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Cop who Beat Down a Wheelchair Bound Man Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Back in 2012 Richard Jouppi was booking 50-year old, wheelchair bound, Anthony Jon Jackson in the detoxification center. Jouppi was clearly causing pain and hurting Jackson, at which point Jackson reached up with his arm to defend himself, and told Jouppi, “you can’t do that.”

Jouppi then stooped to particularly low level and began to pummel Jackson to the point of knocking him backwards out of the wheelchair and then getting on top of his paralyzed body.

Jackson was booked for felony assault. The charges were later dropped.

Jouppi, 36, faced fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct charges after the aggressive incident. This past November, Jouppi was found not guilty on all charges.

Even Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, was upset with the outcome and posted the following statement to his Facebook page, 

“While I respect the judicial process I am very disappointed by the verdict in the Richard Jouppi case. His actions on September 21, 2012 were not consistent with department training or policy, bringing discredit to our department and detracting from the excellent work our women and men do on a daily basis. As I said previously, we will do everything we can legally to ensure he never works for our department again.”

It should come as no surprise that Jouppi was found not guilty. Cops can murder, beat, humiliate, rape and sodomize and keep their positions.

As he defended himself on the stand he even proclaimed the “unofficial” police oath, “It’s a tough position to be in as a police officer because I have to go home. I have my wife and kids at home.”

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The bright side to this story, if there is one, is that Police Chief Ramsay has said his department has done everything in its power to ensure that Jouppi never works on the force again.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    this nutjob should not be hired for anything higher than shoveling out clogged sewers. nobody will care if the beats the shit out of them…

  • Timothy Shubert

    And they wonder why cops are getting shot sitting in their cars. One day they will realize that social media & the internet in general is revealing all the nastiness & thuggery that the police do to people.

  • MVoisinet1

    Jouppi is nothing more than a pint sized little punk that likes to beat up on disabled people. What they ought to do is lock Jouppi in a room with 10 men twice his size who will be at the living crap out of him. He needs the crap beat out of him so bad that he won’t be able to sit down for about a week!

    • Tony Minoldo

      Jouppi doesn’t need ten to beat him up: one about his size, and not under the influence would do the job, because he’s only a coward, beating a guy who’s sitting in a wheel chair…Well done to the Police Chief for fairing him!