Reno, NV – The task of bringing fugitives to justice falls to the capable hands of U.S. Marshals—and the Marshals typically have no problem capturing their target. But when they partnered with Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies in January to apprehend Eugenio Enrique Corona, the fugitive was not returned to jail safe and sound.

Corona had violated the terms and conditions of his parole when he was alleged to have been in possession of methamphetamines and a firearm. Instead of returning to prison, he is believed to have fled, forcing the Marshals to come looking for him.

Washoe deputies caught up with Corona, and a car chase ensued but ended as soon as Corona stopped. He exited the car, got on his knees, and in typical prison submission fashion, interlocked his hands behind his head.

He surrendered.

However, instead of simply walking over and placing the wanted man in handcuffs—which would have seemingly been easy considering he was in the position of surrender— Corona’s lawyers say Washoe police proceeded to sic their dog on him as punishment.


For surrendering, he was tortured.

In the video from the dash cam of one of the deputy’s cars, Corona can be seen kneeling on the ground, hands locked behind his head. The cars roll up and stop, then a dog runs over and attacks Corona, clamping down on his arm and tearing into him.

According to a report from the Reno-Gazette Journal, there were two deputies on the scene—Jason Wood and Francisco Gamboa:

“Wood commanded Rony to ‘get that bad guy’ as the dog latched on to Corona’s arm, biting him on the bicep and chest, the lawsuit said. A second deputy, Deputy Francisco Gamboa, punched Corona in the face while yelling at him to stop resisting, according to the lawsuit.”

Wood’s command to “get that bad guy” was followed by the comments officers are trained to say when they want to punch someone: “stop resisting.” It is clear to see that Corona was in no way “resisting,” even when his arm and chest were being mauled by the attack dog.

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This raises the question—were the officers lying when they yelled for Corona to “stop resisting,” or were they just attempting to legally protect themselves while they punched him in the face?

Corona’s lawyers, Terri Keyser-Cooper and Luke Busby, contend in the lawsuit, “The surrender was unequivocal: (Corona) was on his knees with his hands above his head…No reasonable officer could have construed (Corona’s) actions as anything other than a complete surrender.”

Although a gun was recovered from the route of the chase, and deputies had radioed in that someone shot at them, the video does not reveal such an interaction. Corona has denied all of the charges against him, and he currently sits in the Washoe County jail. He is suing for excessive use of force.

The question also remains as to how the scene would have unfolded, if Corona had resisted, and attempted to defend himself against the vicious K9 attack. Of course, some viewers would likely contend that he should not have run, and that he deserved the treatment he got.

Others may say this incident serves as just another case of police brutality. But for pragmatic observers, it may appear as something less than humane—some type of cruel indignant punishment for failing to get on one’s knees fast enough.

It will be left up to a judge or jury to decide if Corona’s rights were violated, and if the deputies used too much force in their attempts to capture an alleged fugitive.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, police sometimes use their K9 officers—or police dogs—as a form of cruel punishment against suspects. On one occasion in May, a police officer in Pennsylvania allowed his attack dog to maul a compliant man and then bragged to a dispatcher about the injuries the suspect sustained.

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In the case of Eugenio Enrique Corona, do you believe the officers should have restrained the K9? Did they delay in removing the K9 from the suspect? Would you have released the dog on the suspect if you were the officer and saw a man in a submissive position?

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    What a bunch of idiots! Assuming that this display of assclownery doesn’t get the guy completely off the hook – and it probably won’t, as it’s a parole violation and not a new charge – he’s going to have a nice, fat paycheck waiting for him when he gets out of prison.

    For those of you that just intuitively HATE a criminal and love seeing them get punished in perversely violent ways, stop jerking off and think about that for a minute. This guy is probably going to get paid more money than you’ll EVER see in one place – does that make you happy? Wouldn’t you rather see him get out of prison destitute and desperate instead of coming home richer than you?

    • ♓Ξ▲ѴƳ Ƙ∆RM∆~Ð∈ßϯ SᏝ▲V∈

      ‘One should not punish a criminal unless one is able to help that criminal understand the constitution of the finite-Infinite material-Spiritual Universe’ ~ George Ohsawa

      “A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law. All Other Teachings Are Incomplete”~ Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi & George Ohsawa ▲▼ ♂ ♀ ❤ ♡ ♬ ♪ ♫`☁ヽ☂`、☁ᄿ☼ ☾* ☆ ☄ Ø ☮ ☪ ☯ ✞ ∞

    • Dave Wukusick

      He deserves a big fat check and the probation dept. may have to figure something out.

      • Damiana

        Of course he deserves it, which he absolutely would not had the cops shown more common sense and/or foresight than the animal they unleashed!

        • Carol McNicol

          Common sense they would’nt know what that is. They are all a load shits.

          • Trumps Warriors

            I am a father of a police officer and when I hear people like yourself judging these officers is absurd. Had to chase this criminal down known felon to carry a gun and doing meth and then expect officers to approach him with a pacifier and a warm glass of milk. This fellow should have stop when the officer lit him up, so first of many situations occurred because he would not comply. To approach him with the dog could have possibly saved someone’s life. If you care to see what the procedures to follow when a officer begins his-her contact. You can goggle how to handle a officer of any law enforcement agency.

          • Cindy R. Barnett

            So big deal u raised a legal murderer…Pat yourself on your back,or tell him to suck your dick,and thank you for all your guidance……

          • Trumps Warriors

            I would expect that from someone who blames everybody else for their failures in you life. I am a proud parent of 2 great grown adults that know what respect and dignity means. I bet if you would try and learn what it means to be a lady would increase your choice of words and not sound like a vile human. I’m sorry I forgot I have my white privilege and if you feel like this about all officers of the law next time call blm when you need help from a person who robs you and inflicts bodily harm sure they will be right there don’t call people who will protect you even if you hate them. Believe me I do pat myself and my wife on the back for raising children to respect others and make something of themselves. How about you any kids you are proud of.

          • Nino Bravo

            Sir, I have to give my opinion about that too. Please, tell me, do you know how many killers, rapists, muggers, assailants, are paying for their crimes? do you know how many of them have a huge sheet of crimes and are still on the street? and innocent and hard working individuals are suffering large convictions? That’s the beauty of our inadequate, filthy judicial system. Hard working people is suffering long terms in jails meanwhile, real criminals are walking the streets free? Jail is business crooks, criminals, killers, drug addicts do not bring income. Hard working people does? It is very easy to analyze life, as as told you before, common sense. We have become satanic, evil, money hungry and that is going to drain this beautiful country to its end. Let’s be fair, a sworn police officer acts brutally he or she has to face consequences. Good cops should be protected from the evil ones and the gangs inside the police department that otherwise would be a wonderful department. I know wonderful police officers ( do not get me wrong) but I had been a victim of abusive and criminal police officers as well.

          • DeEdgra Bradley

            Of course you’re related to a cop. However, this does not give them the right to do whatever they want. Even if he ran and is known to have weapons, the man got down on his knees and was no longer a threat. That’s the key point. Some cops get off on excessive force and need to be punished. Just like this man will pay for his actions and then get paid for the stupidity of the police force for allowing that dog to attack that man and then beating on him.

          • manonatallhorse

            What a load of BS. People like you who make excuses for bad police work are part of the problem. Yes he is a bad guy, and obviously a POS. But we supposedly live in a country where the rule of law trumps all. It was obvious that the bad guy tapped out and he still got brutalized for his troubles. He deserves the big check that he’s gonna get when he get’s out and LEO’s involved need to be at least retrained and or fired. Oh and by the way I’m not a hater I work with and know personally a lot of good police officers, who go out and do a good job protecting the community at large every day. And they do it with class and professionalism. These guys pictured here makes it hard for good cops out on the street trying to do the right thing.

          • Trumps Warriors

            Wow you ended with these cops make others look bad which is correct. People like me has never said anything other than to comply not try to out run the police and the way people are today its possible this guy had a gun which was reported . Just putting your hands on your head and down on your knees when he should have complied and laid face down as he was told. Try living everyday to the best of your ability and not say things about people you don’t know in fact I never thought my son would be a police officer however I am a proud parent how about you, do you have children that you are proud of?

          • Jenna

            You can stop flagging people, Mr. Cox – it won’t help.

          • Jenna

            It especially ain’t gonna help you to flag my comments. How the hell do you think I knew it was you?

