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Congress Just Deceptively Nixed Food Label Law – Now You Won’t Know Where Your Meat is From


Washington, D.C. – It will soon become almost impossible to know where your pork or beef was born, raised or slaughtered, due to Congress repealing a labeling law that required retailers to include country of origin on pork and beef products.

Lawmakers claimed to have had little choice but to lift the labeling requirements after the World Trade Organization’s continual rulings against the U.S. labels.

The labels were challenged by Canada and Mexico in the WTO, with the organization authorizing those countries to begin fining the U.S. over $1 billion in economic sanctions.

The lawmakers’ explanation, as to their reasoning for getting rid of the labels, lends direct support to the argument that U.S. sovereignty is being lost by membership in certain international organizations.

If a transnational trade organization has the ability to dictate U.S. law to those that are tasked with representing the people of a nation, then sovereignty is most certainly an extremely fluid concept the deeper a nation ventures into the land of international organizations.

According to a report by the Associated Press:

Repeal became inevitable once the United States lost all its WTO appeals and the retaliation became a possibility. But the consumer groups criticized Congress for repealing the law for ground meat and pork in addition to the fresh cuts of meat that were the subject of WTO concerns.

The bill was “a holiday gift to the meatpacking industry from Congress,” complained the advocacy group Food and Water Watch. Meatpackers who buy Mexican cattle were some of the law’s most aggressive opponents.

The repeal also was a big defeat for lawmakers from northern border states where U.S. ranchers directly compete with Canadian ranchers.

The labeling law repeal, along with other controversial legislation such as CISA, was included within the omnibus spending bill that Congress passed late last month to avert a government shutdown.

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The insertion of legislation, that would otherwise never be codified into law, into a spending bill that most in Congress see as integral to pass, speaks to the nefarious nature of “representative” democracy as practiced in the U.S. It also highlights the ability to subvert the very foundations we are told the nation was built upon by those intent on substituting their will for that of the people.

The meat industry savored the victory after fighting to repeal the labeling law in Congress and the court since the day it was passed in 2002, due to concerns about mad cow disease in imported cattle. Labels weren’t added to most packages of meat until 2009, due to repeated delays instigated by the meat industry.

Consumer groups say the repeal is a major blow to consumers. With shoppers increasingly wanting to know more about their food, it seems illogical to give them less information about the food they purchase.

There was a sliver of good new for labeling advocates in the spending bill, as Congress chose not create a law to block the mandatory labeling of genetically modified products… for now.

With a Vermont genetically modified labeling law set to take effect this summer, which will require labeling on all GMO food products, the issue is certain to be a source of controversy and debate for the foreseeable future.

Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union, said the group was “furious” about the repeal.

“Packers will be able to once again deliberately deceive consumers,” Johnson said.

One thing is certain; it was definitely no gift to the American public.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • Yes. I voted to close Guantanamo Bay and to stop the wars too. LOL. Won’t be fooled again.

  • Surely if there is no vote for this, No notification about it, if has just happened under handedly and it is not acceptable by the masses it should be automatically stop until there is an account of all proceedings made public and acted upon by the public ?

    • What?!?! Lmao that’s retarded.

    • Because when has the governement evwr done anything right and fair lmao

    • It was legal and voted on, it was just added to a larger package of bills and laws so it disappears in the fray that is our governing body.

    • Aaron Lynn That retort would not be construed as retarded in your book then ?

    • They usually slip shit like this into other bills that get approved without being read. Never ever trust your government.

  • People pretty much dont know what theyre eating now either so it doesnt really make a difference.

  • Typical.

  • Doesn’t matter as long as its cheap and USDA inspected

  • Obama sold our rights to the TPP, this is just the first baby step, they are about to change a lot of shit….

  • Buy only the labeled products.. It’s the only way to impose our customer power…

  • Nope. I dont recall voting for this or voting to elect anyone to approve something like this.

  • Pork from the middle east is my guess.

