Reno, NV – The task of bringing fugitives to justice falls to the capable hands of U.S. Marshals—and the Marshals typically have no problem capturing their target. But when they partnered with Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies in January to apprehend Eugenio Enrique Corona, the fugitive was not returned to jail safe and sound.

Corona had violated the terms and conditions of his parole when he was alleged to have been in possession of methamphetamines and a firearm. Instead of returning to prison, he is believed to have fled, forcing the Marshals to come looking for him.

Washoe deputies caught up with Corona, and a car chase ensued but ended as soon as Corona stopped. He exited the car, got on his knees, and in typical prison submission fashion, interlocked his hands behind his head.

He surrendered.

However, instead of simply walking over and placing the wanted man in handcuffs—which would have seemingly been easy considering he was in the position of surrender— Corona’s lawyers say Washoe police proceeded to sic their dog on him as punishment.


For surrendering, he was tortured.

In the video from the dash cam of one of the deputy’s cars, Corona can be seen kneeling on the ground, hands locked behind his head. The cars roll up and stop, then a dog runs over and attacks Corona, clamping down on his arm and tearing into him.

According to a report from the Reno-Gazette Journal, there were two deputies on the scene—Jason Wood and Francisco Gamboa:

“Wood commanded Rony to ‘get that bad guy’ as the dog latched on to Corona’s arm, biting him on the bicep and chest, the lawsuit said. A second deputy, Deputy Francisco Gamboa, punched Corona in the face while yelling at him to stop resisting, according to the lawsuit.”

Wood’s command to “get that bad guy” was followed by the comments officers are trained to say when they want to punch someone: “stop resisting.” It is clear to see that Corona was in no way “resisting,” even when his arm and chest were being mauled by the attack dog.

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This raises the question—were the officers lying when they yelled for Corona to “stop resisting,” or were they just attempting to legally protect themselves while they punched him in the face?

Corona’s lawyers, Terri Keyser-Cooper and Luke Busby, contend in the lawsuit, “The surrender was unequivocal: (Corona) was on his knees with his hands above his head…No reasonable officer could have construed (Corona’s) actions as anything other than a complete surrender.”

Although a gun was recovered from the route of the chase, and deputies had radioed in that someone shot at them, the video does not reveal such an interaction. Corona has denied all of the charges against him, and he currently sits in the Washoe County jail. He is suing for excessive use of force.

The question also remains as to how the scene would have unfolded, if Corona had resisted, and attempted to defend himself against the vicious K9 attack. Of course, some viewers would likely contend that he should not have run, and that he deserved the treatment he got.

Others may say this incident serves as just another case of police brutality. But for pragmatic observers, it may appear as something less than humane—some type of cruel indignant punishment for failing to get on one’s knees fast enough.

It will be left up to a judge or jury to decide if Corona’s rights were violated, and if the deputies used too much force in their attempts to capture an alleged fugitive.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, police sometimes use their K9 officers—or police dogs—as a form of cruel punishment against suspects. On one occasion in May, a police officer in Pennsylvania allowed his attack dog to maul a compliant man and then bragged to a dispatcher about the injuries the suspect sustained.

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In the case of Eugenio Enrique Corona, do you believe the officers should have restrained the K9? Did they delay in removing the K9 from the suspect? Would you have released the dog on the suspect if you were the officer and saw a man in a submissive position?

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    What a bunch of idiots! Assuming that this display of assclownery doesn’t get the guy completely off the hook – and it probably won’t, as it’s a parole violation and not a new charge – he’s going to have a nice, fat paycheck waiting for him when he gets out of prison.

    For those of you that just intuitively HATE a criminal and love seeing them get punished in perversely violent ways, stop jerking off and think about that for a minute. This guy is probably going to get paid more money than you’ll EVER see in one place – does that make you happy? Wouldn’t you rather see him get out of prison destitute and desperate instead of coming home richer than you?