          • Nino Bravo

            God bless the good parent Sir. However, common sense is common sense and words can differ but pictures and videos, very hard. I think we the ones commenting had nothing against you sir but, you should understand, police brutality has increased by the 100’s. They kill a person just by the pleasure of doing it. ?Do you know about the case where the wife of a city driver was killed by a single shot? at a long distance? she was trouble. Was not the duty of the police to get closer and talk to her and help her. What? Are police officer robots? Their duty was to get closed to that lady and help her. Do you know what happened instead? One motherfucker officer shot her at distance and she was killed instantly? Procedure? Protocol? to kill an trouble person? and if we talk about a lot of cases, you would probably feel overwhelmed with so much injustice, with so much aberration. I praise you to be a proud parent Sir, but talk to you son or daughter and let him/her know that God is watching and who ever kills by the sword will be killed by the sword. Life comes from God and there are exceptions where a person can take somebody else’s life. Please, always talk to you son/daughter and let him/her know that is a God watching our actions and we do not pay there, we pay later if we commit a capital sin.

          • Trumps Warriors

            I say thanks for your rational opinion and not condemn my family. We have raised both of our children in church and to treat others with respect and dignity. My son and I were talking about a young man walking the opposite way and he stated that he turned around and stopped with the lights on to ask the teenager that was very apparent he was homeless cold and hungry and very disoriented and scared. My son called for a ambulance to help him. Then come to find out he was lost and diabetic and had been missing for a week or more. I felt proud of my son for his compassion and not to have harassed him. So what I’m saying he is a great son and person and not a Rambo cop ! However when people attack you and say vile things and judge others should stop and learn some respect!

          • John Chaplain

            You’re a Trump supporting ignorant pig so don’t go bragging about going to church and helping the homeless. I’m guessing your son is as bad or worse than the rest if he was raised by you.

          • Ramirez

            You and people like you defending the vile pieces of shit these cops are, are the reason this country remains in the toilet and will soon be flushed intotge sewers by the rest of the world.

            You actually THINK it was okay and just that the cops sick a dog on a man who clearly was surrendering. YOU think that the cops punching a surrendering suspect who is alresdy on the ground being mauled by K9 is right.

            Let me waste time here and show you how incredibly IGNORANT you are while also showing you you are worthless subhuman piece of shit.

            The cop hitting the suspect was yelling ‘Stop Resisting’ when the video clearly showed the suspect WASN’T resisting. WHY? Because the cop KNEW he was assaulting the suspect.

            But really…what else can you expect from someone who calls himself “Trumps Warriors”

            When God sends Righteous Judgement your way, I want you to stand proudly and keep calling yourself that tgen.

          • Nino Bravo

            I just would like to ask you Sir, have you seen the unnecessary killing of people who haven’t committed no crimes? whose only crime is being mentally unstable? drunk? and your wonderful police officer have unloaded 20 + plus rounds to people who did not pose to be of any threat? Let’s be neutral here. If I have a relative and is a (law enforcement) public servant and he or she acts in a way that cost somebody’s life just because he felt so excited to execute that person? should I support him/her? Do you remember the Louima case or Amado Diallo? Hard working individuals but defenseless victims. Do you approve that too? Would you considered a separate incidents, a spur of the moment? One life was taken and the other one was humiliated and sodomize? are we going to put that aside? Hopefully, your relative is a real human police officer otherwise he/she can lie, but you can not lie to God and God is holding His anger to release it when the time comes. Remember, the time of God is perfect.

          • Veronica Newman

            What if the “criminal” was your son? Would your opinion be any different? The guy SURRENDERED. Did you even watch the tape? How about treat people like a HUMAN BEING. A cop is just a regular citizen with a badge and a gun. Not judge, jury, and executioner. Last time I checked everyone is innocent until proven guilty IN COURT. And something you should know. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a “bad guy.” People in life make mistakes and have to suffer the consequences. I hope these officers get fired and this guy sues the US Marshals for every penny they’re worth.


        Yes, but the offenders need to be held accountable as well.Remember it is the taxpayers that will be paying for these transagressors.

      • cuntservative

        That money should be taken out of those two clowns pay checks.

    • Stevie Eddy

      since hes a criminal, fleeing, he will not see a dollar. with video and alll, probably will loose the suit, justified by saying they recovered a gun and shots fired at police. done

      • Damiana

        It’s lose, not “loose” and that’s really NOT the way civil court works.

        • Correct. These are two separate issues and this use of force as police brutality is obvious, extreme and actionable.

      • Minnwise

        Oh he’ll see it. This video is clear, he was in the submissive position before the dog was let out of the vehicle. Does not matter what he did before hand, he was in submissive position when the dog was still in the car.

      • Tax Guy

        You have no understanding of the law. His previous actions have almost nothing to do with how the police actions against him when he was apprehended will be judged in court. We have courts for the whole purpose of deciding whether to punish someone for his or her actions; the police don’t get to decide it when they catch someone.

      • LiberalVeteran

        Sadly you’re probably right. The cop who gunned down that young black boy with a BB gun in a park was acquitted. Cops are acquitted everyday with video evidence of their crimes.

        • TXMaverick

          The cop who shot that boy was acquitted because of the circumstances of the boy holding what looked like a real gun, in failing light, and there was no orange tip on that gun. In this day and age, it’s not unheard of for a young person to want to shoot at the cops. It was very sad that the boy was killed and the officer will probably have nightmares about it the rest of his life. This case, with the dog, and that case with the boy, are worlds apart. This was clear police brutality. The other was a sad series of circumstances that ended up in a child’s death.

          • Tom Marino

            Um Tamir Rice was shot in a state where it is legal to carry an AR-15 open carry. And he was shot within seconds of the officer arriving on the scene.

          • LiberalVeteran

            That’s crap. I watched the video. The cop didn’t say drop your weapon, freeze or anything. He jumped out of the car and in less than 3 seconds gunned down an innocent boy. The kid was no more than 3 feet tall. Gun or not you don’t kill a child without first assessing the situation and trying a peaceful solution. And neither cop attempted any kind of first aid. The shooter should be in prison. The other one should have gotten an unpaid suspension at the very least.

          • Legirons

            The cop driving the patrol car in Cleveland put the rookie cop in a crap position. I’m betting he was yelling Leroy Jenkins as he screeched his car in at that kid. Bad shooting caused by the driver of the cop car.

          • Gregory Reynolds

            U do know that the toy gun that Tamir Rice had was in his pocket when the officer shot him. When he got up from the table there was nothing in his hand. The officers statements were that this was a known gang area so he came with the assumption that this was a gang banger with a gun. The funny part is that he had nothing of an actual description to what the person waving a gun earlier was wearing and shot the only person in the park area without knowledge of who he was. He got off because of poor prosecution which seems to be the case in most of these police murders of young black men. Here’s something to think about. What was the crime committed? Is open carry racially administered? Does the second amendment apply to blacks?

      • disqus_queenbee_1

        He had a good reason to flee.

    • disqus_queenbee_1

      Cops who act like this deserve to be hated by people.

      • Legirons

        The individual cops should be not the entirety. The scumbag handler needs fired. And this is from a long time cop, the two local cops have no business in that business.

  • Travis Bickle 2.0

    For every psycho rotten to the core bad-apple criminal cop out there raping, robbing, killing, abusing and charging the innocent, there are at least a dozen so-called “good cops” who watched it all go down and did absolutely nothing to stop any of it via the Blue Wall of Silence, hence (((NO GOOD COPS))) FTP ..

    As described in the above mentioned, this is why I always have me a great big ole’ robust belly laugh whenever *ANY* Cop dies whether in the line of corporate policy revenue generating duty or a simple at home accident.

    • holly1224

      your a pos….hopefully one day you will need help – and I hope no one comes

      • Travis Bickle 2.0

        Today’s other TFTP Article. Search: Court Affirms Citizens Have the Right to Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality … To come to their decision, the court referenced the long-standing precedent set in State v. Mulvihill, which notes: “If in effectuating the arrest or the temporary detention the officers employs excessive and unnecessary force, the citizen may respond or counter with the use of reasonable force to protect himself, and if in doing so the officer is injured no criminal offense has been committed.”

        Search: Court Affirms Citizens Have the Right to Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality

        Search: Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest – Constitution Society
        “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

        • William Buchanan

          Hey Travis nice haircut, not. Using your reasoning as stated in the write up, he fired on them and then threw a gun out. Since they did not know if he had another gun and since he shot at them they should have just blown is F-ing brains out and went to lunch.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            All police officers are known LIARS because their training teaches them that this is what they are allowed to do during ANY investigation. The big problem with this reasoning is the below listed searches.

            Search: US Court says it’s okay for Police Departments to refuse to hire someone who is too smart

            Search: Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Escalate and Provoke Conflicts With Impunity

            Search: State Lowers the Bar for Cops, Police No Longer Required to Graduate from High School

            Search: Call a Crackhead’ Slogan Becomes Reality as Police Begin Hiring Actual Crackheads

            Cops have been known to have planted drugs and non registered drop-guns, besides lying over police radios about shots being fired especially when they know the suspect they are pursuing via the running of license plates and/or the Stingray device that captures cell phone activity. How convenient.

