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Cop Arrested for Using Police PC to Post ‘Bestiality’ Video Of Himself Raping Small Dog

Houston, TX — Harris County Sheriff’s deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. is due in court this week to face some truly disturbing charges. The six-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is accused of raping a small dog, taking the video, and then posting the video online with a police department computer. So far, the only crime that Sustaita is charged with is obscenity, a felony. However, it is possible that he will receive more charges after appearing in court.

Surprisingly, Sustaita was fired immediately after the arrest, so the evidence against him must be substantial. Otherwise, the department would have delayed his termination.

The Sheriff’s Office High Tech Crime Unit was tipped off that video of a man raping a small dog was posted from a police department account. Eventually, Sustaita was named as the suspect, but the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has refused to release any details or comment further on the case.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez had only this to say on behalf of the department:

“The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a Sheriff’s Office employee is found to be involved. Every resource of this office will be dedicated to protecting the public and holding our employees accountable for wrongdoing.”

The deputy comes from a law enforcement family, and they say they are waiting for more information. His father says he is devastated to hear this allegation, and that his son is a hard worker and he is reacting like any father would.

Despite the heinous crime of which he is allegedly responsible, many mainstream media sources felt the need to mention that they interviewed one of his friends who told them that he was “an honorable and committed family man.”

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Would a news source ever consider printing such a thing about a person filming themselves having sex with a dog if the suspect did not work for the government in the capacity of a police officer?

When cops kill innocent people, local news stations, with the help of police, are quick to dredge up whatever mistakes they’ve made in the past to assassinate that person’s character in an attempt to downplay the killing. The glaring difference is insulting, to say the least.

Oddly enough, this is not an isolated incident. Robert Melia Jr. was sworn to protect and serve, but a Burlington County jury found he abandoned that oath when he and his former girlfriend filmed themselves repeatedly molesting teenagers. During the investigation, it was discovered that Melia had also filmed himself having sex with multiple cows.

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  • Abz B Zbas

    You’d think someone in law enforcement would know better than to use their own department’s computer for illicit activity. He must have failed Detective 101.

    • Hugh Culliton

      You’re talking about a guy who just posted pics of himself buggering a small dog. I doubt he was at the top of his class!LOL

  • James Kirke

    Your facts are wrong. So are ABC13’s where you appropriated the bulk of this story. Nothing was ever mentioned about his work computer and using the work ‘rape’ is a completely inaccurate portrayal.

    • James Kirke

      Not defending in the least, FWIW. At all. Just get your facts straight.

      • Peace and Love

        so link your facts.

        • michele.williams

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    • Jewelz Smith

      It is rape the dog didnt have any choice in the matter.. just wow at your thinking..

    • Liz O’neill

      wow, so you think the poor little dog was a willing participant do you, you must be just as sick as this pervert if you don’t think that this vile act is rape and nothing but rape.

    • Phil Freeman

      Woof! You excited yet?

    • Fernesque Golan

      I agree that “rape” in this case does not apply. Rape is a crime when one human rapes another. Having sex with a dog or a cow is bestiality and if Joe Policeman was seen fudge-packing a cow, I doubt he would be brought up on rape charges.

      Using the word rape for bestiality gives new meaning to the word and dilutes its importance when applied to humans.

  • doucyet

    What a freak!

  • Jewelz Smith

    Forcing an animal to have sex is RAPE.. it is abuse.. stop down playing this sick perverted person… the dog had no choice in the matter therefor it is rape.. and he does cows too wow needs to be pts..

  • IceTrey

    Makes me feel less bad about watching so much Internet porn. 😂🤔😒😨

  • haauwnk

    Man… talk about having issues.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    The story I read said at the bottom, “A source who knows Sustaita stated he knew the deputy as an honorable and committed family man”….. Ewww, I take it that he has a wife who’s been getting puppy leftovers, that grosses me out so bad, she might wanna pressure wash her coochie with bleach. Then if it was me I’d divorce him and take everything he’s ever gonna have, no way I’d spend my life being known a the woman married to chester the puppy molester. This is the vile filth most leftist try to force acceptance of and this vile sickness is what it leads to.