    • ♓Ξ▲ѴƳ Ƙ∆RM∆~Ð∈ßϯ SᏝ▲V∈

      ‘One should not punish a criminal unless one is able to help that criminal understand the constitution of the finite-Infinite material-Spiritual Universe’ ~ George Ohsawa

      “A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law. All Other Teachings Are Incomplete”~ Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi & George Ohsawa ▲▼ ♂ ♀ ❤ ♡ ♬ ♪ ♫`☁ヽ☂`、☁ᄿ☼ ☾* ☆ ☄ Ø ☮ ☪ ☯ ✞ ∞

    • Dave Wukusick

      He deserves a big fat check and the probation dept. may have to figure something out.

      • Damiana

        Of course he deserves it, which he absolutely would not had the cops shown more common sense and/or foresight than the animal they unleashed!

  • Travis Bickle 2.0

    For every psycho rotten to the core bad-apple criminal cop out there raping, robbing, killing, abusing and charging the innocent, there are at least a dozen so-called “good cops” who watched it all go down and did absolutely nothing to stop any of it via the Blue Wall of Silence, hence (((NO GOOD COPS))) FTP ..

    As described in the above mentioned, this is why I always have me a great big ole’ robust belly laugh whenever *ANY* Cop dies whether in the line of corporate policy revenue generating duty or a simple at home accident.

    • holly1224

      your a pos….hopefully one day you will need help – and I hope no one comes

      • Travis Bickle 2.0

        Today’s other TFTP Article. Search: Court Affirms Citizens Have the Right to Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality … To come to their decision, the court referenced the long-standing precedent set in State v. Mulvihill, which notes: “If in effectuating the arrest or the temporary detention the officers employs excessive and unnecessary force, the citizen may respond or counter with the use of reasonable force to protect himself, and if in doing so the officer is injured no criminal offense has been committed.”

        Search: Court Affirms Citizens Have the Right to Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality

        Search: Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest – Constitution Society
        “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

      • concreteblue

        We don’t call the cops in my neighborhood. The criminals hope the cops get there before we do……..and if the cops are criminals, they will be treated the same way….

        • holly1224

          you get what you give in life. I’ts people like most of those posting on this thread that contribute to the problem. Agree the cops in this video were so wrong, however, we don’t reallly know the full circumstance but to lump ALL police as the same? at a minimum, it’s predjudice.

  • Jaalleman

    I don’t have the stomach for these videos anymore – i try to get the details from the comment section. You can always tell when something is fatally flawed from the apparent internal contradiction. For example, I once watched prime minister of Israel Netanyahoo in Paris (after the Charles Hebdo attacks) claiming that Israel is surrounded by implacable enemies who wish to push the Jews of Israel into the sea, and that they face similar terrorism on a daily basis, then, in the same speech urged all French Jews to migrate to Israel because a Jew is not save anywhere else!

    Or, that the police are heroes who do a very dangerous job few would sign up for risking their lives daily to protect others. But they just had to shoot the old man holding the walking stick because the brave officer thought it was a G3 battle rifle and didn’t t have the luxury of holding fire for few more ticks to ascertain if it was a rifle or not – after all the good officer has to go back to his family at night.

    If an officer is able to sic a vicious dog ( a deadly weapon btw) on a clearly surrendered suspect and gets away with it, well then, my American friends the writing is on the wall and what you have is a full fledged police state.

    Good luck folks you’ll need it!

    • Damiana

      Don’t feel bad – I almost never watch these videos myself.

  • whitecat31

    That POS say “stop resisting” while the guy was being bitten by a dog and while the police officer is telling the dog “to get that bad guy”. That officer is violating that suspects criminal rights and is a ticking time bomb for a lawsuit to eventually hit Reno.

  • Dave Wukusick

    Well, when a dog is tearing your arm up it only natural to protect yourself. These cops should be sued and fired. Mostly, I support the cops, but this man was surrendering. Reno cops should be held accountable for this; bet the D.A. is having a hell of a time with this, or did!!!

  • Eric J. Chambers

    “Stop resisting” and “I was scared for my life” are two buzz words these coward officers all over the nation are using to openly ISIS-style execute American citizens! If this happened in another country, Americans would be talking about how savage and inhumane it is. But when it happens here, it’s par for the damn course!