            The most disturbing part about this video is not only the fact that the suspect was fully surrendering on his knees with fingers interlocked atop of his head but how the many police officers did not care if their criminal actions were being recorded. The Law of Attraction means your negative thinking will attract negative actions. Enjoy.

          • billdeserthills

            Let’s not forget my fav,
            Supreme court rules cops may now break the law while enforcing the law

          • Bill McKain


        • Joey

          Haha… no matter what the court ruling says, try and get away with that one in the real world.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            There is already recorded case law on the books where it is people have successfully beat the rap on what it is YOU believe can’t be done. Why don’t you look it up. Even if criminal acting police have the intent to do great bodily harm and/or even death to me I’d be perfectly fine with standing my ground on my own two feet and taking BARE MINIMUM one of them with me. Most dumb-down and passive hexafluorosilicic acid/sodium fluoride raised Police State worshipping copsucking cowards can’t even conceive of such a simple self-preservation notion. I feel sorry for people like that with their cowardly cause and effect actions/heavy karma debt load this and their following life(s) as the coward dies a thousand cowardly deaths via reincarnation right back around into a vast Hubble UDF Scan 176 Billion Galaxies finite-Infinite material Universe.
            ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’

      • concreteblue

        We don’t call the cops in my neighborhood. The criminals hope the cops get there before we do……..and if the cops are criminals, they will be treated the same way….

        • holly1224

          you get what you give in life. I’ts people like most of those posting on this thread that contribute to the problem. Agree the cops in this video were so wrong, however, we don’t reallly know the full circumstance but to lump ALL police as the same? at a minimum, it’s predjudice.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            holly1224, “you get what you give in life” UNLESS of course according to holly1224 you are a so-called “good” Cop Behind the Blue Wall of Silence.

            Its cowardly people like YOU that think the way you do that are part of the bigger problem. I have seen thousands of articles of crimes committed by police e.g. brutality/death videos, botched SWAT raids at CATO Institute, the high numbers of innocent people and dogs killed annually by the Judge Dredd Style Death Cult Police State/NWOrder Beast System that allows for it to continue day in and day out year after year. Stop being a yellow-bellied copsucker sellout and start holding these so-called Peace Officers to their original Mission Statement of “to serve and to protect” the Citizens and not just selective enforcement which excludes their criminal acting police officer union brother and sister coworkers. Plus NOT “to serve and to protect” the revenue generating Corporations that are all Counties, Towns, Cities, States & Washington DC which is corporations and governments merged which leads us into FASCISM!!!

            Search: The CAFR Swindle ~ The Biggest Game in Town

          • billdeserthills

            Nicely said

          • holly1224

            They were serving and protecting- innocent people from a criminal….this guy is a convicted criminal who was violating his probation…..drugs and weapons charges taht just lead the police in a high speed chase…get the facts – you all make me laugh – if this guy crashed his car into your loved one, or robbed your mother, wife, daughter or sister so he could buy drugs than violated them like he violated his probation you would all be asking, “why is the POS out on the streets?” when you need help, call a crack head –

          • Ann Plicque

            I no longer watch the videos either because I cannot DO anything about them and I do not know the full extent of each case. But there is a preponderence of evidence, Holly, that young black and brown males, and former and even current offenders are mistreated and sometimes killed when completely innocent because of police prejudice and profiling. It’s serious and needs overhaul of system and institution.

          • Tracey Palmer

            there’s nothing to know about the previous goings on before the footage we have just watched… HE IS CLEARLY SURRENDERING, WHO KNOWS WHAT WENT THROUGH HIS HEAD BEFORE THE FOOTAGE, it could have just been the fear of going back inside, and 1000 more reasons, IT IS IRRELEVANT, he eventually DID surrender, at which point he should have been cuffed, not set upon by their poor trained dog, who was only following orders… isn’t it called DOUBLE STANDARDS… at what point in the footage would he have been able to shoot someone, on his knee’s and with his hands interlocked behind his head… SERIOUSLY… isn’t that why O.J.SIMPSON got away with murder… ultimately because they didn’t follow procedures they fucked up the evidence,(or planted the evidence) hence he got away with it… and isn’t it wrong to take the law into your own hands, especially if you are trying to promote the law… it seems even a TERRORIST would have been treated better…

          • holly1224

            how is what happened before being apprehended IRRELEVENT? he is a convicted criminal, violating his parole and just led them on a high speed chase putting the lives of innocent people who are NOT criminals in danger – surrendering? finally surrendering….hope you are never in the path of someone like him who is not stopped by the police before they run you down

          • Ann Plicque

            Holly, we all know he was doing wrong. He did the high speed chase and supposedly shot at them. But no one WAS hurt and no one WAS shot. That being the case, all those marshals had to do was cuff him and bring him to jail. Not decide to punish him themselves because they were pissed about his behavior. That is, like many have said, up to the courts. What they did was brutality. Cut and dried.

          • ✶*॰ْ⋆✧ً⋆。~ SƘ¡ℕJ☉Ᏸ ~˚*ْ⋆✧ً⋆॰*✶

            Do you know how many laws are on the books? Do you realize that all American’s unknowingly break a law nearly each and everyday of the year. Therefore you’re a criminal too. The only difference is you just have not been caught yet is all. You also sound very stupid and that means your driving skills put people at risk all the time that you drive a vehicle. Minority Report style Pre-Crime is coming for you.

          • ✶*॰ْ⋆✧ً⋆。~ SƘ¡ℕJ☉Ᏸ ~˚*ْ⋆✧ً⋆॰*✶

            I have a neighbor acquaintance that rides a Harley Davidson. He also wears Harley Davidson black leather jackets, chaps, boots, t-shirts, caps, patches, pins, has death skulls related tattoos etc. In other words he’s a suburbanite poser bad-ass Biker wannabe that only wants to drink Miller Light Beer and talk Harley’s and Football Special Teams BS.
            One night while having a few beers and on his computer; this was right after the false flag Boston Hoaxathon Drill, I was showing him much of the proof that is was indeed a compartmentalized CIA staged event. Gary the big bad tough guy biker dude had a freak-out moment where he immediately shut down his computer and walked away saying he can’t watch such things like that. Weeks later while on my smart phone I was trying to show him some police brutality youtube videos and he told me to leave his garage and not come back. My guess is that there is a lot of hexafluorosilicic-acid/sodium fluoride water in those aluminum Miller Lite Beer cans that he sucks down like they’re going out of style. What a Bozo the Cowardly Clown he is.

          • holly1224

            he wasn’t innocent – and I’m a black person and have never broken the law so I have no issues with police.

          • Ann Plicque

            Holly, you’re lucky you’ve had no issues with the police. Many black and brown males have. Not because they did ANYthing wrong. Simply because they are profiled. I recently saw a video where a black woman who had short hair and was dressed masculinely and was a tall large woman was treated in the same manner. She has a “suspicious” car. SHE had to de escalate the situation. Cop pulled a gun on her, etc. Because of a “Possibly” stolen car. SHE did all the work to defuse the situation. Where is innocent until proven guilty. A smart, seasoned cop would’ve run her plates and license and found out immediately he had the wrong person. SHE had to talk him down. Profiling again. You’ve been lucky.

          • Ann Plicque

            Holly, no one said he wasn’t doing wrong, wasn’t violating parole. I am black too. The POINT is he did NOT harm anyone. Those are the facts. We don’t know HOW he violated his probation except he got a gun. Why? Likely he went bact to what he was doing before. IFs don’t matter. Facts matter. There was no need for marshals to use that dog in a brutal manner. They are not judge and jury. This is miscarriage of justice. Even criminals have right to not be brutalized. He was out on the streets because initially he EARNED parole. He violated it and lost his right to freedom. But think of the systems he went through and the prison he was in that did nothing for him. We should not have a revolving door prison system. People should get help in prison to reintegrate them into normal life… not set them up to fail if they get nothing but locked up, no therapy, no training, no education. Think this through and have compassion. We are all humans. Those that take wrong turns have missed the love and protection and education you’ve had.

          • Ann Plicque

            see my post below holly

          • concreteblue

            Uhm,…NO. The cops who did nothing while the criminal cop told his dog to maul the perp? Complicit. Any cop who signed off on the report that tries to clear the officer of wrongdoing? Conspiracy to abuse authority. The supervisor who let these things pass and helps the criminal cops evade scrutiny? Guilty as well. Until the “Good cops” start demanding the prosecutions and firings of the “Bad cops” THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS!

          • holly1224

            NO GOOD COPS??? ok, i hope you never need help, should you – call a crack head or a thief….the guy being mauled by the dog IS a criminal…..