    • Hard

      leftist acceptance…..uhmmmmmmmm Wrong!!!!!! no leftist or rightist or northist or southist would find any of what this man did acceptable…raping teenagers, cruelty to animals, you have been watching too much fake news vilifying democrats

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        Oh, so leftist haven’t during the 8 years of obamanations rule pushed for everything from acceptance for post birth abortion aka infanticide lobbied for by planned parenthood to the acceptance of pedophilia as sexual orientation, I see and all the stories that come up when you do a search for these topics is all fake news, maybe in your world it’s all fake news put in the real world these things have really happened.

        • Hard

          no never you are just sic…

    • divide et impera

      Working miracles on the masses in America.

    • Fernesque Golan

      Leftist? How did you arrive at that conclusion? Well, let’s not get into your mental deficiencies. Still playing the illusionary and dividing left and right game? You people are so easily led by propaganda.

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        Yes leftist, aside from the fact the elite are trying to kill all of us and couldn’t care less about titles if you don’t understand there is a fundamental different between the morals, values and beliefs of conservatives and leftist then your not as awake as you think you are.

  • Susan Lindauer

    Sex with cows???? How is that possible??

    • Guy

      I’am not really sure how ! But I think it must have something to do with, ladders or at least stepstools ! Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

    • JoJo

      Different person, read the story. Oddly enough, this is not an isolated incident. Robert Melia Jr. was sworn to protect and serve, but a Burlington County jury found he abandoned that oath when he and his former girlfriend filmed themselves repeatedly molesting teenagers. During the investigation, it was discovered that Melia had also filmed himself having sex with multiple cows.

    • shimbaru

      I don’t know, but it sounds udderly revolting!

  • Guy

    I think a appropriate punishment for this cop who likes to bugger animals ! Would be to ship him off to Iraq or Afghanistan, there he could take up the trade of sheep or goat herding. At least he won’t get lonely and have something to talk too, while filling in the quiet hours !

  • AJ

    “His father says he is devastated to hear this allegation…”?

    …as if there could be even a shred of reasonable doubt.

    Innocent until proven guilty, right? How would you like to sit on THAT jury and review the video evidence?

    • Emily Noel Sansone

      How much you want to bet this guy was molested by the same “devastated” father…

  • Nikki Craft

    He is still fundraising for, under the circumstances, a rather ominous source. See photos. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-arrested-bestiality-video-raping-small-dog/

  • Ibcamn

    this is why the shooting of peoples dogs by the cops is on the rise,cops are silencing the animals so they can’t tell their owners what cops are doing to them…dogs getting raped by cops and cops taking care of the witnesses,killing dogs so they can’t spread the truth about them and what they are doing to all the animals everywhere…the cops are dealing with it the only way they know how,kill the witness,kill the victims of their abuse,cops are a sick lot,they extort money from people and sex from dogs,what a sick bunch of fucks cops are.cops need to be locked up and their victims need counsling.[lol]sick fucks..so,if your animal shows signs of being afraid when a cop walks by or drives around the area watching your dog a bit close,keep an eye on your dog,a cop might show up in your backyard trying to sneak your dobie out on a date without you knowing.if you catch a cop sneaking your dog out of the yard notify the department they have a pervert on their hands,don’t let them intimindate you to not call.

  • Iqbal

    The problem is hardly anybody would even notice this.
    A white Christian cop raping a puppy does not produce that much outrage.
    Now if this guy was a Muslim, that would have been healine news for weeks.

    • Omega3

      I doubt a muslim would have any more impact than the sharia beheaders are already making, bro…
      Every day the Internet gets contaminated with muslim atrocities against humanity.
      How much more shocking can they get?

      • Iqbal

        Because the media emphasizes and exagerates only the atrocities committed by terrorists who, happen to have Muslim names. Sometimes they make them up too. They have their agendas.
        The following was reported once by Anderson Cooper on CNN a couple of weeks ago. After that we never heard anything.
        5,200 Pentagon Employees caught with Child Porn on their work computers.
        Here’s another interesting one.
        Former House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, says Child He Raped Should Pay Back Hush Money Since He Broke His Silence.
        By the way the speaker of the house is the 3rd highest ranking official in the country, after the President and Vice President.

  • PAUL

    Raping dogs ? Thats a GOOD BOY !