          • doucyet

            He started with the disrespectful talk, in case I need to spell it out for ya (some people need it explained to them). So I replied in
            kind, you don’t get out much I suspect.

    • Goku Kakarot Son

      Oh Bullshit…all citations whether motor related or other are up to the discretion of the officer..laws are made for a reason. Some Bullshit and some reasonable. But in most cases cops twist and turn the law to give citations and make arrests to make their quotas. I’m pretty sure city hall had not intended for this law to apply to snow which melts. This law was made for debris, rubbish and other articles which could become a safety hazard.

      • doucyet

        Well, then get snow added as an exclusion. Pretty simple right!

        • Goku Kakarot Son

          Yeah cos that’s the solution..Make or change more laws..not the greedy, corrupt, scum pilglets who twist and change them for quotas..Anybody with a half a brain cell could tell you snow cannot be considered litter as it melts away. You don’t need legislation for that. If you can’t make the distinction than you have no fucking business carrying a badge and a gun..fucking idiot

          • doucyet

            Hey dumbfuck. He wasn’t given a citation for litter, pay attention you shit for brains.

          • Goku Kakarot Son

            Stop twisting words around you stupid inbred pig fuck. You know exactly what I mean. POS scum like you trying to use any excuse possible to justify Police cruelty..blame everybody else but the low IQ, sociopathic pussies in uniform. Yes it’s the lawmakers that make you murder, Rob, rape and kidnap innocent people ah you stupid pig fuck.

    • A Voice in the Wilderness

      I like it when a motorcycle cop gives out tickets for not wearing seatbelts…for safety reasons.

  • larrymotuz

    Who says this is not a crime?

    Helping others ‘for free’ destabilizes the ‘free market’ in goods and services. Let’s not allow this kind of ‘commie’ charity to undermine the freedoms that markets provide!!!!

  • Steve in Iowa

    “If it cost me 206 dollars a year so be it” is the exact opposite of “resistance to petty tyranny”.

    • billdeserthills

      I’m sure once the town hears that they’ll get him a few more

  • IceTrey

    The guy should be able to beat the ticket by pointing out it’s just water.

  • Jeff Staples

    At least this criminal didn’t give a homeless person a sandwich.

    • Jamie Hall

      Or worse, a blanket.

  • Andy
    • Alienate

      Send this to our good buddy Doucyet. Thanks!

  • Thomas J Yasaitis

    One thing no one is considering, some one must have called and complained to the city about what this fellow was doing. The cops don’t usually just show up and write a ticket without someone making a stink. I would be willing to bet someone in the area was unhappy with this man clearing the street. It only takes a call to the city to make trouble for someone doing good.

    • Alienate

      If you read the article…. He was featured on the local TV News. DUH!

    • whattabunchacrap

      What world do you live in? Cops drive around just looking for people to hassle.

      • permalink

        Just as trolls look around for stories that they can stir up by making stupid comments on.

        Have a nice day!

        • Thomas J Yasaitis

          What trolling? Because my comment doesn’t suit the narrative that some want to expose I’m a troll? I have my feelings on the story and they are every bit as legitimate as any others. My feeling is that with the outrage that this event has garnered the ticket will go away and this fellow will be clearing snow as long as he wishes.

      • Thomas J Yasaitis

        What world do you live in? Where I live the cops do a great job and treat people respectfully. I have lived here all my life and have never had a bad experience with the local cops. I know it isn’t that way everywhere but it is for the most part here. I repeat, most of the time when something like this happens it’s because some body with a gripe calls the cops. Sometimes the cops ARE just doing their job. It may not be what is fare but it is what it is. Most cops have a lot more important things to do then bust someone for plowing snow.

        • whattabunchacrap

          Last year on my birthday my best friend died at my party.. The medics were called and the cops showed up as well. What did the cop do? He spent twenty minutes lecturing me on having a pellet gun – unloaded by the way, leaned up against one wall and how it was illegal to fire it in the city limits. I live on two acres in the suburbs and wasn’t in the city limits until annexed recently.

          So yes, they look for stuff just to hassle you.. FTP, they aren’t worth shit.