          • ✶*॰ْ⋆✧ً⋆。~ SƘ¡ℕJ☉Ᏸ ~˚*ْ⋆✧ً⋆॰*✶

            haha holly1224 … That’s a good one. You’re so ignorant.
            *Search: Call a Crackhead’ Slogan Becomes Reality as Police Begin Hiring Actual Crackheads

          • holly1224

            Excellent! than you stand a chance of getting help – asshole

          • ✶*॰ْ⋆✧ً⋆。~ SƘ¡ℕJ☉Ᏸ ~˚*ْ⋆✧ً⋆॰*✶

            “asshole”?!? Alrighty then, chew on this Air Biscuit. (‿ ​ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็ ‿) :;(´﹏` );:

        • Marc Smith

          The criminal was a convicted felon, probation violator fugitive on the loose, with drug and dweapons charges and just took cops on a high speed chase endangering the lives of innocent people. Ergo he is not a contributing citizen to this country and does not deserve to be treated as such. Lock him up let him rot in jail.

          • Tax Guy

            That is for the courts to decide, not the police.

          • Marc Smith

            the felon and the courts had their chance. the felon chose not to abide by the rules he and courts agreed to. Therefore a heavier hand is needed. In this case the hand of dog intervened….. I don’t care if he gets a multi million dollar settlement. so long as hes rotting in jail where he can’t spend it. and maybe it will go towards restitution for his victims.

          • concreteblue

            They will get to you soon enough. “First they came for the blacks, but I was not black….”

          • Marc Smith

            Ya now every time I have been stopped by the police I have not been tased, beaten, abused, dragged from vehicle, shot or otherwise been treated unfairly. But then I’m not a convicted felon fleeing from police. I pull over and do as I’m instructed and extend police every respect. As a convicted felon violating his probation he had No rights. His chance to be conpliant and treated with respect ended the moment he decided to violate His probation and his rights further evaporated the moment he ran from police.

          • Ann Plicque

            Did you not see the video of the young black woman who was pulled over and mistreated by police? SHE had to de-escalate the situation and calm down the officer. She had done nothing wrong. She was compliant. She was not a felon, nor fleeing from police. She had rights. Her CAR was similar to a car of someone who’d broken the law… That was it. And even someone who has broken the law has the right to be treated humanely. Even during an arrest. Even in prison. How will law breakers EVER be re-integrated into society if they are not treated like people, given educations and training to give them a chance when they leave, give therapy and drug treatment to resolve what got them into jail in the first place. Prison is a holding cell and revovling door for 80% of those incarcerated on serious charges. It should be rehabilitation for those with chances at parole.

          • Marc Smith

            Sure lets hop them up on meds to “level them out” so when they decide to go off their meds they revert back to the old ways. Oh who’s going to pay for these meds…. you…me tax payers? great. more debt for those who do contribute to society to support those who don’t want to. who’s going to make sure they stay on their meds? In prison you should not be treated like a human, you need to be treated like shit, three meals a day, cable TV, work out rooms…. screw that… prison is probably nicer than the places they grew up…. Prison needs to be a place that people don’t ever want to return to, if they demonstrate the competence to be allowed to leave. They need to be begging to get out of prison… I guess we can give them an emotional support animal to help deal with their inner demons.

          • Ann Plicque

            I have not suggested anyone hop prisoners up on meds. I’ve suggested they get talk therapy, group and individual counseling and EDUCATION so when they are ready for parole, they are ready are reintegrate into society as useful citizens. Our tax dollars are paying to keep people in prison for infractions for 5, 10, 25 years to what end? If they get out and have no skills, what do you think they do again? What they did before. If you think being locked in a cell every night or having a day room with one cable TV is some kind of party, or being allowed time to work out or exercise once a day is heaven, I invite you to spend a week in a prison. How do you expect people to demonstrate competence to leave if they are not instructed in such competence early in life. People who end up in prison have lived a life of deficits: no fathers present, addicted parents, raised by grandparents who aren’t young and strong enough to exercise some control over how they’re raised. They’re usually poor, often end up in foster care sent from place to place because they don’t behave well because they have never had a normal existence. People who succeed under these circumstances are extraordinary, not common. I hope you go visit a prison Marc and talk to some of the people there, like Jesus said to do. I don’t thi
            nk you have a clue about the forces that send me into these lives or keep them there. I say don’t spend money on meds in prison, spend money on education and therapy. Most of these men and women have been emotionally and financially impoverished their whole lives. Equity is what is needed. And it’s a hard row to hoe for ALL of us.

          • Marc Smith

            you did and I quote “give therapy and drug treatment to resolve what got them into jail in the first place” Go thump your bible eslew here sister. if there was a god, santa, or easter bunny, he would see all the pain that humans are in and he’d solve the problem, wipe the slate and start over again.

            blame god for the child molester and murderer he created them.

            Yes I have been in prisons before, never as a long term guest, and what i saw was enough for me to know that I never want to end up in a one, but prison in the US is a field trip when compared to prisons of other countries.

          • Ann Plicque

            Marc Smith, I was referring to prisoners who might be drug ADDICTED. They need treatment to get them off drugs. Not drugs to zombify prisoners. I’m not bible thumping . I believe human compassion, kindness and support can solve most problems in and out of prison. This has nothing to do with any god of any kind. Most child molesters were molested by adults they knew. Some murderers have suffered a lifetime of emotional insults. A tiny percentage are verifiably insane. I realize many people have suffered terrible existential pain and this is part of the reason they’ve ended up incarcerated. On the other hand, some people who suffered the same insults rallied and made themselves decent lives. Some of it is having a safety net, support systems to fall back on: good parents, grandparents, friends, relatives. Some of it is being lucky enough to have a strong ego and a sense of positivity. For YOU seeing a prison was enough. For others who are too damaged, it isn’t. This has nothing to do with god. This has to do with being humane. People damage other people and themselves. It comes from life pain and misery. Lending a hand in even the smallest way can make a difference in someone’s life. Peace to you, Marc.

          • Rowe Joshua

            someone clearly needs to spend time in jail if they think its a vacation

          • Marc Smith

            never said it was a vacation. But prison, right now, is not a deterrent to crime for many, as evidenced by the repeat offenders. Time in prison should be a deterrent in an of it itself. Prison is punishment for a crime. meals, cable TV books, work out rooms, ect. is NOT punishment. Bring back the chain gangs. put these “people” to work. I’m not against rehabilitation. but you have to make prison something people remember and do not want to go back to.

      • Bill McKain

        Is that you Mardi Hodges? Still with the my country (or police) right or wrong.

        Piss on you.

    • Scuba Linneman

      I hope you rot in hell from your asshole mouth down to your other asshole,… your brain is already fucking fried to a crisp,…. Idiot mother fucker you are,…!

      • Travis Bickle 2.0

        You f%&king dips#!t coward … I’m Red Pill WOKE & One with the Order/Balance of the finite-Infinite material & Infinite Spiritual Universe/God with its Absolute Truth Cause & Effect Karma Debt Actions Perfect Justice System.

        Hah, your shame will be your hellish suffering and your torturous hardships will be all your future life(s)! … BECAUSE “the coward dies a thousand cowardly deaths” via Absolute Judgement-Justice; and Absolute Sentencing/Reincarnation right back around into the vast Hubble UDF scan observed 176 Billion Galaxies finite-Infinite material Universe with its many other earth-like “hell” planets all set in different historical timelines to our world (Mandela Effect).

        For all the ignorant shallow consciousness things you say and do, I wish your many repeated life(s) to be painfully long in the hopes you eventually upgrade your simplistic awareness to a higher plane of existence. In the meantime keep acting the fool and “experience everything you need.”

        Realizing every movement within the material universe is an effect provoked by a cause, hence Cause & Effect (Karma) Actions. The imperfect becomes Perfect therefore God is truly Great.

        “A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law. All Other Teachings Are Incomplete”~ Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi & George Ohsawa

        • David Ballard

          All hail to the keyboard warrior… It is obvious you have no life whatsoever other than to be a hateful outspoken keyboard jockey. You like calling other people yellow and coward because deep-down you are fighting your own demons. Stop being the joke of the internet and do something positive with your life.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            Whoo Hoo … My positive “keyboard warrior”-like life-work is dedicated to renting free space in the heads of simplistic minded fools such as you … HAhaa

          • David Ballard

            So full of yourself that you can’t even see that it is you that is the fool. But what should we expect, you waste half of your pathetic life staring at a screen.

      • Bill McKain

        Another blind devotionist JERGOV.

    • Mike Carlson

      1 criminal for 12 bad cops? Where did you get those statistics?