  • Simply… don’t buy it!! We have the purchasing power and we can decide everything, but we let them!! I can go for a year or more without meat, imagine 1 million people not buying meat? We can control the market…

    • But… bacon even? Surely you must be mad!

    • Thomas Krukowskii hahahah anything is possible….

    • If they don’t mention the origin of a product there is something fishy behind it..

    • Regardless… If we pay attention carefully and notice how meat is processed and how caddle is forced to reproduced and all the chimicals… we would stop consuming meat completely… But, the addiction to meat is such that not everybody would consider stop eating meat….

    • Some people in the world eat meat only once or twice a year. I guess everyone can do it if they give it a little try.

    • Meat is good… In moderation. I only eat red meat maybe once a week or once every two weeks or longer. It’s a great source of protein. I suggest everyone look for local farms or coops, I use a local farm called “your family farmer” which raises grass fed beef, no antibiotics or hormones. Pastured chicken, no antibiotics or hormones either. Woodland pork with no nitrites or nitrates.

      The good healthy food is out there, just gotta find it and pony up the cash.

    • Been vegetarian for 4 years now, never have cravings for meat!! Lol… anyone can do it of they really want to..

  • You could always just ask the butcher.

  • Enjoy your horse from canada an your dog from mexico, no more red meat for me

  • Hell NO! I remember Ross Perot in ’92, saying NAFTA, this was going to be sucking all the jobs, out of America, like a black hole. Pretty Prophetic guy. imo. Where are the jobs, where are the good american made meat going to? Now, and start feeding americans, the poisoned heavy metals containing meats, with all kinds of additives, hormones, pesticides, and toxins. Imported from third world countries, being fed to dumbed down americans, like the cattle they’re. Bombs are dropping while americans are shopping. We’re despised, by so many other’s, from other countries, b/c americans live in ignorance of actual worldly happenings. Useless eaters, they’re made to be, by their owners. Deceived of reality, by, sports, porn, music, drugs, and movies, seduced from reality, willingly, borned to b/c sheeple. Sad!

  • Quit eating any thing that isn’t very local to you. Veganism is a great option too.

  • well what about those posh cunts that like Argentinian steak, or Sicilian sun dried tomatoes and fucking humus from fuckin Mars….?

  • Shop locally, problem solved

  • Buy your meat locally, supports local farmers and negates the federal government.

  • Buy from your local butcher that serves your local farmer . And ask if its local or not .

  • Listeria guy is doing 29 years in prison . Bad food and poison

  • You could now be eating something imported and treated with cancer causing chemicals and there is no way you will know it or have the right to know it thanks to the ones that put this into a bill and voted for it. Find out if your representative voted for it and VOTE THEM OUT.

    • Or do the investigating your own damn self. Why do you need the government giving you all this info? Freedom works, give it a try.

    • Best damn comment yet.

  • nothing says stores can’t say where the meat comes from. inform your stores that you will no longer purchase meat unless its labeled. the stores that want your business will comply.

  • More pertinent news , any one u know get washed down river , I almost did

  • Let the market handle it.

  • Mad cow disease was fun. Ass fda

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  • Bird flu ,and not away either.

  • No I did not. And I would like to know where my food comes from.

  • Don’t be surprised!!!

  • Luckily there is a great local butcher shop not far from my home

  • Is a cross bow a fire arm .

  • Eat the rich. At least you’ll know where it came from.

  • Wtf?

  • Y’all Qaeda says; “Dang, now I won’t know whether I’m eatin’ pork or beef.”

  • The most transparent administration ever they said…

  • This is why people are arming themselves, taxation without representation!

  • Buy local & you’ll know the origin (y)

  • Old news.. they repealed the COOL act early last year, I think. (COOL) = Counter of Origin Labeling.. their argument was.. that it creates unfair bias. For example, if you know your meat is from Ecuador, you might be biased not to purchase it simply based on the fact that it’s from Ecuador..

    What a shit argument.. totally eliminates the consumer’s right to know in favor of sheisty business practices.

    If your worried your meat sourced from country X might not sell… then raise the standards. Make information about those standards available, accessible. This is the model that originally helped Whole Foods to differentiate themselves. Obviously increases cost with more standards and certifications, but it does work.