  • Greg Geitner

    a man with a backbone. THANK YOU,SIR.

  • Bill Marshall

    wasn’t he technically just rearranging the snow that was already there?

  • Sub Pilot 57

    4th Amendment – right to travel freely and unencumbered.
    Argument: snow on the street is an encumberment, laws against removing snow, is also an encumberment.
    Violating ones oath to the Constitution is a federal offense – 5 US 7311. Officer/city officials fining people for exercising their rights is a violation of their oath of office. Federal penalty for violating oath: Fines, Imprisonment and loss of occupation.
    Finally – jury that refuses to convict people of unjust laws… makes unjust laws unenforceable and nullifys them. Keep government in check – its your right and your duty.

    • nerys

      they just make them statutory offenses ie non crimes so you don’t get a jury. its rigged.

  • FiuToYou

    Is anybody getting sick and tired of this crap? Start low in your community and start ‘draining the Swamp’ in your town. Start with the Town Counsel and work up to the mayor. Vote out the trash!!!

  • Baconmon

    “How dare you do the job that we didn’t do!”

    I’d like to see this man post a bitcoin address for donations (he is probably too humble to do that though) just to see the reaction of the police department when they see their plans backfire and man ends up receiving thousands of dollars from people who sympathize with his story..

  • Ryan Colleton

    I’m pretty sure the snow was put on (deposited) the ground by the air, this guy just moved it to the side. He can get out of this one.

  • Scott Walker

    Melt the snow pile with a burner, no evidence, no crime.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness

    Maybe he and his neighbors should all go down and see the judge at the same time. Maybe the whole town should go down and have a come to Jesus meeting with city officials.

    • doucyet

      That would mean getting off the sofa and away from the keyboard. You can’t complain about cops writing tickets if you step away from the keyboard……..

  • David Lewis

    I suspect the money for plowing the streets is in the general fund for the city and therefore does’t exist as the city reps have used it for other “more important” bs……

  • MrRetloc

    ‘Just doing my job.’ Change the stickers on all police vehicles! Damn the LIE … no more protect and serve.

  • TotallySirius

    Under that law, wouldn’t the city itself be guilty of violating their own ordinance for plowing the other streets( they obviously didn’t plow that street)?

  • permalink

    While this makes for a good story, the truth of the matter is you cannot clear a driveway by pushing the snow into the street, and leave it there thinking you won’t get a ticket.

    This is hardly government corruption or the activities of the American police state. This is no different than littering. Does the author believe we should be littering the streets?

    • Guy Pinestra

      Are you really as dumb as this post makes you seem?

      • permalink

        Do you really know so little about laws as it seems? You can’t push snow in the street and hope no one will charge you.

        • Guy Pinestra

          The snow in the street had already fallen ON the street, did you even watch the video?

          • permalink

            Have you ever operated a pick-up w/ a snowplow on it or a truck w/ a plow? Obviously not. Well I have, for many, many years here in the northern part of the US.

            I used to clear people’s driveways. And would never, ever leave any snow I pushed in the street. You just do not do that, whether one is trying to be a nice neighbor or a paid operator. There are laws against this, as this character found out.

            Even now where I live off a state plowed road, I do not leave a trace of my “snow” in the state road-way.

            This is just another wildly trumped up “nothing” story brought to us by thefreethoughtproject. There is no government corruption or the activities of the American police state.

          • Guy Pinestra

            Go watch the video again. The snow piled in the parking area in front of his house is snow that came from the street, not from driveways. At 0:50 of the video you can see him plowing the STREET. Is he supposed to pile that snow in someone’s yard?

  • Gary Williams

    Just another thug for corrupt politicians…this one should be gunned down in the streets.

    • permalink

      Your answer for corruption is shooting?

  • IAmDone US

    Learn common law and put a stop to the extortion by our “public servants” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgfBszEKsfw

  • Teresa Rogers

    Change the laws. Simple.

  • Ibcamn

    any reason to get a buck….cops are criminals and yet people want to say cops are heros,cops are not,not in any shape or form,they are road pirates….criminals,pure criminals.