      • Travis Bickle 2.0

        You playing semantics? Most Police Departments across the entire USA have more then a dozen demonic cult-like Fraternal Order of Police union member brother and sisters on its citizens taxpayer funded payrolls. They see and hear what it is their sadistic power tripping fellow coworkers boast about during their many coffee and donuts breaks via smart phones and/or word of mouth. Wake up little snoozy and smell the smelling salts.

        • Mike Carlson

          Semantics? Do you understand what the word means? You’re apparently unhinged. Demonic FOP? Really? You’re also apparently mentally deranged and quite possibly, an actual moron. You should join the carnival.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            Okay Mr “Pseudo Intellectual” Mike Carlson I’ll help you out e.g. “semantics:” “are YOU playing numbers and word games with me?” hence, ‘Just arguing semantics’?!?!

            Semantics: the branch of linguistics (language) and logic concerned with meaning. There are a number of branches and subbranches of semantics, including formal semantics: which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics: which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics: which studies the cognitive structure of meaning … the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.

            “Just arguing semantics:” which appears to indicate that the speaker intends for semantics to signify something unimportant and trivial, or unrelated to the discussion.

            “You playing semantics?”/’Just arguing semantics?’ … The phrase doesn’t really indicate that the discussion is about something other than meaning, just that the precise nature of that meaning is not terribly important. This expression will occasionally puzzle people who understand that semantics has something to do with meaning, on the grounds that the meaning of words is of some importance in a discussion or argument.

            How has semantics come to be used to refer to two things that are fairly disparate in character: either meaning itself or unimportant things? It would appear to have gained this extended meaning over several decades, beginning in the middle of the 20th century. By the early 1960s arguing semantics has taken on a somewhat more refined meaning, referring more to a form of linguistic nit-picking than it did to a concerted attempt to decipher the true meaning of a word.

            Let me guess, you are or were a Cop.

            Search: US Court says it’s okay for Police Departments to refuse to hire someone who is too smart
            Search: Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Escalate and Provoke Conflicts With Impunity
            Search: State Lowers the Bar for Cops, Police No Longer Required to Graduate from High School
            Search: Call a Crackhead’ Slogan Becomes Reality as Police Begin Hiring Actual Crackheads

          • Mike Carlson

            Ahhh… the classic deflection technique using Wikipedia or something as a counter. Blah, blah, blah… I’m sure a teenage girl would be impressed.

            It’s no wonder you’ve created a persona based on a ‘pseudo-intellectual’-I’m-afraid-to-show-my-real-identity-obviously-psycho-Travis-Bickle-wannabe.

            What next, you’ll attempt intimidation by using the personal identification method? Oh wait, the cretin already tried that. Again; I’m sure a teenage girl would be impressed.

            Your fake personality is of course not surprising since it’s obvious you’re the perfect example of a frustrated underachiever.

            I almost feel sorry for you, but since I suspect you beat women, I’m not particularly sympathetic to the meaningless horror you call your life.

            You bore me (probably like the rest of the human beings you come across).

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            You said: “Semantics? Do you understand what the word means?” … So I gave you a extensively detailed research of what it means since you were so quick to spout out your ignorance, besides being too lazy to look it up yourself.

            Now more then once in your strange second reply to me you’re actually fixating on teenage girls and projecting it onto me. Wow, what kind of criminal degenerate are you to be imagining young girls like that? Dude, seek help fast because the Order of the finite-Infinite material and Spiritual Universe’s Cause and Effect/Karma Debt Actions is real.
            Never forget: Every movement within the Infinite Universe is an effect provoked by a cause, hence, cause and effect karma actions. In other words, ‘For whatever a man sows… this he will also reap.’~ Galatians 6:7

            Persona based on a “pseudo intellectual”? Hah, I called you out first for acting like you knew what the hell you were talking about. Now it seems you are embarrassed but too full of ego to quit while you are behind and looking like a total fool.
            Abandon the ego before its far too late… Crucify the ego before we pine away ..
            Prying open the 3rd eye ..

            People using obscure avatars and random non-associated usernames are obviously guarding ones own privacy from unstable people new to the comments and reply etiquette. You’re 5 and 5, but really only 5 since you most likely up-voted your own comments.
            But hey, way to be a relative (fleeting) happiness overachiever.

            You almost feel sorry for me because YOU suspect I beat women? Gee, do you actually mean 18 and 19 year old women!?! Are you completely delusional in imagining that you are now some sort of ineffectually frustrated psychic? Are you projecting again what it is you are doing with your life? IMO I do not think you would bore a well practiced psychiatrist.

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            Here it is … feel free to take the cure ..

            “A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law. All Other Teachings Are Incomplete”
            ~ Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi & George Ohsawa

          • Mike Carlson

            Wow; talk about unstable, you’re really starting to lose it dude. Talk about ego? That psychobabble is pure buffoonery. I repeat – I’m sure the teenage girls will be impressed.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            ( c ^▂^) ~ HAAha … It seems I’m renting free space in that tiny hexafluorosilicic-acid/sodium fluoride calcified pineal gland child-like mind of yours which can only fixate on small immature teenage girls.
            But then again that’s the way it is when one become the newly crowned Kling Klang Queen of the Cop Shop’s Rim Ram Rainbow Room.
            Keep on Copsuckin’ ..

          • Mike Carlson

            You’re the one who keeps responding “Travis” (aka too-much-of-a-pussy-to-use-your-real-name-internet-troll).
            Your pathetic missives are really just petty little attempts at impressing me with your newly acquired vocabulary.
            It’s really quite sad.

          • Travis Bickle 2.0

            Okay Mike Carlson… My name is Bill Johnson. I’ll try looking you up while you try looking me up. Go ..

          • Mike Carlson

            I couldn’t care less…

  • Jaalleman

    I don’t have the stomach for these videos anymore – i try to get the details from the comment section. You can always tell when something is fatally flawed from the apparent internal contradiction. For example, I once watched prime minister of Israel Netanyahoo in Paris (after the Charles Hebdo attacks) claiming that Israel is surrounded by implacable enemies who wish to push the Jews of Israel into the sea, and that they face similar terrorism on a daily basis, then, in the same speech urged all French Jews to migrate to Israel because a Jew is not save anywhere else!

    Or, that the police are heroes who do a very dangerous job few would sign up for risking their lives daily to protect others. But they just had to shoot the old man holding the walking stick because the brave officer thought it was a G3 battle rifle and didn’t t have the luxury of holding fire for few more ticks to ascertain if it was a rifle or not – after all the good officer has to go back to his family at night.

    If an officer is able to sic a vicious dog ( a deadly weapon btw) on a clearly surrendered suspect and gets away with it, well then, my American friends the writing is on the wall and what you have is a full fledged police state.

    Good luck folks you’ll need it!

    • Damiana

      Don’t feel bad – I almost never watch these videos myself.

      • Guy

        I agree with you as they all become pretty tough to watch. But who is that idiot just above you and why does he say what he does about the Jewish State Of Israel, in response to Jaalllemans ? I’am sort of afraid to ask him myself, because of the can of worms that will probably come from it as the results.

    • d marino

      Of course we have a Police State now in the U.S. And Israel has been training the police of America’s cities to learn the sadistic and sinister practices of the Jews. They are the most evil of all governments. Just read what the Bolsheviks did and do to get a mind full of horrors.

  • whitecat31

    That POS say “stop resisting” while the guy was being bitten by a dog and while the police officer is telling the dog “to get that bad guy”. That officer is violating that suspects criminal rights and is a ticking time bomb for a lawsuit to eventually hit Reno.

  • Dave Wukusick

    Well, when a dog is tearing your arm up it only natural to protect yourself. These cops should be sued and fired. Mostly, I support the cops, but this man was surrendering. Reno cops should be held accountable for this; bet the D.A. is having a hell of a time with this, or did!!!

  • Eric J. Chambers

    “Stop resisting” and “I was scared for my life” are two buzz words these coward officers all over the nation are using to openly ISIS-style execute American citizens! If this happened in another country, Americans would be talking about how savage and inhumane it is. But when it happens here, it’s par for the damn course!

    And they wonder why many don’t shed a tear when a cop is killed! This is why because too many of them have no regard for life themselves! And the sad thing is, while the officers rarely get sentenced, the cities are left paying out millions of dollars in settlements! Imagine if they used that money to train officers to not be barbaric, but be humane. I wish the dude would have killed that mutt!


      It goes beyond training.Some very real psychopaths are getting in police work.Screening really needs to be improved tremendously.