    Consumers can follow news about that area and decide if they want to purchase products from there.

    BRING BACK COOL Labeling!

  • Now all you have to do is buy the only meat that has a label of where it’s from, and the others will have to join in, or fail as a company.

  • Take it or leave it .Your choice .

  • Simply stop buying meat from supermarkets.. Find a local butcher who runs his own small business and support !!!!

  • Start growing and raising my own food. Problem solved.

  • This shit is exactly the reason, why, my son says the same thing, Ariana Grande made a stink, when saying, He, also hates, like her, dumb americans, who let this shit pass by, uncontested. And so much more!

  • Yaaaa! Mystery Meat, for Mystery Men!

  • So bullshit

  • GMOs and now this??….That’s crazy. Vote the ones out who passed this law. They obviously were paid off and don’t give a shit about the citizenry.

  • BAD NEWS – Political Prostitutes are work

  • They All need to be change like baby soiled diapers, yes for the same reason!

  • Be vegetarian… Eat organic.. Don’t be hostage to poison.

  • Thanks to Heather Ridge Farm I know where my meat comes from.

  • No , but my current congressman Ted Yoho did.

  • Keep voting republican people, who needs to know that it comes from China anyway. (They like to send things overseas contaminated with things like lead etc.)

  • If I don’t know where the meat is from then I ain’t gonna buy it!.

  • Buy Local…

  • I’m absolutely certain there will be an executive order overturning this! Because this IS important, right ? Hmmm

  • Mystery meat – now for EVERYONE!

  • don,t bye meat from a super market it will hit them in the pocket

  • Jess, this is what I was talking about last week. Didnt realize it was happening so quickly. =/

  • I didn’t vote for a lot of things….

  • Nope

  • What makes you think even if it’s labeled it is telling you the truth?

  • disgusting

  • Chicken goes to china returns as cat……..meow

  • Learn to hunt and you would know where your meat comes from.

  • We the people should nix their pensions and paychecks

  • Earth

  • That’s an easy fix, STOP EATING MEAT.

  • As a Canadian living in cattle country, this law will open American markets to more of our Alberta beef.

  • You will know where your food comes from if you buy it from a LOCAL farmer!!

  • Its time to fix the people who voted for this in the upcoming elections,

  • when is america gonna join arms and march on capitol hill and just open fire on the people killing us?

  • Happy organic veg head!!!

  • Well simple answer just don’t fucking BUY IT! its that fucking EASY! don’t be stupid, SAVE your local economy by CRIPPLING this fucked up industry and shop at your local butcher shop where you’ll meet QUALITY just pennies more but you’ll be doing a huge fucking DIFFERENCE!

  • You can easily find locally farmed foods. Who doesn’t have the Internet? A library? A friend with Internet access? Google your local farms! Here in central Florida I have the choice of eating practically only locally sourced food. The real problem isn’t find my good food close to home, it’s the fact that this was passed without a vote!

  • I’m curious, why does it matter? Meat from any country, including our own, still has to meet FDA guidelines before it’s sold right? To me this makes sense for the mass market if there is a shortage one year, for any reason, so that the cost of meat doesn’t skyrocket. Am I wrong? Honestly asking

  • I’m fairly certain this “non-branded” country of origin issue is the result of complying with international trade treaties. A treaty brought to us by Republicans, btw.

  • If people could think, this is were voting could come in. Check to see how your congressman voted.

  • stupid

  • Hey Dolly the sheeps clone may be reproduced over and over and over and over again in China…for her Star Wars meat…”clone” meats a coming!!!!! Our country just sold itself out and how can we trust the Chinese scientists not to taint the meat somehow, it seems valid to ask.

  • Does it prohibit American companies from labeling “Made in USA”?

  • hell no i didnt.we the people want to know where food is grown no label,no buy.

  • Your congress down there is just weird.

  • Exactly chose to only buy what is labeled. If their product sits on the shelf the small organic business will flourish.