    And they wonder why many don’t shed a tear when a cop is killed! This is why because too many of them have no regard for life themselves! And the sad thing is, while the officers rarely get sentenced, the cities are left paying out millions of dollars in settlements! Imagine if they used that money to train officers to not be barbaric, but be humane. I wish the dude would have killed that mutt!

  • Jo-Ann Calmasini

    I’ve started to pray/meditate that all cops EXPERIENCE the same exact thing that they do to others! If they show respect, love and compassion, then they get that as well. If they are vicious, mean, cruel or hurt others, then they experience that IMMEDIATELY! Won’t you join me in this collective thought!?

    • holly1224

      and I pray that if ever someone hurts/rapes/robs/murders anyone you love and the cop that shows up to bring them to justice shows them respect, love and compassion…ponder that…

      • concreteblue

        There would be nothing wrong with that. Embrace that hate while you kiss the boot…….Moron.

  • Larry Graham

    Someone should those bastards.

  • kcgoat

    other police officers are wandering why they themselves are not being respected and attacked this is one reason ,your fellow officers are responsible

  • Magdalene

    These aren’t police officers; they’re thugs. Probably trained by the IDF in Palestine, like all the rest of American police are? Why aren’t people demanding that their officers train in the USA; instead of learning how to brutalize and murder humans in Apartheid Israel; where Palestinians live in the largest open air prison in the world? These disgusting POS men in the video need to go to JAIL! When are we going to end the police state?

    • G’ma G

      We have been trying for years to get copies of police training manuals used for our county Sheriffs. They are claiming it is proprietarily owned by the private companies hired to do the academy training.

  • Anthony Stiga

    The police dog has two pussies he protects……………………….

  • SuperDelicate

    Why you never see retaliation against cops. Had this been my family member, I’d have to put the cops and the dog down.

    • Jesse James

      Yeah, OK tough guy. lol I agree the cops were wrong but come on internet warrior…

  • greaburns

    This kind of treatment of people is unconscionable. Instead of coaching police to scream “quit resisting” in order to try and avoid lawsuits how about teaching them how to handle people humanely. Actions like this is why police lose respect. At some point people look at these police as an archetype of all police.

  • heteroxalstalker

    As a use of force instructor and a former K-9 officer. I have to say these dudes are going to jail. There is absolutely no justification for their actions. Unless this video is edited in a way that hides all sorts of horrible things by the victim. These guys assaulted him for no reason. Even though he may have fled, he had surrendered, at which point they need to de-escalate their level of force. I watch a lot of excessive force videos (because of what i do for a living). I can not ever recall watching a video that made me this embarrassed to be a member of the same profession as these chuckle heads.

    • Dan Quixoté

      No, they won’t go to jail. 1) The police departments of LV and Reno are famous for their abject lack of police accountability vis a vis their Mafia-grade internal corruption in cahoots with the DA’s. Literally no other depts in the country do this better. 2) Less than 10% of unjustified K-9 maulings by cops result in *any* kind of discipline, let alone jail.

  • kid_you_not

    Sickening. And counter productive. Are they really this lacking in self-awareness?

  • Will Howell

    would like to find out the ending of this…

  • Barbi

    Shameful episode.

  • Jacob Messer

    We need to stop treating drug crimes as major. It’s a sickness. You may think the guy deserved it but the system already failed him. We all have certain rights… and the police, fuck, US Law, pervert the whole system. It’s all about extrortion and making that money. Fuck the police.

  • Brad Canelo

    These cops are just as criminal as he is and should “ALL that participated” go to prison!!!

  • Jay’s mom

    Damn shame but it has to be a snowflake – BLM or some other bullshit comment. All asshole cops have to do is yell stop resisting as if that those are the trigger words to shoot and abuse.

  • Charles

    The deputies need to be charged and fired.

  • jglalone

    What a shameful and criminal way for police officers to behave. They were acting like a pack of wild dogs, with no morals, ethics, or sense of justice. They should all be fired. Criminal Cops are the lowest of the low! Bad cops should not be allowed to remain cops!!!

  • dcurlee

    What is wrong with people today