      • Ann Plicque

        I second that Carlos. Police and military can hide a minority of very disturbed individuals who seek violent outlets because psychological screening is inconsistent or nonexistent because their ranks are thin. The “to protect and serve” has degenerated into an “us, them” attitude in some cases. Only full-fledged community policing and training to de-escalate violence in all cases, and kill this militaristic police-state mindset can turn this around. I’ve never feared the police, but these videos are seriously concerning and citizens should be very careful. When a person has to be the de-escalator between themselves and the police to protect themselves from fearful, angry, dangerous cops, things are not right, training is off-base, lacking, wrong.

        • soulshadow55

          Exactly, the officer who shot 12 year old Timer Rice had been rejected by the county next to the one where he was eventually. They knew he had failed the psychological test but hired him anyway. He drove up to the 12 year old child and shot him within two and a half seconds. He never gave him any medical assistance and handcuffed his hysterical little sister. Now where is the common sense in that.

          • disqus_queenbee_1

            I watched that video and was appalled.It’s hard to fathom how they justified his actions.Makes me fear for my life when I’m around a cop .

    • Robert Schwartz

      As bad as this is, incidents like this are extremely rare. When you consider the amount of police contacts with suspects, the amount of police brutality cases are less than one percent. However, it is important to deal with those cases and get those cops out of policing for both sides sake.

      • concreteblue

        Incidents just like this may be rare, but if the “Good Cops” are turning blind eyes, do not stop their brother officers when they get out of hand, lie on reports, etc, then there are no “good cops”.

        • Keith W Fletcher

          Absolutely ! And I’m glad others are noticing the ” quit resisting ploy” !

        • disqus_queenbee_1

          If 1% of the force commit these kinds of crimes and 99% of the force watch them but don’t report them, they are as bad as them. It’s called being an accomplice .

      • Mick Mena

        rare or “rarely reported.” A lot of men in urban areas experience unfair behavior from people they are supposed to admire, at a very young age.

        What kind of environment do you think allowed people like O.J. Simpson to be acquitted in Los Angeles, despite overwhelming evidence provided by the LAPD?

        People could not accept that the police were being 100% honest. They simply had a reputation for being unfair to black men.

        • Gregory Reynolds

          Sorry need to correct you on the whole OJ thing. OJ wasn’t acquitted because of overwhelming evidence, he actually was acquitted because all the evidence presented by the LAPD was tainted or falsified. There was the blood on the socks that went thru and thru that had blood preservative in it. There was the video of the clean room at 4pm and then at 4:15 after the officer who took OJ’s blood and came to the house instead of taking it to the lab bloody socks appeared on the floor. There was the 2 bodies that the coroners office couldn’t give a time of death for yet there was a half eaten bowl of ice cream on the coffee table at 3am that they couldn’t explain. There was that bloody glove found in the middle of the dark back yard with no blood spats leading to it from anywhere and found by a racist cop who happened to answer a domestic violence call years earlier at the Simpsons home who immediately made the assumption that it was OJ who did it and planted the glove.

          So no the police weren’t being 100% honest in any aspect of that trial.

      • Brit Pinson

        Sorry to say that your idea of extremely rare is not so, I say this because from August 2016 thur March 2017 more than 1700 unarmed, handcuffed, walking, sitting and standing black males & females, some teens have been killed by police which I feel is an outrage. Think what you like, but when it comes into your home then you will feel a bit different.

    • Mick Mena

      Imagine if they used that money to provide life skills training for these young men that have no other options other than a life of crime. Imagine that….

    • Brit Pinson

      But, they consider the dog to be an officer and they would have got the poor man for murder or the cops would have shot and killed the man.

  • Jo-Ann Calmasini

    I’ve started to pray/meditate that all cops EXPERIENCE the same exact thing that they do to others! If they show respect, love and compassion, then they get that as well. If they are vicious, mean, cruel or hurt others, then they experience that IMMEDIATELY! Won’t you join me in this collective thought!?

    • holly1224

      and I pray that if ever someone hurts/rapes/robs/murders anyone you love and the cop that shows up to bring them to justice shows them respect, love and compassion…ponder that…

      • concreteblue

        There would be nothing wrong with that. Embrace that hate while you kiss the boot…….Moron.

      • Bill McKain

        F YOU Mardi Hodges

  • Larry Graham

    Someone should those bastards.

  • kcgoat

    other police officers are wandering why they themselves are not being respected and attacked this is one reason ,your fellow officers are responsible

  • Magdalene

    These aren’t police officers; they’re thugs. Probably trained by the IDF in Palestine, like all the rest of American police are? Why aren’t people demanding that their officers train in the USA; instead of learning how to brutalize and murder humans in Apartheid Israel; where Palestinians live in the largest open air prison in the world? These disgusting POS men in the video need to go to JAIL! When are we going to end the police state?

    • G’ma G

      We have been trying for years to get copies of police training manuals used for our county Sheriffs. They are claiming it is proprietarily owned by the private companies hired to do the academy training.

  • Anthony Stiga

    The police dog has two pussies he protects……………………….

  • SuperDelicate

    Why you never see retaliation against cops. Had this been my family member, I’d have to put the cops and the dog down.

    • Jesse James

      Yeah, OK tough guy. lol I agree the cops were wrong but come on internet warrior…

  • greaburns

    This kind of treatment of people is unconscionable. Instead of coaching police to scream “quit resisting” in order to try and avoid lawsuits how about teaching them how to handle people humanely. Actions like this is why police lose respect. At some point people look at these police as an archetype of all police.

  • heteroxalstalker

    As a use of force instructor and a former K-9 officer. I have to say these dudes are going to jail. There is absolutely no justification for their actions. Unless this video is edited in a way that hides all sorts of horrible things by the victim. These guys assaulted him for no reason. Even though he may have fled, he had surrendered, at which point they need to de-escalate their level of force. I watch a lot of excessive force videos (because of what i do for a living). I can not ever recall watching a video that made me this embarrassed to be a member of the same profession as these chuckle heads.

    • Dan Quixoté

      No, they won’t go to jail. 1) The police departments of LV and Reno are famous for their abject lack of police accountability vis a vis their Mafia-grade internal corruption in cahoots with the DA’s. Literally no other depts in the country do this better. 2) Less than 10% of unjustified K-9 maulings by cops result in *any* kind of discipline, let alone jail.

      • Mark Stanford

        Chicago gives Reno a run for it’s money.

        • Dan Quixoté

          While LVPD and Reno are the most murderous and corrupt, together with their DA’s, they do lack Chicago’s not one, but TWO, CIA-style “black sites” for off-the-books torture and imprisonment.

    • Mav

      you know as I know, those officers will do no jail time at all. Stop pretending.

    • justBob

      interesting username for an X officer

    • Mark Higham

      Well said and nicely put ✌️I apologise for my post as I was very angry after watching this , not all Americans are the same ✌️

    • Leon Matthews III

      very well said..thk you brother

    • Travis Bickle 2.0

      “Unless this video is edited in a way that hides all sorts of horrible things by the victim.”

      Even if the suspect was a vicious serial killer with piles of dead bodies in his basement this does not give the police the right to dole out Judge Dread style punishment the way they see fit as we all can clearly see the NON THREATENING surrender of this man. Your “there’s more to the story” training BS needs to be deprogrammed from your demonic cult-like membership (Fraternal Order of Police) twisted nonsensical thinking.

      • heteroxalstalker

        Actually you are wrong. The seriousness of the crime is a factor in how much force is justified in apprehending a suspect. That doesn’t justify what these guys did, but in your scenario where there is a pile of bodies or the suspect is considered extremely dangerous, a little more violence might be justified. Having said that, let me be clear. When a suspect surrenders officers are supposed to de-escalate. The sheriffs in this video are completely out of control. If you watch closely the US marshals have to take over, just to put handcuffs on the guy. The K-9 handler seems to lack some of the basic skills necessary to graduate from the police academy. This lack of training makes excessive force something that is going to happen, no matter what kind of person he is (he is a rotten human being). But clearly there are some serious issues with the department that employs him.

        • Travis Bickle 2.0

          “Actually you are wrong” … (!?!?)
          Reread my comment. I was clearly making the comparison regarding a “vicious serial killer” surrendering in the same manner as the subject is doing in this video with as many police as there are. Certainly if it is only one cop and his K9 officer trying to apprehend a cunningly sophisticated Hannibal Lecter-like serial killer then by all means use the dog to assist in the command and control capture of said highly dangerous violent individual who may only being playing possum.

  • kid_you_not

    Sickening. And counter productive. Are they really this lacking in self-awareness?

  • Will Howell

    would like to find out the ending of this…

  • Barbi

    Shameful episode.

  • Jacob Messer

    We need to stop treating drug crimes as major. It’s a sickness. You may think the guy deserved it but the system already failed him. We all have certain rights… and the police, fuck, US Law, pervert the whole system. It’s all about extrortion and making that money. Fuck the police.

  • Brad Canelo

    These cops are just as criminal as he is and should “ALL that participated” go to prison!!!

  • Jay’s mom

    Damn shame but it has to be a snowflake – BLM or some other bullshit comment. All asshole cops have to do is yell stop resisting as if that those are the trigger words to shoot and abuse.

  • Charles

    The deputies need to be charged and fired.

  • jglalone

    What a shameful and criminal way for police officers to behave. They were acting like a pack of wild dogs, with no morals, ethics, or sense of justice. They should all be fired. Criminal Cops are the lowest of the low! Bad cops should not be allowed to remain cops!!!

  • dcurlee

    What is wrong with people today

  • Michelle Wynters

    The guy was in the wrong for running and should be locked up. That being said, he didn’t resist arrest and these buffoons in blue used their position to be sadistic. I truly believe that the majority of officers are sadistic criminals, have serious mental issues and these particular men should be removed from the human population just like the offender. They all are…a waste of space.

  • Peter Degenhardt

    If I were the guy, I would make sure that I singled out the f*cking idiots who first of all instructed the dog to get the bad guy, and then the second asshole for not getting the dog off of him! I try to defend the actions of cops when I think they’re getting a bad rap but these shitheads need to be punished, financially and otherwise for this!!!

  • MelGibson

    Another day where the law
    has no law. Citizens are target practice

  • DOCS

    Redneck cops are the worst…

  • pickle my elmo

    The only justice/retribution is to execute the officers involved

  • Mark Higham

    You Americans are off your heads , this is insatiated violence against a human being despite the case against him . He deserves as we all do , decent and controlled behaviour from a police force . This sick video shows the world what the Americans call justice , are you all so inbred that you can’t see the message this shows the world and to make things worse it’s happening more and more . One last thing STOP WATCHING VIOLENT MOVIES AS YOUR EASILY LEAD !!!!!

    • Angelic Noble

      I am an America and find this man’s treatment to be disgusting. I love some action movies, crime and mysteries, but I am a logic person, too. Yes, I am frustrated when people seemingly justify these actions by police. But I do have to mention that I don’t believe it’s action movies, rather it’s more how we’re so focused on ‘Good vs evil’ thinking and intelligence is not praised as it used to be. Well, what do you expect we have propaganda channels rather than news and the news we do have comes for certain comedians. (._.’) Sigh.

  • Angelic Noble

    This is exactly what a lot of people are talking about, instead of deescalating a problem they use their force and power to “punish” an already surrendering man. Yes, he ran and was involved in a car chase, yet, he surrendered… Got on his knees with his hands behind his head. Yes, I don’t like it when people break the law, but I, also, think that police officers who randomly shoot people for nothing, assault people, use their power for their sick and twisted enjoyment all while saying, “I was afraid for my life” when it is clearly a lie are equally criminals. I don’t want a criminal ‘punished’, but rather rehabilitated… sometimes, that’s being in prison for awhile, other times, it’s getting the mental help they need, and other times, classes or whatever it takes…

    We won’t get better until police are better trained, because we will, also, have criminals breaking some law or another, what we need are police who are mature, wise enough to know when to act with multiple methods of reacting. What you are really telling people like him is, “you should have fought to the very last with your gun and went out in a blaze rather than giving up…” >_< Because, once, you get in a surrendering position we're going to have our dog attack you needlessly.

  • BlazinBill

    Fire the clowns. Not all police are good, not all police are bad.

  • Stu Miller

    Or the dog will provide assurance that the suspect won’t all of a sudden grab a firearm out of his waistband as the officers approach…

  • zeppyled

    Write a check. Make the officers pay, too.

  • Suzanne Oliver

    Since this all transpired AFTER leading the police on a high speed chase and endangering God knows how many innocent people….he got exactly what he deserved

  • Sarah Miller

    While yes, the fugitive was in the wrong for running from the cops in a car chase in the first place, he did surrender and was compliant in the end and did NOT deserve these cops unleashing the K9 on to him! If he continued to run, then sure, release the hounds. But he surrendered, and this was excessive force. The officers should have simply went over and cuffed him. I hope he wins his lawsuit honestly. There was no need for this. Cops like these in the video give all cops bad name, and it’s sad. Because there are a lot of good, ethical cops out there who really want to protect their community. But there’s ones like these that give the public a bad taste for them.

  • Kirkus1964

    Cops need to be punished for this, but what about the fact that the perp led them on a chase that endangered their lives. Can they sue him for that? A-holes all around in this video.

    • George Standifur

      once u VOLUNTEER for a job to risk your life to serve and protect the community u accept those kind of situations and then take an oath to uphold the rights of others, even the worst of them.

      • Kirkus1964

        Yep, that’s why I said the cops should be punished, but let’s face it, the guy the dog attacked is a total loser who should be incarcerated for a long time.

  • John Karroum

    Now, those cops are walking targets. No one will trust whitey in that neighborhood.Plus, he will get about a million dollars for his injuries. Most police are not like this, they are smart but these are here are the Barney Fifes and Gomer Pile of the police department.

    • George Standifur

      ” Most police are not like this, they are smart but these are here are
      the Barney Fifes and Gomer Pile of the police department.” those so called “good cops” watched it all go down and did nothing to stop it. therefore there are NO GOOD COPS…the good ones are always fired or intimidated until they quit. just search the story about a lady officer in Florida when she actuall stopped a criminal officer for legit reasons and went thru with an arrest then get back to me. they are one in the same, they watch each others backs in the line of duty and in the line of cover ups. im betting it wont be long until cops are called out for emergency calls only to find out they show up to ambush style of criminals gettin pay back. less and less ppl believe the whole “very few cops are bad” anymore and once public sentiment gets so low it wont be as taboo to just start shooting them in the streets.

      • John Karroum

        I agree with you. Most are good cops. I was just referring to that neighborhood.


    Do not be so sure of his payday.He is a convicted felon and jurors while generally not stupid are biased.They made decide to give him nothing under the excuse he fled.In other words he assumed the risk of violent capture when he fled-according to the article he fled.So ultimately if he is awarded some monies,it is the local taxpayers that will pay.Same folks on that jury.With that said, there is no doubt based on the video his rights were violated.Simply because he is a convict does not mean his civil rights are suspended or revoked.Otherwise, we are in competition with countries like N.Korea and other evil regimes.We will be in no moral position to preach to the world about human rights.

  • Shirlann LB

    The man was on his knees with his hands behind his head and they tell the K9 to attack. The mother fucker was egging the k9 on in the car.Thats BS. They didnt even pull the k9 off. You notice how they were looking around. You know they were wrong.They need to be fired.

  • Jack Spencer

    Yes, as a retired police officer, it is plain to see, that there is a violation of the use of force policy here. If I were his commander, this officer would lose his dog handling permit permanently.

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    If cops can kill your pet without remorse, can you expect them to be honorable?

  • Donnie Johnson

    When the deputy’s, police, etc don’t follow the rules, how can anyone logically support them? Criminal or not, convict or not, they all swore an oath, maybe some need to be reminded of that oath with a month or so off w/o pay. If this were Military the officers would have been facing NJP or worse. I’d expect civilian law enforcement to follow the standards set forth for them to follow as well! When they set their own rules, that’s when the gun and badge needs to go into the Chiefs drawer.

  • Andrew Montgomery

    The “Bad Man” Who “surrendered” by the way, had just finished running from the police department, during which he fired shots from his vehicle, ran into several other cars, and had finally been stopped by a fence that he ran into by a nearby house. So while he may have been in that position, it was still unknown if he was carrying the weapon that he had used to fire at police.

    Here’s the original article, which I see you’ve forgotten to mention.

  • BamKablam

    These police officers should be fired, charged, fined, and jailed for police brutality. Enough of this sadistic crap.

  • Robert Schwartz

    I go out of my way to defend police, however in this case there is zero defense to be had. This was pure brutality by the cops. All involved shouldbe fired and prosecuted.

  • Haligonex

    Had he been a black fella there probably would have been 30 officers and multiple bullet holes.

  • Duke Kader


  • Tracey Palmer

    NO, there’s nothing to know about the previous goings on before the footage we have just watched… HE IS CLEARLY SURRENDERING, WHO KNOWS WHAT WENT THROUGH HIS HEAD BEFORE THE FOOTAGE, it could have just been the fear of going back inside, and 1000 more reasons, IT IS IRRELEVANT, he eventually DID surrender, at which point he should have been cuffed, not set upon by their poor trained dog, who was only following orders… isn’t it called DOUBLE STANDARDS… at what point in the footage would he have been able to shoot someone, on his knee’s and with his hands interlocked behind his head… SERIOUSLY… isn’t that why O.J.SIMPSON got away with murder… ultimately because they didn’t follow procedures they fucked up the evidence,(or planted the evidence) hence he got away with it… and isn’t it wrong to take the law into your own hands, especially if you are trying to promote the law… it seems even a TERRORIST would have been treated better…

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the #POLICESTATE

    This instance shows #POLICESTATE using “Excessive Force” as expressed in
    Graham v. Connor 490 U.S. 386 104 L Ed. 2d. 443, 109 S. Ct. 1865 (1989)

    The Supreme Court ruled in Graham that excessive force must be analyzed under the Fourth Amendments’ objective reasonableness test. The application of this test requires an analysis of the totality of the circumstances, including these factors to determine if the seizure is reasonable:

    1. The severity of the crime at issue;
    2. Whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of law enforcement officers or others;
    3. And whether the suspect is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight

    The reasonableness of an officer’s use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on scene, rather than with the 20/20 vision of hindsight

    1) The subject poses little or no “threat” as he clearly has surrendered by taking a submissive position on his knees with his fingers interlocked behind his head.
    2) All attempt at “flight” has ended
    Which can be seen in the dash cam video was done prior to the K-9 dog being released and before the officers began beating him instead of placing him “in custody”.
    Now that it fails the test under Graham, therefore violating his 4th Amendment Rights, we can further say the officers of the #POLICESTATE,
    by failing to take the submissive, surrendered subject into custody, but instead command a K-9 dog (lethal weapon) to attack and subsequently doing great bodily harm to the subject, and by the officers beating the suspect while he was being bitten by the K-9 dog can only be construed as punishment as he has already surrendered therefore most assuredly violating his 8th Amendment Right “against cruel and unusual punishment”, along with his 6th and 7th Amendment Rights as well.

  • Case Of Booze

    So you show this edited video of a man getting bit by a dog. If you had the balls to show the ENTIRE video, you will see the justification of why the dog was used. Let’s look at one HUGE fact here…US Marshals were used. They just don’t causally pursue wife beaters or jaywalkers. Another fact shown in the WHOLE video is the high speed car chase this fugitive took the US Marshals on…every person he passes in the video, has had their lives put in danger by him…HE ALSO PASSED A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS with a child standing in the street…HE PUT THAT CHILD’S LIFE IN DANGER, not to mention the other 2 school buses he passed and countless other vehicles…SO DON’T THINK FOR 1 MICRO SECOND THIS GUY IS THE VICTIM OF POLICE BRUTALITY – THIS SCUMBAG IS A CRIMINAL, BEING PURSUED BY FEDERAL MARSHALS.

  • Tracey Palmer

    there’s nothing to know about the previous goings on before the footage we have just watched… HE IS CLEARLY SURRENDERING, WHO KNOWS WHAT WENT THROUGH HIS HEAD BEFORE THE FOOTAGE, it could have just been the fear of going back inside, and 1000 more reasons, IT IS IRRELEVANT, he eventually DID surrender, at which point he should have been cuffed, not set upon by their poor trained dog, who was only following orders… isn’t it called DOUBLE STANDARDS… at what point in the footage would he have been able to shoot someone, on his knee’s and with his hands interlocked behind his head… SERIOUSLY… isn’t that why O.J.SIMPSON got away with murder… ultimately because they didn’t follow procedures they fucked up the evidence,(or planted the evidence) hence he got away with it… and isn’t it wrong to take the law into your own hands, especially if you are trying to promote the law… it seems even a TERRORIST would have been treated better…

  • dialgapoo YT

    america best country in the world?
    my ass bunch of racist terrorists destroying other countries and itself at the same time i dont care what crime this guy did the only criminals on the vid was the police

  • Maxim Beerman

    The problem is that lawsuits against police are paid through insurance bought by taxpayers, not police officers. The solution is that police officers should have to buy their own liability insurance like how motorists have to buy their own insurance. A motorist w/too many claims against them will have their rates raised and find it is too expensive to drive. Similarly cops like this will have their rates raised and find they can no longer make a living as a cop.

  • Danny Smith

    No way should that dog been released and commanded to “get that bad guy” The K-9 officer should go to jail for assault. He is a disgrace to police officers everywhere. I am pro police but that was ridiculous.

  • D perry

    I’m sorry! Convict violating parole, in possession of illegal firearm and possibly on Meth! This is not a submissive person (profile) or position, (which is face down with arms behind back). He could have easily pulled gun from a holster and fired on these officers from this “obviously submissive position”! It looks like the dog has his clothes, which is what they are trained to do. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for an armed, drug-fueled felon, who flees arrest, and then give the appearance of surrender! Where’s the gun? Did the officers know at the time of arrest, that he had pitched it already? Would you like to play that kind of Russian roulette, with your life, for their salary? Probably not!
    There were more officers killed, in the line of duty, in 2016, than ever before in recorded history! That trend has continued with a 20% increase, so far, in 2017. Please walk a mile in their shoes, before jumping on the bandwagon of accusing them of excessive force. They have loved ones who would like to see them come home for dinner tonight.

  • He did everything you are supposed to do and this fat asshole decides he wants to torture and maul him with the dog as a proxy. Sick fucker (K9 Cop) is a menace to society, and should be used for dog training. He is entrusted with the public trust, received training and not only knew better but was paid to know better. He is the type of person the world can do without, and unfortunately the guy will receive a large sum of money which the taxpayers are responsible for because of the actions of this shithead. The perp surrendered as he should have and regardless of his other crimes, he deserves to be reimbursed for his pain, suffering, humiliation and injury. This cop further harmed the badge as people are less likely to trust the police, no matter how minute hat change is.

  • 1946vet

    I’ve little issue if that cop becomes a suicide.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    mother fucker is getting payed ha, ha ha, dumbass cops once again fucked up, he will be paid millions , so when will suing not be paid out by the taxpayer but by the POLICE UNION, that will change there behavior, break them not the tax payer, that dog had no business being released regardless of their fucking Adrenalin rush, the heat of the moment , he surrendered , white cops acting just like the 1960 cops when dogs were used to attack civil right activist, and if any of these county cops reading up on this yeah your a bunch of punks I watched on this video a man attacked by a dog , his left arm in the grasp of the attack dog, than the cop from the right side throws a punch directly in the face of the victim , , at no time was the attack dog giving the command to release, than you see how many more cops are than involved and still the dog was not instructed or giving the command to release

  • mcgtrinsofla

    a TEApubliKKKlan’s wet dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    now, tell me again they aren’t pigs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ggaston1960

    Cops gonna cop…

  • Sue Boclair

    This was so wrong, I smell a lawsuit…

  • Buddy Jones

    If i were this guy , when i got out , and he will get out at some point . i would kill both of these pigs and that dog , hell i might just go find out where this pig and dog live and go put some glass laced food in his yard …

  • ✶*॰ْ⋆✧ً⋆。~ SƘ¡ℕJ☉Ᏸ ~˚*ْ⋆✧ً⋆॰*✶

    If this had been me I would have started running my mouth Tony “Scarface” Montana style.

    “What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on… The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on… Make way for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy comin’ through! Better get outta his way!”

  • Captain Randy


  • LiberalVeteran

    Fuck the pigs. Everyone of them should be fired and brought up on assault charges and go to gen pop to get ass fucked and shived.

  • Keith W Fletcher

    Too many people think that arrest and jail automatically means guilty. The cops are setting up a war between citizens and police ,which will be a free for all ( good COPS or bad ) but how good are they when they condone this crap ? This was criminal !

  • Enal Kreeny

    There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. That they may have been the architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis…. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive far, far away, amongst the stars.

  • That guy just hit the LOTTERY! and because it’s a settlement it’s TAX FREE!!!!!! The officer that released the dog should be SHOT!

  • Patrick Montoya

    Good Dog ! Good Boy ! Here boy …….(throwing a Biscuit)…….next!

  • Maphesta

    The guy was on his knees with his hands behind his head. He surrendered. Case closed. What happened here is a crime done by the police officer in charge of the K9 dog.

    If the guy was still running (with or without a gun, doesn’t matter to me) this would’ve been alright, but then only until the guy was on the ground. “Stop resisting!” was, of course, utter bullshit. He stopped resisting, unless you consider throws of pain “resisting”. In that case: go fuck yourself.

  • DestructoX

    Anyone have their website or facebook page

  • DestructoX
  • Legirons

    The bad guy needs bent over in prison by his home boys, but the cop that sent that dog should be right there in prison with him. No way to justify that.

  • Terry Little

    He will be set for life in this lawsuit. 1. Never should have sent canine. 2. Canine was not pulled off, nor attempt to pull off in a timely manner. 3. Excessive force. Good cops need to start distancing themselves from these so called cops (Thugs) or all good cops credibility will be damaged.